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Episode 74



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day of unexpected events in Springfield.......

Harley's House:

Susan is packing her things.
Guillespie walks over, "What time is your Mom coming home?"
Susan looks at the clock, "We got a few hours."
He comes over and kisses her, "Are you ready to go back on the run?"
She nods, "Oh yeah! I'm more than ready. I'm tired of being trapped in this house. Harley doesn't even try to understand our love. It's complicated but it's ours."
He smiles and holds her hand, "Now I have plans for us. Now I'm gonna work on getting a little revenge on people who screwed me over. Now your job is to get us a little more money. Do you think you could do that?"
She nods, "I'll see what I can do."
The two start to have sex in the bedroom.


Gus and Harley are going over their divorce papers.
Gus looks through them, "Well everything looks right to me."
She nods, "Okay well also, Angela's name was officially changed from Sydney. Now she is officially Angela Sydney Cooper Aitoro."
He smiles, "What about Belynda?"
Harley sighs, "Well the problem is that Belynda's papers are no where to be found. Which is a problem. But Jeffrey is going to investigate and get back as soon as he can."
Gus nods, "And then the girls will legally be ours."
Harley nods, "Even if we aren't together."
Gus holds her hand, "Listen I...."
She turns to him, "No Gus just tell me. I need to know. I can't keep chasing you or waiting for you. I need to know. Do you love me or Natalia? Or better yet who do you want to be with? Gus just tell me. If you say me then I'll tear up these papers. But if you say Natalia then I'll sign the papers and we won't talk about this ever again. Just tell me. Her or me?"
Gus takes a deep breathe.

Aitoro House:

Alan walks in, "Hello Natalia. The test are in?"
Natalia nods, "Yes. I just got them. Alan but before you look at them I want to tell you that no matter what I will be with Gus."
Alan holds the envelope, "So what your saying is that no matter what you and Gus will be together. You love Gus?"
She nods, "Yes."
He sighs, "And you don't love me?"
She takes a deep breathe, "Not the way I love Gus. No."
Alan holds the file for a moment.


Blake is sitting on her chair going over the questions.
Reva is smiling, "Wow our first show. This is really our time to shine Blake!"
Blake smiles, "Well I knew I had a face for television. The kids are watching at home. I was hoping Remy would come but he couldn't get off work."
Reva nods, "How are things with Remy?"
Blake sighs, "Well he seems distant. Like there is something keeping him from getting closer to me."
Everyone gets in their places.
Ashlee and Coop are backstage.
Coop holds her hand, "Are you sure your ready to do this?"
She nods, "I'm sure Coop. I want to share my story and this will be good. For both of us."
Coop smiles and kisses her.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra comes into the study, "You wanted to see me Edmund?"
Edmund walks over, "Yes I did. I need to tell you something."
She sighs, "Well make it quick I have a meeting to go to."
He sits her down, "Cassie. I made a mistake in my past and..."
She scoffs, "Edmund you've caused more pain then the devil himself."
He nods, "Yes. But when I was a teenager, I slept with a young friend of mine. She was upset and I took advantage. And she got pregnant."
She sits back, "Wait? You got some girl pregnant? Did she have an abortion?"
He shakes his head, "No she didn't. She put the child up for adoption."
Cassandra nods, "And what? You want me to track your kid down or something?"
Edmund looks into her eyes, "No. There's no need to. I found her. You have as well."
She doesn't understand.


Olivia and Bill are kissing in her Suite.
There is a knock at the door.
She peeks out then lets them in, "Hey guys."
Jeffrey and Marah walk in.
Jeffrey looks to Olivia, "We need to talk. It's urgent."
Marah looks at Bill, "Where's Ava?"
Bill stands up, "She's not here."
Olivia is worried, "What's this about?"
Jeffrey sits her down, "Olivia, Marah did some investigating in San Cristobal. About our night that we met."
Olivia scoffs, "Well Marah I'm sorry if you didn't like what you heard but Jeffrey...."
Jeffrey stops her, "I didn't do it Olivia. A witness says that I passed out before anything happened and was escorted out."
Olivia shakes her head, "But I.... I got pregnant Jeffrey that doesn't make sense."
Jeffrey sighs, "Olivia. I'm not Ava's father."
Bill and Olivia are both in shock.


