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PC – Episode 311
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Written by: Tishy Smith and Ryan Chandler

Elizabeth walked up to the bar at Jake’s and ordered a beer. She was in the mood to hang out with Emily. Things at the hospital were so tense and everyone was walking on eggshells. Elizabeth needed a friend tonight because she felt so strung out she thought she was going to snap. Finally Emily walked through and threw herself on a chair.

“Hey Coleman, I’ll have what she is having and a shot of tequila.” Emily said. “It’s been one of those weeks.”

“Tell me about it.” Elizabeth smiled at her red haired friend. “Coleman, you may as well pass the bottle to us.” Coleman smiled and left the bottle on the bar. “How have you been Em?”

Emily scowled. “Work is ugh and I don’t really feel like talking about it. How are things at the hospital? Everyone was be freaking out.”

Elizabeth downed her shot and shook her head. “You could say that again. It’s like if someone does something wrong we are going to be fired. No excuses, no second changes. It’s like they’re just looking for a reason to get rid of us to cut the budget. It sucks.”

“I’m glad my parents aren’t here because Alan would be stressing so much. And he doesn’t need another heart attack.” Emily said, taking a swig from her bottle. “We decided not to tell Alan and Monica about it.”
“That’s a good idea.” Elizabeth pushed her hair out of her face in frustration. “Emily, you should have seen Nikolas when I went to go confront him. It was like he was a different person. He was so cold and arrogant. Like he could care less. It was like talking to a brick wall. He is not the Nikolas that we knew when we were growing up that’s for sure.”

“Do you think Carly has something to do with this? Maybe she told him to pull funding.” Emily commented.

“I don’t think so.” Elizabeth said as she shook her head, “As much as I dislike Carly, I get the feeling that this is all his idea. Bobbie could be out of a job when she gets out of jail, and I don’t think that Carly would do that. For as many faults that Carly has, she loves her children very much. What would happen if something were to happen to one of her kids? She would never forgive Nikolas for this, never.” Elizabeth said vehemently.

“You have a point.” Emily replied. “She probably doesn’t even know. She’s been cooped up on that damn island ever since….well…you know. Laura would be so ashamed of Nikolas.”

Elizabeth laughed sarcastically. “Let’s just say that when I talked to him, it was clear that he was not the Nikolas we all love.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He seemed to forget that I had two miscarriages. He didn’t even flinch when I mentioned it. Seriously Em, He is getting to be angrier with each passing day. I have never heard him be so…so, rude and cold. He was so smug that I wanted to slap him.” Elizabeth paused to take a shot and grabbed some chips. “But that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.”

Emily looked astonished. She couldn’t believe that this man that Elizabeth was telling her about was once someone she loved. “I can’t believe that Nikolas is acting like this. Maybe I should go see him.”

Elizabeth finished off her beer. “It won’t help. I think he’s past the point of caring.”
Carly couldn’t breathe. She looked into the crib and saw that Victoria was asleep. She felt relieved for that but she lost John. Where was John? She ran down to her and Nikolas’ room and looked to see if Nikolas had John in there. Nikolas wasn’t there and Carly ran for the stairs. Panic flew through her as she almost fell down the stairs in her hurry to find her baby. She found Nikolas in the study but the baby wasn’t there.

“Where is he Nikolas, where is my baby?”

“Victoria is asleep. You just put her down and I thought you were going to take a nap yourself.” Nikolas said, standing up from behind his desk. “Is she ok?”

Carly looked at Nikolas fretfully. “I know Victoria is fine. It’s John. Where is he? I can’t find him and I thought he was with you.” Carly wrung her hands.

Nikolas hurriedly walked around the desk and grasped Carly by the arms. He spoke quietly. “Carly, John is gone. You know that.”

“Nnnnoooooo!!!!” Carly screamed, backing away and pointing her finger as Nikolas. “No don’t you say that. My baby boy is alive and you took him away didn’t you? Tell me where he is!” Carly’s voice kept rising until it was almost a scream.

