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Episode 61



Everyone has news to share in Springfield.......

Police Station:

Harley walks Phillip in.
She calls Mallet over, "Hey Mallet. You'll never guess who's here."
Mallet turns around, "Wow. Phillip Spaulding, never thought I'd see you again."
Phillip nods, "Hello Mallet. I heard you were married to my cousin Dinah now. Congratulations."
Mallet nods, "Thank you."
The two take him to the back.

Malah House:

Dinah is cleaning up when the doorbell rings, "Coming.
She answers the door. Edmund is standing there, "Hello Dinah. Mind if I come in."
He walks in.
Dinah shakes her head, "There is a restraining order Edmund. You aren't supposed to be here."
He sits on her couch, "Oh come on Dinah. What's the problem?"
She rolls her eyes, "Lets see, you kidnapped me, left me in a burning building and made my life hell. Do I need to go on?"
Edmund chuckles, "Oh come on that was years ago. Can't we move on? Besides I have a favor to ask you."
Dinah scoffs.


Olivia has left Bill a message to come over.
Bill comes into Olivia's room, "Olivia we can't do this."
She tries to stop him, "Bill..."
He keeps going on, "I'm married to your daughter. We are expecting a child."
She interupts, "Bill! It's Phillip."
He turns to her, "What?"
She stands up, "Phillip is back in Springfield."
Bill understands now.

Cross Creek:

Marah comes in.
Ava turns around, "Ever hear of knocking?"
Marah puts her purse down, "This is my family's home. I've known this place my whole life."
Ava rolls her eyes, "Well I'm the only one here."
Marah grins, "Oh Ava. You are so much like your mother. It's scary."
Ava scoffs, "What the hell are you talking about?"
Marah smiles, "I know Ava. I know that you hired someone to kidnap Emma so Bill would come back to town and take her from Olivia."
Ava becomes furious.


Shayne and Rocky have been hiding out.
Rocky is trying to make a snack but drops everything, "Oh! I can't stand this!"
Shayne sighs, "I know. This is not the way I thought this would go."
Rocky sits down, "We can't stay here forever."
Shayne looks around, "Uh yeah. We're running out of money too."
There is a knock at the door.
Shayne answers.
Reva is standing there, "Hey boys. Mind if I come in?"
Shayne is surprised to see his mother.

Blake's House:

Blake comes in, "Hi. I just signed the papers. It's official: I'm the host of 'Light Talk'."
Remy hugs her, "That's great. I have some news too."
Blake smiles, "What is it?"
Remy shows her some papers, "I'm going to be promoted to detective soon."
Blake shrieks and jumps in his arms, "Oh my God! That's great! I'm so proud of you."
He smiles, "Thank you."
Blake grins, "I'm so happy. Everything is just.... going perfect."
The two hug.
Remy is still battling with his knowledge about Ross.


Cross Creek:
Ava steps over to Marah, "What the hell are you talking about?"
Marah chuckles, "Don't even start Ava. I know. And now I am going to use this to my advantage."
Ava shakes her head, "What the hell do you want from me? If you want me to leave Bill then that is not going to happen."
Marah sits down, "No. I want you to stay away from me and Jeffrey."
Ava scoffs, "He's my father."
Marah nods, "And I don't want you to bother us."
Ava sits next to her, "Why do you want him? You do know all the women he's been with?"
Marah nods, "Yes, your Mom, my Mom, my Aunt Cassie."
Ava laughs, "Uh don't forget Dinah, Beth, and Blake. I love him but he is a man slut.
Marah shakes her head, "Mind your own business Ava."
Marah goes to leave but Ava has something else to say, "You know how I was concieved right? Jeffrey met Olivia when she was a teen. She got drunk.... and he took advantage of her."
Marah shakes her head, "No. Shut up Ava."
Ava laughs, "He didn't tell you that? Gee I wonder why."
Marah leaves and slams the door.

