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Episode 310: The Cold Hard "Truth"



PC – Episode 310
Sunday, June 01, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith and Ryan Chandler

Elizabeth stepped off the launch and started to walk up the path towards Wyndemere. She was equally furious and disappointed in Nikolas and in herself. She should have come to see him sooner. She should have tried to reach out to him. Instead she wrapped herself up with her own life. Her relationship with Blake Barrington has stalled, and she’s been focusing on work and Cameron. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Nikolas on his horse racing across the field. She quickly altered her path and made her way to the fence surrounding the field.

Elizabeth waited impatiently for Nikolas to at least make eye contact with her. But he refused and ignored her. She knew that he was aware that she was there. She finally called out to him. He looked over at her, sighed heavily and rode his horse over to her.

“If you are here to try to talk me out of what I did yesterday, you wasted your trip. Nothing will change my mind.” Nikolas informed her coldly.

Elizabeth said simply. “It’s a beautiful day and I thought I would come visit you. How’s Victoria?”

“Why do you ask?” Nikolas questioned. “And don’t lie to be Elizabeth. You haven’t come out here before and I know you aren’t here to ask about Carly.”

Elizabeth stared back at him. “Nikolas, I am worried about you. This move that you made, I just don’t understand it. Talk to me Nikolas; tell me what’s going on with you.”

Nikolas got off his horse and tied the reins around the fencepost. He took his gloves off stared coldly at Elizabeth. “I find it highly arrogant of you to inquire about me and my child the day after I took away the funding of the hospital. To make a trip all the way over here under the false guise of checking on myself and my daughter, when both you and I both know what your true motives are is disgusting. You don’t care about me or Carly or Victoria. You are worried about yourself and whether or not you’ll have a job tomorrow.”

Elizabeth was taken aback and felt slightly insulted. “That is so not true Nikolas. I am concerned about you! I don’t understand why you would make such a callous decision. You know how much the hospital counts on Cassadine funding. So yes….it’s part of the reason why I came over here, but I am worried about you. When was the last time you talked to Lucky or Alexis?”

“That is none of your business Elizabeth.” Nikolas snapped. “I don’t need to run my decisions my Lucky or Alexis or anyone else for that matter.”

“Why did you do it? Why did you take the funding away?” Elizabeth pushed her hair away from her forehead in frustration. “Do you know how many people need our care? Who need chemo, or dialysis or emergency care? What about Robin, have you even thought of her?”
Thomas stood at the bar at MetroCourt drinking a Scotch and observing the crowd around him. He laughed to himself at the way he flustered that poor Quartermaine girl the other day. What were they thinking sending that girl his way? He was an international businessman and he didn’t do business with young girls like that. In fact, he ate them for lunch.

“Excuse me, but have you seen Lucy Coe yet?” Brenda asked the bartender. The bartender shook his head. “Ok, can I have an apple martini then?” The bartender handed Brenda her drink as she threw her hair over her shoulder.

Thomas looked at the bartender, “Put the lady’s drink on my tab.” Thomas looked down at Brenda and smiled his beautiful smile. “My name’s Thomas. Thomas Cain.”

Brenda quirked an eyebrow at him. “You didn’t have to buy my drink. I am perfectly capable of doing that on my own.”

“When I see a beautiful woman I am compelled to buy her many things. A drink is just the start.” Thomas said smoothly.

“Wow….what an original line.” Brenda said sarcastically.

“How about a name?”

“How about not?”

The bartender leaned over, “Brenda, Lucy just stepped off the elevator.”

Brenda smiled broadly to the bartender. “Thanks. And thank you Tim for the drink.”
“You’re welcome Brenda.” He said as she walked towards Lucy. Thomas then leaned over to the bartender. “Tell me I haven’t lost my touch?” He watched as the two friends hugged and kissed each other on the cheek. “She’s not…”

The bartender smiled and shook his head. “No, no. She’s not….That’s Brenda Barrett. She’s a former model. I hear she used to be involved with two of Port Charles’ biggest players. She left town after a few years ago. No matter what amount of success she’s had in her life, she’s still one of the nicest people I know.”

Lucy looked at Brenda’s drink, “That looks so good. I am going to have to have one. Oh it is so good to see you! I have been so busy lately and I have to tell you about the new doc I am dating. And who was that devilishly handsome man at the bar talking to you?”

Brenda waved her hand dismissively. “Oh just some guy. He bought me a drink. No big deal.”

Lucy leaned past Brenda to get a better look at Thomas. “Let me tell you this, if I didn’t have David, I would make a run for him. He’s gorgeous!”

“Anyways….” Brenda said, smoothing her hair back away from her face, “I wanted to talk to you about something. I wanted to do a fundraiser for the pediatric wing at the hospital. And I need your help.”

“Oh I feel so bad for Carly! I don’t even like Carly but to lose a child, of course I will help. Whatever you need.” Lucy said as she gratefully accepted her drink.

Brenda leaned forward. “Lucy, it’s as much for Robin as it is for Carly.” Brenda went on to explain what was happening with Robin’s baby. “So I thought you could be the mistress of ceremonies and I could help you work the phones to get donations. It would be like the Nurse’s Ball.”

Lucy grasped Brenda’s hands and smiled a tear filled smile. “You were always the best friend a girl could have. Of course I will help.” Lucy took a long swallow of her drink. “Now, it’s time for girl talk because I have so much to fill you in on!”
Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas’ patience with Elizabeth was being tested. Nikolas narrowed his eyes. “This has nothing to do with Robin.” Nikolas replied with a cold anger that Elizabeth hadn’t heard in years.

“Oh, this is rich Nikolas. Just rich.” Elizabeth paused to deliver her blow. “Not only is she HIV positive but her baby……” Elizabeth dropped the rest of her statement. Even though they’re all friends with Robin, Elizabeth cannot violate Robin’s confidentiality by talking about her medical condition to Nikolas. “There are many people who count on that money Nikolas. We have one of the best pre-natal care facilities on the East Coast, how can we maintain that without your backing? What is this going to do for people like Robin? What has Robin ever done to you?”

Nikolas didn’t even flinch. “Like I said, this isn’t about Robin.” He said slowly and articulately.

“So what is this about Nikolas? To show us that you have the power? That you can do this? What is it!” Elizabeth demanded.

“I lost a child Elizabeth! Do you know what that is like?” Nikolas yelled.

Elizabeth yelled back, “Did you just have the nerve to ask me what it is like to lose a child?! I lost two children and I could have died if it wasn’t for the staff at GH. You aren’t the only one to have gone through this!”

“How dare you equate your miscarriages to actually watching your child die! You never got to see your children Elizabeth,” Nikolas said, his anger becoming replaced with pain. “You never got to bond with your son, worried for weeks on end if he would make it. To think that things would be ok only to have him die in the end. So excuse me if I think my pain is just a bit greater than yours.”

Elizabeth was speechless. Never in her life would she expect Nik to say what he just said to her. Never in her life did she think Nikolas could be capable of being so rude.

Nikolas raised his hands in anger and clenched his fists. He tried to regain his composure and managed to force some words out. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some paperwork that needs to be completed. Alfred will show you out.”

“I have never been so disappointed in someone in my entire life. Before I leave I want you to think about this. What will happen if Victoria gets sick and needs to go to the hospital, where will you take her Nikolas, where?” Elizabeth turned and stalked away. “Give me a call when the man I once called a friend returns.”
Next…on Port Charles
- Elizabeth recounts her visit with Nikolas to Emily
- Morgan witnesses Carly breaking down
- Luke, Noah and Mac enjoy drinks at the Haunted Star

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