“Carly its ok.” Nikolas said soothingly. “I miss him every single moment of every single day. But you have to accept the fact that John is gone.” Nikolas walked forward with his arms out to hug Carly but she backed away.

“You’re lying!” Carly hysterically yelled, as she knocked over a tray of drinking glasses and a pitcher of water. “He’s out there somewhere. I need him. Give me back my baby!”

“Mommy?” Morgan’s voice could be heard over the sound of breaking glass.

Carly whipped around, tears streaming down her face. “Morgan?” she whispered.

“Mommy you’re scaring me.”

Nikolas leaned over. “Morgan, your Mom is just a little upset, that’s all. She’ll be all right.” Nikolas looked over at Carly who was feverishly wiping her eyes and forcing a smile onto her face. “See, your Mom is ok.”

“I’m ok.” Carly told Morgan. “Why don’t I take you upstairs and you can tell me about your day. Maybe you and I can play a game or something.”

Not looking convinced, Morgan turned around, Carly following him. Nikolas sank onto the couch, his head between his knees.
“Well well, how goes it brother in law?” Luke asked Noah as Noah stepped up to the bar at the Haunted Star. “How is Barbara Jean?”

Noah asked for water with lemon, making sure he doesn’t take a drink. “Bobbie is doing really well. Hopefully she will be able to come home within the next month or two.”

Luke slid the glass over to Noah, “That’s what I like to hear.” He looked up and saw Mac walking towards them. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the former commissioner? I hope you aren’t here to shut us down. I haven’t down anything wrong.” Under his breath he muttered, “Yet”

Mac sat down on a bar stool. “You can relax Spencer. I’m not here on official duty. I’m just here to enjoy a drink tonight.”

“In that case what’ll it be? I’ll make sure to charge you double and water down your drink.” Luke said with a twinkle in his eye.

“A beer would be great.” Mac said. Luke opened a beer and gave it to him. Mac swallowed some and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Well Lucy and that Dr. Hayward are canoodling in the corner. I have to say that I will always have a soft spot for my Lucy Coe.” Luke said as he raised his glass in Lucy’s directions. “The wife’s at home sulking because I am here tonight. Someday that woman will be the death of me.”

Mac looked around the casino. “Speaking of the Quartermaines, I am surprised that Brenda didn’t move in there. She always seems to end up there. But Robin says she moved into the Metro Court.”

“Hush now. Don’t give her any ideas.” Luke said. “I would not have all of Alice’s attentions if Brenda moved in.”

Noah looked over at Mac, “I haven’t talked to Patrick in a few days. How is Robin?”

“She’s unhappy but I think she is glad that her mother is here. We are just trying to be the best support system we can be.” Mac replied.

“It’s such a shame.” Luke commented. “I have watched that little sprout grow up and face everything she has. She must have gotten her courage from Anna because she sure didn’t get it from her father.”

Mac half scowled. “Thanks a lot Luke.”

“Oh come on. I meant your no good excuse for a brother. Where is the secret agent Aussie anyway? I haven’t seen or heard from him in a few months?”

“He was called away on some mission with the WSB. He’s been in and out of contact since then,” Mac says finishing off his beer. “Hit me with another one.”

Luke handed him another beer. “I would say it’s on the house but I would be lying. It’s true. Anna has more courage than any woman I know except Laura. I am not talking down on my old friend Robert. There is a difference.”

Noah’s pager went off and he looked at it. “Ah, ok. I have to go. Thanks Luke. Mac.”

Luke shivered. “I could never be a doctor. Way too much work.”

Noah says his goodbyes to his friends and heads out. Luke takes out a box of cigars and offers Mac one. The two sit back and light their cigars, relaxing as GH comes to a close.
Next…on Port Charles
- Nikolas is irritated when Jason drops by for a visit
- Jason reaches out to Carly


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I'm working on a creative way to do it. It'll probably be a dream sequence since I have no desire to bring Laura out of her catatonic state. I've thrown some ideas around, but nothing really makes sense, lol.

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