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Episode 62



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Everyone is getting a surprise visit in Springfield.......

Harley's House:

Susan comes down stairs after waking up.
Harley is waiting, "Good morning."
Susan sighs, "Oh God! Is there an intervention downstairs?"
Harley holds her hand, "Not exactly. But I've brought people here to see you."
Susan rolls her eyes, "Oh my God! Are you ever going to quit?"
Harley sighs, "I hope you know that they came for you."
Susan scoffs, "What the f..."
Harley puts her finger up, "Don't say it!"
Susan sighs, "What are you talking about?"
Harley brings her to the livingroom where she sees none other than her high school friend and her ex boyfriend; Sam Spencer and Max Nickerson.


Frank is serving some food to her, "Here I made your favorite."
Eleni laughs, "Oh Frankie you know me so well! I should be serving you."
Frank leaves her to eat.
She is enjoying the meal when Mel walks over, "Hello Eleni. I'm Mel Boudreau."
Eleni nods, "Yes. You are Rick's wife right?"
Mel shakes her head, "Not anymore."
Eleni wipes her mouths, "Oh I'm sorry."
Frank walks over, "Hey Mel."
Mel smiles, "Great Frank. Maybe it's time you introduced us."
Frank gets nervous.

Lewis Contruction:

Lucy and Dylan are going over their plans.
Dylan puts his hand on Lucy's, "So your officially divorced?"
Lucy nods, "Yes I am. I'm no longer a Spaulding. But I do have stock which will come in handy."
Dylan rubs her leg, "Well I did promise that if you divorced Alan Michael then we could..."
Lucy smiles and kisses him.
Dylan picks her up and puts her on the desk.
They are interupted by the sound of Alan Michael, who just walked in, clearing his throat.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Edmund meets with Cassandra, "How is everything going?"
She grins, "Perfect. Soon we will the Lewis family. And take everything that they have."
Edmund looks at her, "Are you sure you can do this? I mean you were an honorary Lewis yourself not to long ago."
She pushes Edmund into a chair, "Don't underestimate me Edmund. Yes I was part of the family. Then Josh hurt me. He left me to go back to... her. And she didn't even want him."
Edmund adds, "She... Reva... your sister."
She sighs, "Oh! Please! I'm so sick of hearing that Slut's name!"
Edmund laughs, "Well I don't know if you've heard but she broke up with her boytoy."
Cassandra turns, "Jeffrey? Great. Now Josh and Reva can be reunited!"
She kicks her foot into the door.


Jeffrey is sitting in his room with Marah.
Marah turns to finally ask him her question, "Jeffrey... I need to ask you something. Something important."
He smiles, "Marah you know that I love you."
She shakes her head, "No it's not that. I've heard some rumors about you and Olivia."
He laughs, "Me and Olivia? Please. The woman hates my guts. She only lets me in the hotel because I'm Ava's father."
Marah turns to him, "Why? Why does she hate you?"
Jeffrey sighs, "Marah I need to talk to you about my past with Olivia."
Marah is upset. Ava wasn't lying.

Blake's House:

There is a knock at the door.
Kevin answers
Vi is standing there, "Hello."
He sighs, "Jason isn't here."
She laughs, "I know Kevin. I'm here to see you."
She lets herself in.


Lewis Construction:
Lucy looks at him in disgust, "What the hell are you doing here?"
Alan Michael walks in, "Just looking to see what my money is paying for."
Dylan isn't happy, "Get out of here Alan Michael."
Alan Michael stares at Lucy, "You could have hooked up with anyone. But you chose a Lewis. But not just any Lewis. Why you chose the dumbest of the whole Hillbilly family."
Dylan goes over to him but Lucy stops him, "No. We are not going to let him get to us. He's just bitter because he knows that Spaulding is going down."
Alan Michael laughs, "Oh really? You know I didn't think Cassandra could do a good job but she's showing real progress. And she has Lewis information too."
Lucy walks him out, "Leave!"
He takes one last look around, "I can't wait until we can kick you guys out of here. I'll see you later."
Alan Michael leaves the two furious.

Frank introduces Mel, "This is Mel Boudreau. She is a successful Lawyer. Former Doctor."
Eleni smiles, "Whoa your quite the Superwoman."
Mel chuckles, "Oh just call me the Overachiever of Springfield."
Eleni laughs.
Frank adds, "Mel is truely a great friend to the family."
Mel nods, "Well I best be going. It was nice meeting you Eleni."
Mel walks outside.
Frank follows her out, "Mel. Wait."
Mel turns around, "You didn't want to tell her about us?"
Frank scratches his head, "I didn't know if we were ready to tell anyone yet."
Mel shakes her head with a tear on her cheek, "If we aren't ready now.... then we never will be."
She leaves.

