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Episode 65



A day full of revalations in Springfield.......

Grant House:

David hugs his mother, "Mom! I've missed you like crazy!"
Charles comes in, "Son! How have you been?"
David hugs him, "I'm good Dad. Wow it is great to be home."
Vivian kisses him, "Oh it is good to have you home Darling."
David puts down his bags and walks over to Vi, "Hello Baby."
She sighs, "Hi Dad. Welcome home."
He kisses her on the cheek.

Ice Cream Shop:

Maureen visits Kevin at work.
He is on a break from his summer job.
She gives him a kiss, "I missed you."
He holds her hand, "How did it go with your Dad?"
She sighs, "It was hard. But he told me to enjoy what I have. And I will."
Kevin smiles, "That's good to here."
She stares into his eyes, "I really like you Kevin. I want to be in a commited relationship with you. How do you feel?"
Kevin gets nervous.


Marina and Danny are sitting at a table.
She gets a call, "Hello? Yes this is..... What? He's where? I'm right across the street. I'll be there soon."
She hangs up.
Danny is worried, "What's wrong."
She stands up, "Cyrus is at Cedars. He was hit by a car."
Danny stands up, "I'll go with you."
The two hurry out.


Cyrus sits in the room.
Michelle walks in, "Hey. How's the patient?"
He grins, "I'm fine. But I hurt my leg?"
She looks at him, "And?"
He laughs, "My ribs." It hurts to laugh.
She grins, "I told you! I knew it."
He shakes his head, "Were you aiming for my ribs?"
She sighs, "No. I told you I'm a doctor. Wait did you hurt your face too?"
He nods, "Yeah but that's from some jerk my girlfriend is with," he holds out his hand, "I'm Cyrus."
She shakes his hand, "I'm Michelle."


Alan is in shock, "So wait. Natalia is pregnant?"
Gus nods, "Yes. You are going to be a Grandfather again."
Alan stares at her, "So you and Natalia are having a child Gus?"
He smiles, "Yes. A little baby."
He begins to grin, "A baby."
Gus gets a call, "Oh Babe. I gotta get going?"
He kisses her goodbye and leaves.
She is left alone with Alan.
He stares at her, "So am I going to be a Grandfather.... or am I going to be a father?!?"
She is speechless.


Lizzie and Colin are leaving the theater.
Lizzie is swinging her fist in the air, "Did you see that guy go down?"
He holds his hand, "I felt it."
She turns, "Oh my God. I'm sorry."
He laughs, "I'll be fine."
She gets ice from the waitress and puts it on his fist.
"I can't believe you did that for me Colin."
He smiles, "No one messes with my Girl."
She grins, "Your girl?"
She leans over and kisses him.

Cyrus is on crutches. He goes to the Doctor, "When can I go home?"
He looks through his papers, "Well Mr. Foley. You should be able to go soon. You emergency contact is on her way."
Cyrus shakes his head, "No. Why did you call her?"
The Doctor looks to Michelle, "Mrs. Santos I didn't recognize you."
Cyrus turns around, "Santos?"
Danny and Marina run in.
The two are shocked to see them together.


Ice Cream Shop:
Kevin sits down, "Wow. Uh I didn't expect that."
She gets upset, "I shouldn't have done that! I'm so sorry. I'll go home. I'll go right now!" She jumps up.
He grabs her arm, "No. Sit. I do like you. I want to be with you. I just am surprised that's all."
She calms down, "So you want to be my boyfriend officially?"
He laughs, "Do I need to sign papers?"
She laughs and kisses him.

Michelle looks at Danny and Marina, "You don't waste any time? Hello Marina."
Marina sighs, "Hello Michelle. Welcome home."
Cyrus turns around, "You are the Michelle that's married to Danny?"
Marina freaks, "Oh my God! You brought her here? To cause problems for me Cyrus?"
Cyrus shakes his head, "No Marina I had no idea."
Marina leaves.
Danny walks over to Michelle, "What are you doing here?"
Michelle scoffs, "This has been my home for years."
Danny stares at his wife.

Grant House:
Vivian and Charles go to the kitchen to get things ready.
David walks over to Vi, "So have you been taking advantage of them?"
She rolls her eyes, "Go to hell." She walks off.
He grabs her, "I am your father and you will not direspect me."
She pulls away, "You touch me again and I'll break my arm and tell them you did it."
David scoffs, "You've only gotten worse."
She laughs, "Oh I've gotten more clever. I can do no wrong in their eyes."
She walks up to her room. He turns to her, "If you hurt them, you will regret it. Because you'll soon find out that family is one of the best things in life."
She shakes her head and keeps going.

Lizzie and Colin are enjoying their date.
Liz smiles, "I haven't been this happy in a long time."
Colin looks at his watch, "Well sadly I need to go soon. I got check with one of my patients."
She nods, "It's fine. I like that you are loyal to your patients. As long as you don't treat them as good as you treated me."
He laughs, "I think I'd lose my license."
Liz walks him back to Cedars.

Natalia walks away from Alan, "Go away."
He follows her, "Are you forgetting that you didn't spend the night of your wedding with Gus?"
She shakes her head, "I don't know what your talking about?"
He laughs, "Why is he even buying this? I thought Gus couldn't have kids?"
She keeps walking, "It's a miracle."
Alan chuckles, "Okay so there is what a 10% chance that this is Gus's miracle baby."
She turns around, "And I'm going on the chance."
Alan nods, "Okay. I won't say anything. But we will do a DNA test. And if that is my child..... believe me I will not lose another child."
He walks away.

Danny can't believe Michelle's there, "So you followed me here? And found Marina's ex boyfriend?"
Michelle shakes her head, "I had no idea who he was when I hit him with my car."
Danny is confused, "Wait. What?"
Michelle isn't happy, "You know I knew you came back to see Marina but I didn't think that you too would already be back at it."
Danny stops her, "No no no. We are just spending time together. That's it."
She shakes her head, "I'm so sure. Come on Cyrus, I'll take you home."
Michelle and Cyrus get in the elevator.
Danny leaves to go find Marina.

Dinah unleashes her anger on Cyrus
Rick comes home
RJ visits his mother
Harley gets upsetting news
The Boudreau family has dinner
Ava's future is ripped away by Marah!


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I am new to all this Danny and Michelle.

But The grant storyline seem very intresting. I really want to see who this plays out.

Alos in the first scene in part two, who was "she" I had to scroll back up in the episode to find out who "she" was.

Alan's line of grandfather or father was classic. I like that scene.

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Speaking of amazing casts, FTL is filled with the right actors playing the right characters. I'm sure you heard this before but you should be writing for GL.

Gus/Natalia/Alan triangle is so intriguing. If Gus was still on the canvas today, then this is tthh plot I would love to see. I'm kind of hoping that it's Gus's.

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Thanks ML! I'll keep the "she" thing in mind. I'm usually better about that. I just checked it out and realized it.

Danny and Michelle were very popular on GL. They were the ex Mobster adn the Good Girl.

I'm glad you like David Grant. I'm actually currently giving him a romantic interested that you should see later in the month.

Thanks Matt!

I'm glad you like the Alan/Natalia/Gus Triangle. Be sure to keep reading this month because there are some BIG moments with this SL.

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