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Episode 64



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day of exits and returns in Springfield......


Matt is waiting for his plane.
Vanessa and Maureen are sitting with him.
Maureen cries, "I just wish this wasn't the day you know."
He hugs her, "I know. I love you Baby. And I'll be back soon."
Maureen looks at him, "I had so much fun yesterday."
He agrees, "Oh yes! It was certantly the best Father's Day ever."
Maureen stands up, "I have to go clean my face. Don't leave while I'm gone."
He nods, "I wouldn't dream of it."
She leaves.
Vanessa scoots closer to Matt, "I'm glad we're alone. Now we have a chance to talk."
Matt smiles at his ex wife.

Grant House:

Vivian is tiding up, "Your father will be here soon."
Vi pretends to be glad, "I can't believe he's really coming. It's like..."
Vivian hugs her, "A dream?"
She nods, "Something like that. So all of these Grants under one roof. It's gonna get tough."
Vivian puts her arm around her Granddaughter, "Oh Sweetheart, I've wanted this house to be filled up for years. Now if your Aunt Gilly comes home then I'll have all of my family here."
Vivian walks to the kitchen.
Vi keeps staring at the door.


Gus and Natalia are going for a walk.
Gus kisses her, "I can't believe this. It's a miracle. The doctors said that I couldn't have children."
Natalia nods, "Yes it truely is a miracle."
Gus laughs, "I can't wait to tell Rafe. And everyone else!"
Natalia smiles, "Oh we are going to give this child everything that we didn't have. Everything that I couldn't give Rafe."
Gus kisses Natalia.
Natalia's heart starts pounding when she sees who is walking toward them... Alan, puffing a fat cigar.

Movie Theater:

Lizzie and Colin take their seats.
Colin smiles, "So we came here so no one would see us?"
She shakes her head, "No Colin. I wanted to see this movie. I've been waiting for it to come out for a while. I loved the TV show and now it's on the big screen."
He holds her hand, "It's okay, if you're not ready to tell people about us."
She turns to him, "I just don't want people to judge us because of the age difference, and I don't have the best history with guys."
He kisses her, "Well I promise that we will take this as slowly as you need to. But when you're ready, I am going to show you off to the whole world!"
She laughs and hugs him.


Upstairs in the boarding house.
Coop is waiting outside the bathroom.
Ashlee walks out and is surprised to see him, "Hi Coop. How long were you waiting?"
He is serious, "Long enough to here you."
She shakes her head, "I don't know what you are talking about."
He steps in front of her, "Ashlee.... are you bulimic?"
She is at a loss for words.

Main Street:

Marina is leaving work when Cyrus approaches her, "Hello Marina."
She steps away, "Cyrus I don't want to see you right now."
Cyrus follows her, "I've given you time. We've been taking this break..."
She stops him, "Cyrus! We aren't going to get back together."
He hands her flowers, "I love you Marina. I am not going to stop."
She walks away, "No. I'm sorry Cyrus."
He grabs her arm, "Marina please."
Danny comes over and knocks Cyrus to the ground, "You keep your hands off of her!"
Marina grabs Danny, "Lets just go."
Danny looks at Cyrus, "You come near her again and you'll be very sorry."
The two leave Cyrus sitting on the ground.


Movie Theater:
Lizzie and Colin are watching the movie.
Colin is kind of bored but Lizzie is on the edge of her seat.
She stares at the screen, "Isn't that 'what's her name'."
Colin whispers, "Who?"
Lizzie keeps looking, "That girl from the soap opera? She's good!"
A guy shouts from behind, "Keep it down."
Lizzie turns around, "Hey why don't you mind your own damn business and watch the movie!"
Everyone shushes her.
The guys stands up and is pretty big, "I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you Thumbelina."
She scoffs, "My boyfriend is gonna kick your ass if you don't sit back down."
Colin gets nervous.
The guy gets in his face, "Are you gonna shut the bitch's mouth or not?"
Lizzie's mouth falls open.
She jumps up raises her purse but Colin jumps up and knocks the guy out.

Ashlee laughs at Coop, "Yeah I'm bulimic. That's how I got this slim body."
She goes to head downstairs but Coop stops her, "Ashlee, why are you doing this?"
She lies, "I'm sick. I was throwing up because I'm sick."
He shakes his head, "If you were sick you wouldn't have lied. Ashlee you can't do this to yourself."
She scoffs, "Coop I'm fine! Would you just leave me alone?"
He tries to stop her but she pushes him and runs down the stairs.

Vanessa smiles at Matt, "You know I'll never forget the time that we were together."
He holds her hand, "Neither will I."
She hugs him, "I'll miss you Matt."
The two stand up.
Matt turns to her, "Was it always him? Billy?"
She sighs, "Honestly?.... No. Matt I loved you. My world changed when I met you. And I'll treasure the time we had together. Forever."
She kisses him on the cheek.
His plane is ready to board.
Maureen comes running and jumps in his arms, "Oh Daddy. I'm going to miss you so much."
He rubs her back, "I'll miss you too. But hey you got your senior year coming up. Don't let it fly by to fast. I'll be back. I love you."
After a tearful goodbye, Matt leaves Springfield.

Alan walks over, "Well it looks like the newly weds are back together eh?"
Gus smiles, "Why do you care?"
Alan stares at Natalia, "No reason. Just wondering how you got past it."
Gus is confused, "Past what?"
Natalia grabs him, "Lets go Nicky."
Alan smiles, "Thanks for the Father's Day card Gus."
Gus nods, "No problem Dad. I have about 5 sitting at the house myself. And next year I'll have more."
Alan doesn't understand, "What are you talking about Gus?"
She grabs his arm, "No wait. We don't need to...."
Gus announces to Alan, "Natalia is pregnant."
Alan drops his cigar to the ground.

Grant House:
Vi stares in the mirror, "Okay. You had a fun ride. You got away with a lot. Everyone was wrapped around your fingers. And now Dad's going to come and tell them who you really are."
She punches the mirror.
She has a small cut on her hand.
Vivian runs over, "Oh no! What happened?"
Vi starts her fake cry, "It fell off the wall and shattered on me."
Vivian takes her hand and cleans it up.
Just then the doorbell rings.
Vivian runs to the door.
She opens it to see her son David standing there.
"Hey. I'm home."

Marina is walking by the lake with Danny.
She smiles, "Thank you for getting me away from Cyrus."
He nods, "Anything for you."
Marina holds his hand, "Did you mean it? You left Michelle because you never got over me?"
He rubs her face and kisses her.
Marina finally feels like she has what she wants.

Along the Road:
Cyrus is walking and stumbles into the street.
He isn't paying attention and is hit by a car.
He lies on the ground.
A woman comes running out, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you."
He sits up, "I'm fine. You weren't going that fast."
He holds his side.
She looks at it, "Oh I think you may have injured your ribs."
He looks at her, "How do you know?"
She grins, "I'm a doctor. But you can call me Michelle."

Danny and Marina see Michelle
David questions Vi
Lizzie and Colin finish their date
Maureen has wants to move forward with Kevin
Alan warns Natalia


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AWWW... Danny and Marina is sweet... although cant see Danny with anyone else, but Michelle....

I think you should bring Jesse and Dru...

Very nice episode... LLove it!!!

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Why was Cyrus walking? Was he getting some excersise? The grant son is fine as hell OMG. I hope u got some bog plans for him.

Alan know Nat is preggos, uh oh, lol, can't to see what happens next.

The movie scene had me cracking up. Loved it.

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