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Episode 63



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A day full of conversations in Springfield.......

Harley's House:

Susan sits with Sam and Max, "So what have you guys been up to?"
Sam sighs, "Sue, we need to talk about this."
She is confused, "What?"
Max looks to her, "Susan, your mother called us to talk with you about the drugs and stuff."
She shakes her head, "Oh my God! Are you guys serious? I mean really? Everyone does this stuff now."
Max shakes his head, "Not the stuff you are into. What exactly have you done?"
Susan sighs, "I don't know. A few things."
Sam looks at her, "Have you done meth? Or heroine?"
She rolls her eyes, "I tried meth once. And heroine a couple of times. Big deal!"
Max stands up, "Oh my God! Susan! What the hell is wrong with you?"
She stands up with him, "Alright come on. You guys need to stop being such prudes."
Sam shakes his head, "We aren't prudes Susan. But we are worried about you."
Susan is furious at her mother.


Harley approaches Gus, "Hey. I was hoping to see you here..
He sighs, "Are you worried?."
Harley looks down, "It seems weird with everything that's going on."
He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Hey. We aren't going to let Phillip take Zach. Okay?
Harley smiles. She changes the subject, "Oh I have to tell you the lawyers are going over the divorce papers and they will get back to me soon on what went wrong."
Gus nods, "Yeah well.... I mean we don't have to rush it."
She smiles, "Well don't you and Natalia want to be married as soon as possible?"
He sighs, "Well I guess we'll just wait and see."
Harley grins.
Gus grabs his stuff, "I got to go. I'll see you later Harley."
She waves goodbye.
She is confused. Was he hinting at something?


Mel is getting a drink.
Alan Michael comes from behind her, "Hey. Isn't it a little early for that?"
She raises her glass, "I can break the rules every once in a while."
He sits next to her, "So you want to let loose tonight?"
She nods, "Hell yeah!"
He laughs, "I never thought I'd hear Mel Boudreau say 'Hell yeah'."
She giggles, "Well I am doing a lot of things that I never thought I'd ever do."
Alan Michael stands up, "Well in that case. Mel. Let's party!"
She is intrigued.

Grant House:

Vi walks in, "I'm home."
Her Grandparents are sitting at the table.
Vivian calls her over, "Vi would you come here."
Charles gives her a kiss, "How was your day dear?"
She grins, "Fine Grandpa."
Stephanie walks down the stairs. She is Vivian and Charles youngest daughter.
Stephanie hugs her, "Hi. I'm home from college."
Vi smiles, "Oh is this my surprise?"
Vivian shakes her head, "Better. Honey your father is coming home."
Vi becomes worried.


Marah is sitting in her room.
She looks out the window, "Why? Why would you do this Jeffrey?"
She can't get Jeffrey's story out of her head.
Could he really have taken advantage of Olivia?
She has a feeling there is more to this than everyone thinks.

Reva Bend:

Reva is helping Shayne and Rocky move their things in.
Rocky smiles, "Thanks for letting us stay her Ms. Shayne."
She laughs, "Well as long as you are staying her then I need to lay down the ground rules:
1. Shayne calls me Mom. Rocky calls me Reva.
2. No partying in my house.
3. You won't be sleeping in the same room."
Shayne scoffs, "Oh I wonder why."
Reva stops him, "Hey now. Jonathan and Tammy had the same rules when they were living with me. I won't show you special treatment."
Rocky laughs and the two unpack.


Grant House:
Vi questions her Grandparents, "What do you mean Daddy's coming home?"
Charles smiles, "David is coming back. He misses you very much."
Vi shakes her head, "But I came here because we weren't getting along."
Vivian holds her hand, "But he's still your father. Besides you are a good girl. And he will realize that."
Vi gets nervous. Her father is the only one in her family who knows her true personality.

Harley's House:
Harley walks in.
Susan throws a book across the room.
Harley runs over to her, "Where did the guys go?"
Susan's furious, "Oh you mean my friends who you turned against me? I threw them out."
Harley shakes her head, "You have no boundaries do you?"
Susan grabs her by the arm, "You are such a bitch!"
Harley slaps her, "I am your mother! And you won't talk to me like that."
Susan shakes her head, "You and Dylan aren't my parents! Jim and Connie Lemay were my parents and they died. You two are the kids who had sex and got pregnant. You didn't even want me."
Harley cries, "No. I didn't raise you. But that doesn't mean that I don't love you with all of my heart."
Susan turns to her, "You think that you bring Max here and suddenly I'd jump into his arms and forget about G? Well I love Guillespie, Mom! We are in love!"
Harley walks upstairs.

Reva Bend:
Reva and Rocky are laughing on the couch, "So wait Rocky. You Grandpa Buzz never told you that he married me?"
Rocky shakes his head, "No. I had no idea."
She nods, "And your sister Harley was engaged to Josh."
Rocky laughs, "Wow. Talk about keeping it in the family."
Shayne comes over. He is surprised at how close the two have become.

Spaulding Mansion:

Natalia is waiting in the livingroom.
Gus comes in, "Hey Nattie. We need to talk."
She stands up, "I have to tell you something."
Gus sighs, "Well I need to go first."
She stops him, "I'm pregnant."
He stares, "What?"
Natalia takes a deep breathe, "Nicky, we are going to have a baby."
Gus is in shock.

Marah looks at a picture of Ava and Jeffrey, "Oh Jeffrey. How can you be related to her?"
Marah sits down.
She is determinded to investigate the situation.

Mel and Alan Michael are dancing.
She looks at the time, "Okay in 20 minutes I need to leave."
He laughs, "Why?"
She smiles, "Well I have a daughter. And I need to take her to a pool party."
He looks at his watch, "Well for the next 20 minutes you aren't a Mom. You aren't a Lawyer. You aren't a doctor. You aren't a daughter. You aren't..."
She stops him, "I get the point! I get it."
She grabs him by the jacket and kisses him.

Danny comes to Marina's rescue
Gus and Natalia share their news
David Grant returns to Springfield
Matt leaves town
Coop confronts Ashlee
Colin and Lizzie have a date
A former Springfield resident runs into Cyrus


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VERY GOOD!!! - NOW; I MA NEW HERE BUT ROCKY AND SHYNE ARE DATING? WOW -Thats a big move for Guilding Light....

I am liking the show more and more... I might have to go and read some of the earlier episodes...

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Very solid episode. Very good. The Grant storyline seem very interesting. Still loving the Shayne/Rocky/Reva slumber party story. And that damn Susan. She is by far you're most interesting character you have. Kep up the great work

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