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Episode 309: Tough Love/Anger

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PC – Episode 309
Saturday, May 31, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith, Ryan Chandler & Jennifer Snyder

It was early morning and Patrick and Robin were lying in bed. Patrick had been awake for hours but he didn’t want to wake Robin. They had talked late into the night. Finally they just held each other for hours without speaking until they drifted off to sleep. But today was another day and they had to face it together. But for the moment, Patrick wanted Robin to have some peace.

Patrick quietly slipped out of bed and threw on some sweats. He slipped out of the room and called the hospital to inform them that he and Robin would be taking some vacation time. He went downstairs and stoically started the coffee and cut some grapefruit. He wanted to have breakfast ready for Robin when she woke up. As he got her breakfast prepared, the severity of their situation hit him like a tidal wave and he crumbled in despair.

After several moments of indulging in his misery, Patrick heard a knock on the door. Wiping his tears, Patrick went to answer it. “Anna. What are you doing here?” He asked and stepped aside to let her in.

“Brenda called me and said that Robin might need me. Is she ok? Did something happen to the baby?” Anna asked, concerned.

“Come in and let me get you some coffee. Robin’s not up yet and I’m not going to wake her up yet.” Patrick ushered Anna into the kitchen and poured some coffee for her. He grabbed a cup for himself and sat down across from her. He took a sip and told Anna what they had found out.

Anna had tears in her eyes. “My God, why does this have to happen to my Robin? Hasn’t she had enough pain in her life? Tell me she’s going to be all right.”

“She will be all right. If the amniotic band attaches to the baby then the baby may not be. And it depends on where it attaches. If it somehow attaches close to the heart, well the baby may have to have heart surgery.” Patrick said in a monotone.

“I will talk to David and see what he knows about this. He has always loved Robin and I will make sure that if anything happens with the baby that David will be the surgeon who will take care of him or her. What else can I do Patrick?” Anna asked.

“Thank you. Just be there for Robin.” He paused and took a sip of coffee. “I can hear her moving around right now. Do you want to bring up her breakfast for her?”

Anna stood up and thanked Patrick. Before she grabbed the tray, she leaned down and kissed Patrick’s cheek. “Everything will work out. We just have to have faith.” She wiped her tears and went up the stairs to the master bedroom. Knocking on the door, she called, “Robin, it’s me.”
Emily opened the door to her office and threw her purse down. She was frustrated and angry after her meeting with Thomas Cain. On the drive to the office she kept going over the meeting with him and kept trying to pinpoint where she lost control of it, when he got the better of her. Emily went to her desk and turned on her laptop. She checked her email there was one from Tracy and one from Elizabeth inviting her to Jake’s later if she wanted to go. She quickly responded to that one, saying that she would meet her there at eight. However, she didn’t want to open the email from Tracy solely because she didn’t want to have to tell her what a mess she had made of the meeting. Emily had wanted everything to go smoothly and clearly it had not.

Swallowing her pride Emily opened the email. Emily was just starting to write a response to Tracy asking for a meeting early the next morning when there was a knock on her door. “How did the meeting with Thomas Cain go?” AJ asked. “Is he going to do business with us?”

“We still have a few things to iron out.” Emily responded easily. She leaned back in her chair and regarded AJ. There was no way she wanted AJ to know how badly she had failed that day.

“Like what?” AJ asked interest piqued.
“Come in.” Robin’s muffled voice could be heard. As Anna opened the door Robin asked, “What are you doing here?”

Anna set the tray down on the nightstand and sat on the bed. “Brenda called me last night and said that you might need me. Patrick told me what is going on and I am here to help. If you want to scream at the world, if you want to hit me for being a bad parent to you or just cry, I want you to do it. I love you Robin and so does your father and Mac.”
Robin looked away, miserable. “I can’t even feel anymore. I just have this awful feeling that if I get out of this bed that this band will attach itself to my baby and my baby will die. I just…I….” Robin broke out in tears.

Anna moved over and wrapped her arms around her daughter. “It’s ok Robin. From what Patrick told me, you have to go on living as if this hasn’t happened. And you do need to eat some of this nice breakfast that Patrick got together for you.” Anna picked up the tray and laid it on the tray. “See, he even did the grapefruit right.”

Sighing, Robin reached for the spoon. She ate a couple bites and drank some milk. “Mom, I can’t eat. I am just so sick about this.” Robin threw the spoon down in disgust.
Emily’s announce with AJ was beginning to grow. She purposely avoided seeing him or Tracy after her failed meeting with Thomas yesterday. It’s too bad she couldn’t avoid them at work too.

“You know as well as I do that this was just a fact finding meeting, a meeting to see if our companies could mesh well together.”

AJ walked into her office and sat down, clearly very curious. “So what did you think of Cain? When do you meet him next?”

Emily shook her head, “I don’t know. That’s Tracy’s decision, not mine.” Emily said coldly.

“Emily is there something that you aren’t telling me?” AJ begins to suspect something may have gone badly. “Did you mess up this meeting? Because if you did I will guarantee you that Tracy will have your head on a silver platter. She made you the project manager and she expects results.” AJ warned.

Emily sighed and glared at AJ. “For the record, I did nothing wrong. And mind your own business. Grandfather has faith in me and that is the important thing….”

AJ cut Emily off. “No Emily, the important thing with Grandfather is ELQ. It’s in his blood. If you succeed, then you get the glory. If you fail than you are nothing in his eyes. Look at me.”

“Exactly AJ, look at you. No matter what you’ve done to try and make yourself better, you STILL feel like you are second place. Jason is still the golden child and you are like the child starving for attention. You will never be number one in Grandfather’s eyes or even in father’s eyes. Now get out of my office and leave me alone!” Emily lashed out.

Slowly AJ stood up. He stood in the doorway and watched Emily for a long time. “You know you were always looked at as the good Quartermaine. Little saint Emily, the little orphan girl who could do no wrong. Grandfather and Grandmother always saw you as the one Quartermaine…besides Jason, who could do no wrong. You don’t have an ounce of Quartermaine blood in you, yet you just proved how much of a Quartermaine you really are. You’re just as cold and heartless as the rest of us.” With that AJ walked away leaving Emily to stare after him with a cold fury in her eyes.
“Robin, you have to. And you have to stop this pity party. The world is not against you. It’s a bad set of circumstances but sweetie, you are strong and you need to think positive.” Anna said sternly. “Wallowing in misery will do nothing for the baby. You need to go about the rest of your pregnancy just like you normally would have.”

“Your mother is right.” Patrick said from the doorway. “The band may never attach. I did some research on the Internet and also called Kelly. It may never attach itself. But you have to go through your daily routine or the baby may suffer in different ways. The very least we have to do today is go for a walk.”

Robin shook her head. “No. I am not getting out of this bed. I feel safe here.”

Anna picked up the spoon and almost force fed her daughter. “Get over it Robin. You have to deal with the circumstances. Get in the shower and take a walk. It’s the very least you can do.”

“I said no. Just leave me alone.” Robin replied, anger in her voice.

“Robin if you don’t finish this grapefruit and take a shower, I will force feed this to you and throw you in the shower myself. You know I can do it.” Anna demanded.

Scowling Robin finished her breakfast. Without a word she got up and went to the bathroom. Anna and Patrick shared a look. “Thank you Anna.”

“Patrick, I love my daughter with all my heart.” Anna said, standing up and walking over to him. “Call me if you need me.”
Next…on Port Charles
- Brenda rebuffs Thomas Cain’s advances
- Brenda and Lucy put their heads together
- Liz attempts to change Nikolas’ mind about pulling hospital funding
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