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Episode 60



It's a morning in Springfield and everyone has questions........


Harley comes to a room.
Beth anwswers the door, "Harley hello."
Harley looks in, "Hey Beth. I got your message. What's the emergency?"
Beth steps aside, "Please come in."
Harley walks in, "Beth?"
Beth shuts the door, "Harley I need to you to relax."
Harley gets nervous, "What's going on?"
Beth sighs, "Well I was going to wait for Olivia but..."
Harley stops her, "What? What is going on."
Beth shouts to the door, "Come on out."
Phillip steps out.
Harley steps back in shock and pulls out her gun.
She holds it at her ex husband.


Marina and Danny are going for a walk across the bridge.
Marian questions him, "So what went wrong with Michelle?"
He sighs, "Right after we left Springfield, all of the magic just started to fade."
Marina holds his hand, "I'm sorry Danny. How are Robbie and Hope taking it?"
Danny stares at the pond, "Hope doesn't understand. And Robbie is just angry. He really is taking this whole thing pretty hard."
Marina changes the subject, "Oh I'd love some pictures. I haven't seen them in a long time."
Danny shows her the pictures in his wallet.
Marina is surprised at how they've grown.

Main Street:

Marah is going for walk and sees Susan.
She walks over and sees her taking pills. She yanks them away, "Oh my God! Your taking these?"
Susan grabs for them, "Marah leave me alone."
Marah shakes her head, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
Susan tries to get them, "Marah just give it back!"
Marah holds it back, "No. Susan we need to get rid of this."
Marah steps back, "Then I'm going to the police. Don't forget you have 3 relatives on the force."
Susan has an idea, "Well maybe we can make a deal."
Marah gets curious.

Cross Creek:

Matt is sitting with Maureen and Vanessa.
He tells them his news, "I have to go to visit some family. There are some problems so I need to leave."
Maureen is upset, "What? No. You can't leave Dad."
Vanessa sits forward, "Is it serious Matt?"
Matt sighs, "It's complicated. I need to be there. It's not permanent. I just have to be there for a while."
Maureen shakes her head, "I'll come with you!"
He calms her down, "No! You stay here with your Mom, Dinah, and Bill."
She hugs her father, "I'm going to miss you so much!"
He rubs her back, "I'll miss you too."


Alan Michael meets with Lucy, "Hello Darling."
She grins, "Hello. How have you been?"
"I'm fine."
She nods, "Are you ready to sign the divorce papers?"
He sits, "Yes I am," he opens his briefcase, "So I've heard you've been bad Lucy."
She chuckles, "Oh I'm just on the other team now Alan Michael."
He scoffs, "The Lewises are the losing side. They only wish they could have half of the power that Spaulding has."
She laughs, "Oh, you wait and see we'll be in control very soon."
Alan Michael gets suspcious.

Phillip tries to calm Harley down, "Harley just relax. I am not going to hurt you."
Harley is upset, "They said you died. I went to prison for your murder!!!"
He sighs, "I am so sorry."
She is shaking, "You kidnapped my son! Our son!"
He nods, "I know. I'm sorry."
She puts her gun down, "Oh my God!"
She sits on the couch.
Olivia walks in the door, "What is all of the noise?"
She stops when she sees Phillip.
Phillip takes a deep breathe, "Hello Olivia."
Olivia picks up an umbrella, "Bastard!!!!!!" She smacks him right in the head.


Danny is skipping stones.
Marina smiles, "You were always good at that."
He laughs, "Yep, we had a lot of fun down here huh?"
She stands up next to him, "It was years ago, but it feels like just yesterday."
Danny turns around and kisses her.
She pulls away, "Stop! You need to stop doing that."
She walks away.
Danny follows her, "What?"
She turns around, "I won't get attatched to you. Not while your still married to Michelle. I won't go through that again."
He holds her hand, "Okay."
She looks into his eyes, "Getting over you..... was harder than anything I've ever done."
He holds her close.

Alan Michael questions Lucy, "What is your connection to the Lewis clan?"
She rolls her eyes, "That is not even close to being your business."
He puts down the papers, "Just sign so we can leave."
She smiles, "Finally. This mess will be over."
He sits back, "It's funny. The roles changed; I'm the nice one and your the mean one."
She gets angry, "Oh! Don't even start."
He frowns, "What happened to you Lucy? Was it the money, the lifestyle, me?"
She signs the papers, "D, all of the above."
She gives him a cold look and leaves.

Phillip gets off of the floor.
Harley holds Olivia back, "It's okay."
Phillip stands up, "I'm sorry Olivia."
Olivia is furious, "You son of a bitch! You stay the hell away from me and my daughter!"
Phillip talks calmly, "Listen Olvia, Emma is my daughter too."
She stops him, "No! No. Bill is Emma's father. She doesn't even know you."
Beth steps between them, "Listen Olivia. Phillip isn't the same man he was when he left. He isn't sick anymore."
Olivia shakes her head and grabs Harley's gun.
She aims it at Phillip.

Cross Creek:
Matt sits with Maureen, "It's only going to be temporary."
Maureen sighs, "I understand."
He rubs her back, "Hey. You'll have a great time here with your Mom and Billy."
Maureen turns to him, "Is that what this is about? Billy?"
He shakes his head, "No Sweetheart. This isn't about Billy. I'm happy for your mother."
She changes the subject, "Oh yeah, Dinah's pregnant."
He smiles, "That's great! Tell her I said congratulations."
Maureen nods, "Yeah. I was thinking of maybe moving back in with her. You know to help out and stuff. She said it was a good idea. And I hang out there all the time anyways."
Matt hugs her, "I'm fine with it. But hey, don't neglect your Mom. She loves you. But I understand that you two have your differences."
Maureen kisses him on his cheek, "I love you Daddy."

Main Street:
Marah questions Susan, "What kind of a deal did you have in mind."
Susan explains, "Well I know you hate Ava Peralta."
Marah nods, "Yes. Ava Lewis now actually."
Susan grins, "Exactly. She's hurting Bill. How would you like some information on her?"
Marah is intrigued, "What do you have?"
Susan steps closer, "You can't ask how I know this," Susan looks around first, "Okay. You remember when Emma was kidnapped a while back?"
Marah nods, "Yes. That's why Bill came back."
Susan whispers, "Well it was a set up. Ava hired a man to kidnap Emma so Bill would return. She wanted to hurt her Mom."
Susan grabs the back and walks off. Leaving Marah to think.
Marah is in shock with this information.

Harley and Beth try to calm down Olivia.
Harley steps toward her, "Olivia.... you need to give me my gun. Okay? Phillip can't hurt you."
Beth adds, "Phillip won't hurt you."
Olivia stares at him, "You made my life a living hell. You kidnapped my daughter. You thought I'd just let you take her away..."
Phillip has his hands up, "Olivia I'm so..."
She continues, "You were wrong. I will not back down! I am a mother and I will do whatever I have to do to protect my daughters!"
Olivia pulls the trigger but its a blank.
Harley steps over and takes the gun.
Olivia sits on the couch, "You stay away from Emma."
Beth holds Phillip's hand.
Harley takes out her handcuffs, "Phillip you know what I have to do?"
He holds out his hand, "Yes Harley."
Phillip listens to Harley read him his rights.

Remy has news for Blake
Phillip is taken to the station
Olivia warns Bill
Marah confronts Ava
Shayne and Rocky get a visitor
Edmund surprised Dinah

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It seem Phil got a lot to answer for. Olivia proved she is not to be played with. My girl.

And that damn Susan at it again but damn she is causing so much trouble.

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