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Episode 73



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lots to discuss in Springfield.......


Olivia and Bill are sitting.
Olviia looks at him, "We need to talk about what's been going on between us."
He nods, "Yep."
She shakes her head, "Oh my God Bill! We were having sex while Ava was this close to...."
Bill rubs her back, "Hey. We didn't know. Okay? We were leaning on each other. And now Ava doesn't even remember the fight."
She looks at him, "Wait. She doesn't remember that we found out about her hiring Emma's kidnapper last year?"
He nods, "Yes. And we can't tell her what happened. She doesn't need the stress right now."
Olivia stands up, "I don't know if I can do that. I mean I am not letting her be alone with Emma ever!"
Bill gets up, "Come on Olivia!"
She shakes her head, "No! I can't trust her."
Bill holds her hand, "Can you trust me?"
Olivia stares into his eyes.

Jeffrey's Office:

Marah walks in, "Hey Jeffrey. We need to talk."
He looks at her, "Yes we need to. About Ava."
She sighs, "Yes. Jeffrey I found something out."
He isn't happy, "Yeah! You found my daughter lying on the floor bleeding to death and didn't tell me?!?"
She sighs, "Okay that. Well it's not completly true. Jeffrey I've been looking into the night that you spent with Olivia."
Jeffrey stands up, "What? Why?"
She steps over to him, "Jeffrey I found out that what happened with you and Olivia.... didn't happen."
He shakes his head, "I don't understand."
She takes a deep breathe, "Jeffrey, you aren't Ava's father. She isn't your daughter."
Jeffrey stares in shock.

Cheer Camp:

There is a huge crowd around Maureen.
A girl walks over to Vi, "What happened?"
Vi lies, "Well I don't know. I think Maureen was trying to do some trick and she lost her balance. I held onto her. She almost took me down with her. How is she?"
The girl shakes her head, "She's hurt pretty bad. She already had surgery on her leg earlier this year."
Maureen is taken to the nurse.
Vi smirks and walks away.

Cross Creek:

Josh is going over some work projects at his desk.
Shayne comes in, "Hi Dad."
Josh gets up and runs over to hug him, "Oh Son! I'm so sorry. I messed up. I shouldn't have treated you the way I did."
Shayne smiles, "I love you Dad. I've missed you."
Josh cries, "You have no idea how much I've missed you these last few weeks. Where have you been?"
Shayne sighs, "Well we were staying in a motel. But now we're staying with Mom."
Josh is surprised, "Really? How is it?"
Shayne smiles, "She is different. I mean she's more.... wild. She's just more fun then she used to be."
Josh laughs, "Well your brother Jonathan kind of brought out the wild side of her."
Shayne nods, "Yes. I wish I had gotten to meet him."
Josh smiles, "It is so great to see you son. I am so happy to have you and Marah back home."
Shayne and Josh sit on the couch.

Pizza Parlor:

Dinah and Natalia are having a meal and chatting.
Natalia smiles, "So when is your next sonogram?"
Dinah smiles, "A few weeks. I want to find out the sex."
Natalia shakes her head, "Yeah. Nicky and I decided we wanted to be surprised."
Dinah is confused, "Nicky? Who's she?"
Natalia laughs, "Sorry. I forget you guys call him Gus now."
Dinah laughs, "Oh. Sorry. I'm the Brain Damage Girl."
Natalia sighs, "What's it like? Is it difficult?"
Dinah nods, "Oh yeah. I hate it. It almost ended my marriage. But you know this baby is going to help a lot. You know I'm still a little nervous. I've miscarried several times."
Natalia is surprised, "Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. I had no idea."
Dinah nods, "Yep. But this will be a fresh start."
Natalia nods, "To Fresh Starts."
The clink glasses.


Coop walks into Felicia's office.
She is sitting with Ashlee, "Hello Coop. Come in."
He smiles at Ashlee, "How are you."
She smiles back, "I'm a lot better. And I need to tell you something."
Felicia reminds him, "Coop remember to keep an open mind. Ashlee is very serious about this."
Ashlee looks at him, "Coop, Blake talked to me yesterday. Next week she's doing her first episode of 'Light Talk'."
Coop is confused, "Does she want us to watch it?"
Ashlee holds his hand, "She wants us to come on. To tell my story."
Coop is surprised.


Cross Creek:
Josh is talking with Shayne, "So when did you find out?"
Shayne laughs, "It's not a disease. Let's say 'When did I realize'. Which was while I was doing Peace Corp. I really just got to know myself better and realized I was bisexual."
Josh nods, "So you like men and women...."
Shayne adds, "But I love Rocky. No matter what gender. I love him."
Josh smiles, "As long as he is good to you then I'm happy."
Shayne smiles, "I didn't want this to be difficult for you and Mom and Marah. And especially Marina. I did love her."
Josh sighs, "Well I think Marina is upset but she'll get over it."
Shayne nods, "I was attracted to her. That's the thing about being bisexual. But a lot of people don't think it's real they think you either have to be straight or gay. Nothing in between. But for me it's just more open then that."
Josh smiles, "Well I'm happy that you found the right person for you. But Rocky is a lot younger than you Shayne."
Shayne nods, "Yes. It can be a problem at times. But we can work through it."
Josh grins, "And if you ever need anything. You know I'll always be here for you."
Shayne is surprised how understanding his father is.
The two hug.