Reva walks in, "Nice place. You guys are living large."
Rocky stands up, "Hello."
She smiles, "Hi Rocky. You've grown up to be quite the hansome young man."
Shayne walks over, "How did you find us?"
Reva turns to him, "A mother knows these things. Well I guess she doesn't know everything.... obviously."
Rocky laughs.
Reva picks up around the room, "Well no son or mine, or the person he loves, will live here."
Shayne is confused, "What do you mean?"
Reva smiles, "I want you two to move in with me."
Rocky laughs, "With you and Jeffrey? At The Beacon?"
Reva shakes her head, "Jeffrey and I are over."
Shayne hugs his mother, "I'm sorry Mom."
She shakes her head, "I'm fine. It was just time."
Rocky asks a question, "Where will we be staying?"
Reva grins, "Reva Bend!"
Rocky laughs, "Reva Bend?"
She nods, "Yep. It's an old bungalow of mine. I'm moving back in and I could use some roomates. What do you say?"
The boys pack their things.

Bill sits with Olivia, "So Phillip isn't dangerous anymore?"
Olivia sighs, "I don't know. He says he's not. But I don't trust him."
Bill takes a deep breathe, "Does he want Emma?"
She nods, "Yes. But I told him: You are Emma's father Bill. She doesn't even know him. And she is your daughter."
He smiles, "You said that?"
She nods.
He holds her hand, "We'll protect her. Okay?"
Olivia smiles. She feels safe with Bill.

Police Station:
Mallet is talking with Phillip, "So how long have you been in town?"
Phillip thinks about it, "Uh.... three months."
Mallet looks at him, "Where have you been hiding?"
Phillip looks him in the eye, "It doesn't matter."
Harley walks over, "Phillip.... I just want you to know that I'm getting a restraining order against you for Zach."
Phillip gets upset, "Harley please don't do that!"
She shakes her head, "I'm sorry but you scare the hell out of him. And now he has Gus. I'm sorry Phillip."
She walks away.
Mallet gets back to questiing him but Phillip can't think clearly.

Malah House:
Dinah is curious about Edmund, "What do you want?"
He smiles, "Well you have Spaulding stock and experience in the business."
She nods, "Yeah I ran Spaulding for a while. I did a good job."
Edmund laughs, "Yes, but now you aren't quite all there right? I mean I heard you were shot in the head. Didn't you have to learn how to open doors and botton you shirt all over again?"
Dinah slaps him, "You shut your mouth about things you don't understand!"
She shoves him out but he notices all of the baby things, "No! Are you pregnant? Wow your obsession to have a child finally came true huh?"
Dinah looks him in the eye, "Shut up Edmund?"
Edmund laughs, "Oh you always wanted what Cassie had. Well maybe your on your way."
Dinah pushes him out the door and locks it.

Blake's House:
Blake and Remy sit at the table.
Blake ask him questions, "So who's your partner going to be?"
Remy thinks about it, "Well... I guess Marina probably. I think Mallet's going to get a new partner so I'll probably get her."
Blake sits back, "Oh. You and Marina."
Remy smiles, "Yeah. My good friend Marina."
Blake sighs, "You two... working together. Partners."
Remy laughs, "Are you jealous? Huh? Are you jealous?"
She pushes him, "No. Because I know what you want."
He smiles, "You know who I want."
The two lean across the table and kiss.

Susan has guests
Mel meets Eleni
Alan Michael visits Lucy and Dylan
Cassandra still holds grudges
Marah questions Jeffrey
Vi surprises Kevin


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Loved the episode( though the first hal was a bit choppy esp before part two0 BUT Remy and Blake are so [!@#$%^&*] hot together. There are so happy right now but I know something i bound to happen. I really wonder if it was really Ross.

Edmund sure is a jerk. But I like him. Please explain to me Dinah being shot in the head. Wow. That's mad crazy!! Seems Dinah has been through a lot.

I am so glad Reva has reached out to Shayne and Rocky. That really was a nice cene to read. It's nice to know they have some one in their corner. i wonder who is the top and bottom? Care to enlightned us?( I have my own conclusions)

I also noticed the scenes were longer and deeper and done really nice. I hope to see more scene likew that. I was able to get into it more and really get into what was going on.

Great episode Jay

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Last year an old enemy of Mallet's came back to town for revenge. In a fight with Mallet he pulled out a gun. Dinah jumped in front and took it in the head. She had to learn how to open doors, button her shirt, dial a phone, all over again. It almost ruined her marriage. But she's getting better.

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