Blake is looking into the camera, "Hello. I'm Blake Marler. This is the first episode of 'Light Talk'. A show that gives us an inside look on society and everyone in our community. Our first story is about the current problem with today's young women. Many are looking at the stick thin role models which is sadly leading to eating disorders. Our first guest knows exactly what it feel like to deal with bulimia. Please welcome Ashlee Wolfe and her boyfriend Coop Bradshaw."
Coop and Ashlee walk out.
They sit. Ashlee smiles, "Thanks for having us."
Blake looks at her, "Ashlee on the outside you look like a nice, smart, beautiful, confident girl. But you haven't felt that way have you."
Ashlee shakes her head, "No. I haven't I. I guess I never felt that I was as good as everyone else and that I was so much bigger than everyone else."
Blake nods, "You used to way a lot more correct?"
Ashlee nods, "Yes I did. Then I was bulimic for several months and had be hospitalized."
Blake nods, "Were you aware of the problem Coop?"
Coop clears his throat, "Uh yeah. I mean I tried to act like it wasn't happening but it was. I confronted her but she denied it and I let her."
Ashlee holds his hand, "But I couldn't have got through this without him."
Blake looks back at the camera, "We got to got to commercial but when we come back, more on Ashlee's story. And later Coop has a big surprise in store for her."
Ashlee doesn't know what Blake's talking about.


Lizzie is waiting to get her nails done.
Susan walks over, "Hey Sis."
Lizzie laughs, "Sis? We haven't been Step Sisters for years."
Susan sighs, "Yes I and feel horrible that I haven't talked to you in ages. Hey I heard a rumor. Are you dating your Doctor?"
Lizzie is surprised, "How did you know that?"
Susan laughs, "It's my job to know. Hey question! Uh how about you lend me a little money. See I want to give Harley a little vacation and I need to borrow some cash."
Lizzie sits back, "How much?"
Susan whispers a number.
Lizzie scoffs, "Susan?"
Susan smiles, "Please? I'll pay you back! Your a Spaulding this is like spare change for you."
Lizzie reluctantly agrees.

Gus is confused, "Harley are you saying you want to get back together?"
Harley shakes her head, "I'm saying that I'm not going to wait any longer. If you choose Natalia then that means that we will never get back together. No more break ups and make ups. I'm done with the games. I don't want to be like Josh and Reva. I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this."
Gus sighs, "Harley I don't...."
Harley looks him in the eyes, "Me or her Gus? I won't cry. I'll sign the papers and leave."
He nods, "I'm marrying Natalia."
Harley looks down and signs. She gets up, "I need to check on the kids."
She walks to the elevator.
Harley is surprised to be pushed in. She turns around, "Cyrus Foley? What the hell do you want?"
He nods, "Hello Harley. We need to talk about your daughter."
Harley is surprised.

Aitoro House:
Alan looks at Natlia, "You know Gus will be furious if the baby is mine."
She nods, "Yes but he will forgive me. And he will raise this baby as his own. If the baby is yours then I'm telling Gus. And we will be the parents."
Alan looks down, "You both really would be good parents."
She nods, "Yes. We would. Every child deserves to parents who love each other. If you were a good father then you would allow me and Gus to raise this child no matter what."
Alan slowly opens the enevlope.
Natalia stands by and watches.
Alan's surprised with the results.

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra is confused, "What? Wait. What are you talking about?"
Edmund sighs, "My daughter is here."
She stands up, "Here? In Springfield? My God Edmund who is she?"
Edmund stands with her, "My daughter is Ava. Ava Peralta."
She isn't happy, "You mean Ava Peralta. As in Ava Peralta Lewis. Jeffrey and Olivia's daughter?"
Edmund shakes his head, "No my daughter."
She shakes her head, "No! Are you telling me that you have a daughter. And your daughter is a part of the freaking Lewis family?"
Edmund tries to calm her down.

Olivia is confused, "No Jeffrey! We already knew that you were Ava's father. Marah is just trying to cover it up."
Jeffrey shakes his head, "No. I did some research before I told you. I had DNA test run with some of the blood from when Ava was at the hospital. I'm not Ava's father."
Olivia is crying , "No! It doesn't make sense! I'm not the freaking Virgin Mary! I had to get pregnant somehow!"
Jeffrey looks at her, "Olivia you have to confirm this. Did you sleep with anyone else after that? After you thought you were pregnat."
Olivia's face fills with fear, "Oh my God! No! No!"
Bill is worried, "What Olivia? Who?"
Olivia stands up, "No! Edmund Winslow? Are you people telling me that Edmund Winlsow is Ava's real father?!?!"
The four turn around to see a fully shocked Ava standing at the door.

Ava's devestated by what she hears
Cyrus confronts Harley
Alan reads the results
Mel quesitons Rick
Lizzie confesses to her parents
Ashlee gets a HUGE surprise!

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Welcome home Ava, Wow what a way to come back. I love Light talk it was so nice

AHH I wonder who the father of Nat's baby is?!!!

That damn susan is up to know famn good again. I love the newer pics you are using.

It's getting very good. The scenes are much fleshed out these days. Keep up the good work Jay.

THere also seems to be more a focused or a more cnetral story base. Congrats on that. These exits will really help.

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