Cheer Camp:
The woman in charge is speaking, "Okay it is time to announce the head cheerleader for the 2008-2009 school year at Springfield High School. Unfortunatly Maureen Reardon who was voted as head cheerleader has been injured and sadly won't be able to cheer. So the runner up and your head cheerleader is .... Vi Grant!"
Vi jumps up and runs to the stage.
She looks in the window of the Nurse's Office. She sees Maureen crying as she talks on the phone to her Mother.
Vi smiles and begins to make a speech.


Natalia is walking home.
Alan comes up to her, "Hello Natalia."
She sighs, "What do you want Alan?"
He looks at Cedars, "Well look we are right where we need to be."
Natalia shakes her head, "What are you talking about?"
He looks back at her, "I've given you more than enough time. We are going to do the DNA test. NOW!"
He takes her hand and walks her across the street.

Coop questions Ashlee, "Wait? You want to go on TV with this?"
Ashlee nods, "Yes. I think this could help me. And help other girls who go through what I'm going through."
Felicia looks at her, "Ashlee. Maybe you should tell Coop about his part."
Ashlee sighs, "Coop we would need to talk about you and Liz. And my jealousy towards her and what you guys had."
Coop nods, "You really want to do this?"
Ashlee holds his hand, "I really do. I think this could be a good thing but I don't want you to feel like you have to go. Just say no and I'll call Blake and tell her I'm not in."
Coop smiles at Ashlee, "Listen. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. Now let me take you shopping so we can pick out what you will wear for your TV debut!"
Ashlee jumps up and kisses him.

Bill holds Olivia's hand, "Olivia. All I want is for you and Ava and Emma to be happy."
Olivia sighs, "You know then go. You need to be with Ava she needs you."
Bill shakes his head, "I can't right now. Not yet."
She moves away, "Bill we need to stop. Okay? We got divorced years ago. I should be over you. I've been engaged since then, I almost got married to Buzz."
He nods, "And I did get married."
She nods, "Yes. To my daughter Ava. She planned everything. She wanted to get back at me for not getting together with her father."
Bill goes to kiss Olivia, "But you know where my heart really belongs."
Olivia pulls away from Bill, "Go! Leave!"
Bill is confused, "Olivia?"
She looks down, "You are married to Ava. You love Ava."
Bill shakes his head, "Olivia I can't! I can't go back there!"
Olivia pushes him, "You need to! You love her!"
He won't go, "No! I can't! I hate it! Every moment I'm with Ava I wish I was here. I can't."
Olivia cries, "You have to go. You love Ava. You love Ava. You never fall out of love!!!"
Bill runs over to Olivia and they kiss.
The two can't fight it.
They give into it and make love.

Jeffrey's Office:
Jeffrey is in shock, "Ava isn't my daughter."
Marah puts her hand on his shoulder, "Jeffrey I'm sorry. I know this hurts. But you never... had sexual relations with Olivia. She thought you did and then she slept with another guy and that is Ava's father."
He gets up, "I need to find Olivia. I need to figure this out."
Marah runs over, "Wait I just I need to tell you something. I know who Ava's father is?"
Jeffrey grabs a pen and paper, "What's his name? I'm gonna do a background check."
Marah shakes her head, "No. All you need to do is just go talk to him at the Spaulding Mansion with Cassie."
Jeffrey shakes his head, "No. No!"
She nods, "Yes Jeffrey. It's Edmund. Edmund Winslow is Ava's real father."
Jeffrey slams his hand on the desk.

First Episode of "Light Talk"
Susan and Guillespie get ready to run
Harley puts everything on the table for Gus
Natalia's DNA test are in!
Edmund breaks news to Cassandra
Jeffrey tells Olivia the shocking news


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Excellent episode, Jay. I've been away for a little while from reading your blog and I missed it! I am loving the Olivia/Bill/Ava triangle. It's very good and is using some good history from the show which is always a PLUS in my book.

The twist that Jeffrey isn't Ava's father and ... Edmund is???? GREAT!

And I'm still loving my fave couple on your blog - Shayne and Rocky. :wub: OMG. I missed how they got "caught", so I'm gonna have to read the earlier entries that I have missed. But you're doing a great job.

Why can't we have you writing the real show??? :D

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Thanks Greg!!!

I love writing for Olivia/Bill/Ava.

I never liked the SL about Jeffrey and Olivia so I thought this twist would help a lot.

BTW the Episodes from when they were caughte were my favorite to write!

They were episode 54 and 55.

Thank you so very much for reading and the great comments! :)

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WOW a great episode. I am so glad Ashlee wants to go on tv with all of this. It gives me a warm feeling. Or is this some kind of trick?

I again loved Vi at the cheerleading camp. Evilness.

Loved the girls chat at the Parlor. It was really nice and sweet and gave the episode so much. It helped me learn more about them.

Again loved the scen with SHayne and Josh but I thought for sure this would turn into a big issue for Josh but I guess not. It's good he come to terms with it though.

Olivia and Bill getting it on again. I hope they can reunite. Ava is really in for some surprises. ANd poor Jefferey

Cant wait for the paternity test. GREAT JOB JAY!!

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  • Members

Thank you!

Coop and Ashlee have big moments coming up.

I enjoy the character of Vi. I like writing her because she's complex and there is potential for her with good girl Maureen by her side.

I've been trying to build more friendships. RIght now my favorite to write is Mel/Olivia/Dinah/Natalia. So I wanted to have Dinah and Natalia bond over the pregnancy.

Josh has a lot of issues. But at the moment he is just happy to have his son back. He is a religoius guy so this of course is wrong to him. But he is trying to be more open because he knows that's always been a problem for him.

Olivia and Bill are really starting to wish they could go back in time. Because they know that if they continue down this road it will have dramatic affects! And it really will!!!

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