Harley's House:
Sam runs over and hugs Susan, "Hey Sue!"
She laughs, "What are you doing here? Your supposed to be in Europe!"
Sam smiles, "Well I heard that one of my best friends needed me."
She looks over at Max, "Hey how are you?"
He hugs her, "I'm good Susan. I've missed you."
Susan nods, "I've missed you too."
Harley comes over, "They've come to help you."
Susan gets nervous, "You told them...."
Sam nods, "About the drugs."
Susan is relieved that Harley didn't tell them everything.

Blake's House:
Kevin walks over to Vi, "You are dating my brother."
She grins, "Yeah but I don't want him. I didn't sleep with him. I slept with you."
Kevin shakes his head, "We had a one night stand.... months ago. I didn't even know you."
Vi smiles, "The night we shared... was great. I won't let it go."
Kevin sighs, "You have to."
She walks around, "I get why you want Maureen. She's perfect. She is the girl next door. I am too, well on the outside. But I know she has to be a virgin. And I can give you what every guy wants."
She runs her hand down his chest but he pulls her hand away, "Leave me alone Vi."
She nods, "Okay. I'll go. But I will be back."
She leaves.
Kevin shuts the door.
He is worried about how this will affect his brother.

Jeffrey explains to Marah, "When we were young, I met Olivia at a party. We got drunk. She was only a teenager. I didn't know. Anyways we went up to a room... and I remember kissing her on the bed and getting ready to...," he stops and looks down, "Anyways. I can't remember anything else but I remember walking home in a daze."
Marah shakes her head, "I don't understand."
He sighs, "Olivia remember going up to the room and passing out. And when she woke up... she said someone told her that I had slept with her."
Marah stands up, "So Olivia passed out and you decided to..."
He walks over, "Marah I know it's a lot to take in."
Marah walks away, "I just need to think."
He looks at his watch, "I actually need to get to a dinner. I have a case to work on. Marah I'll let you be alone for now. We can talk when I get back. I love you."
He leaves.
Marah sits there in shock of what she has found out.

Spaulding Enterprises:
Edmund walks over to Cassandra, "Okay so obviously you are still a little angry about how things ended with Josh."
She shakes her head, "My relationship with Josh was nothing. He never wanted me. Only Reva. It's 'Always' Reva. I don't understand what everyone sees in that slutty bitch."
Edmund stands next to her, "Well soon the Lewises will wish they never crossed us."
She turns around and looks him in the eye, "Edmund. Don't forget who's running the show. I call the shots. You cross me and I'll make you sorry that you ever met me."
She grabs her briefcase and the two walk to the car.

Vi gets bad news
Reva makes Rocky and Shayne at home
Marah examines her situation
Alan Michael helps Mel have a good time
Susan isn't happy with Harley
Natalia has something to tell Gus


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Another great episode and I see the scenes were longer through the whole episode. A definate plus. Keep up the great work. Your charactercs and stroies are really coming trhough.

I loved hos Sandra kep calling Reva bitches. I can't for their eventual showdown. I like these two working together and can't wait to see what they do.

Alan Micheal got balls for calling ol dude( i think Dylan a bumb ass. pretty funny.

And Vi, her man's brother. Wonder what he say about this

Jeff just told his duaghter something big and he just left her, lol wow

Very good episode. SO many juicy triangles

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Cassandra has such hate for Reva. Cassandra used to be Cassie but she went crazy and changed her name. Reva and her used to be incredibly close. Cassie was a younger version of Reva but now she's the opposite.

AM and Dylan go way back. They fought over Lucy's sister Harley a long time ago. Also one is a Lewis and one is a Spaulding. The two families HATE each other.

LOL! Marah is Jeffrey's girlfriend. Ava is his daughter. He could tell she wanted to be alone with the info. But he didn't want to make it obvious.

BTW if you are interested their are some spoilers on the right side of the content blocks. You can discuss them in the episodes.

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I have to say this was a nice episode.... MAN, its awesome to see the marlet' boys all grow up, and nice choice of cast.... Very Good... ANd yes, Maurrene is too... Natalia for Marrah is the best Choices... will have to follow through... Wish Laura was your hoice of Cassie, don't like this new girl at all....

Man when will Susan be nice to Harley; she is a great mom, and doing her best.... I think Susan needs to starts appreciate what she has.

OMG - IS AVA, Richard's daughter... better yet - Richard and Reva would be a lot better...

Love it man... Keep it up!!!!!

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