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Episode 66



It's all about the children in Springfield......

Boudreau House:

The Boudreau Family is having a nice dinner at the family house.
Felicia looks to Mel, "So sweetheart, how is work going?"
Mel smile, "It's going well Mom."
Felcia sighs, "I just wish you were still at the hospital."
Mel shakes her head, "Mom. I told you, I don't have time to balance Medicine and Law."
Clayton looks to Remy, "So Son, how does it feel to be a detective?"
Remy nods, "It's great. Marina and I are working great together."
Felicia grins, "Well I always thought you and Marina would be good together."
Remy shakes his head, "No Mom. Marina and I are partners and friends. Just like we always have been."
Felcia looks at her children, "Well that brings another question: Are you two out dating yet?"
Each of them looks down at their plate.


Marah is walking down the hall.
Ava walks over, "Hello Marah. How are things with my Dad."
Marah turns around, "You Bitch!"
Ava laughs, "What? I didn't lie to you."
Marah shakes her head, "You know I should tell Bill."
Ava shakes scoffs, "He wouldn't believe you."
Marah begins to smiles, "He wouldn't believe that you paid Emma's kidnapping last year so Bill would come home?"
Ava nods, "Yep. He doesn't think I'd do that. Besides I don't think you'd tell him."
Marah grins, "I don't have to. You just did."
Marah turns Ava around to see Bill and Olivia standing behind her.

Bauer Home:

Beth is cleaning up when Rick comes in.
Beth runs over and hugs him, "Oh Rick! I haven't see you in weeks!"
Rick sighs, "Beth we need to talk."
Beth quiets down, "Okay put Penelope is sleeping."
He turns and stares, "Penelope? You already changed her name?"
Beth feels bad, "Not officially but it felt wrong calling her Bertha."
Rick sits down, "Beth we need to make something else offical."
Beth's heart falls to her feet when she sees the divorce papers.

Spaulding Mansion:

Cassandra sits in the study.
Edmund walks in, "Cassandra, someone is here to see you."
She turns around to see RJ standing there, "Oh my God! RJ!"
She runs over and hugs him.
He is shocked, "Mom. I can't believe it. They told me you were dead and then...."
She holds him close, "Oh Honey don't worry about that. I have you back now. In our new home."
Josh walks in, "I don't think so."
Cassandra isn't happy to see him.

Malah House:

Cyrus walks in.
Dinah turns around, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
Cyrus stares at her, "We need to talk about this."
She notices his crutches, "What happened to you?"
He sighs, "I was hit by a car."
Dinah laughs, "Serves you right."
He rolls his eyes, "Didi, have you thought about how hard this pregnancy is going to be?"
She turns to him, "Mind your own business."
He shakes his head, "Oh. You really didn't think that you could do this without bringing up.... her."
Dinah looks at Cyrus with fury.

Harley's House:

Mallet is over discussing a case with Harley.
The kids come running in.
The girls run upstairs.
Harley walks over, "Did everyone have fun with Gus?"
Zach and Jude walks over to Harley.
She can tell they are upset, "What's wrong."
Mallet looks over, "You boys alright?"
Jude sighs, "I'm sorry Mom! Gus and Natalia-"
Zach shoves him, "Smooth Jude. Mom. We need to tell you something."
Harley shakes her head, "Tell me what?"
Zach and Jude look at each other. Zach sighs, "Natalia is pregnant."
Harley's mouth drops.

Olivia slaps Ava, "What the hell is wrong with you!?!"
Ava goes to Bill, "Bill you know I..."
He pushes her away, "You had your sister kidnapped? My daughter?"
Ava starts crying, "Bill I'm so sorry."
Olivia looks at Ava, "You are not allowed to see Emma ever again. I want you out of my hotel by the end of the night!"
Olivia leaves.
Bill walks away.
Marah goes into the elevator.
Just as the doors close Marah smiles, "Paybacks a bitch."
Ava starts to get dizzy.
She clutches her belly and falls to the floor.


Bauer Home:
Beth shakes her head, "Rick... this is all happening so fast."
Rick sighs, "I've had a lot of time to think about this Beth. It's for the best."
She sits with him, "Rick, Phillip is the father, but you are still my husband."
He holds her hand, "Beth, I did love you. But our whole marriage I was worried that you'd leave me for Alan."
Beth is upset, "And I didn't Rick."
He strokes her cheek, "Beth.... I was worried about Alan. But I should have known that you never stopped."
Beth is confused, "Never stopped what?"
He looks into her eyes, "You never stopped loving Phillip."
Beth starts crying, "Rick that isn't true!"
He nods, "Yes it is. You've loved him since we were in high school. You two belong together."
Beth is crying, "Rick I can't sign this."
He looks at her, "Beth please? Let me go? Please?"
She takes a deep breathe. Very slowly Beth goes over the papers.

Boudreau House:
Mel looks to her brother, "Remy she asked you a question."
Remy scoffs, "She asked you too Mel."
Mel shakes her head, "I'm not seeing anyone."
Felicia sighs, "Okay Mel. I'll pretend I believe you. Remy?"
Remy decides to take a strong approach and blurts out, "I'm dating Blake!"
The table is silent, except for Mel spitting her water across the table.
Clayton is confused, "Isn't Blake a man's name?"
Felicia looks at her husband, "Blake Marler. She was Ross's wife."
Mel nods, "Yeah and she's my friend! She's older than I am!"
Remy shakes his head, "I knew you wouldn't understand!"
Felicia tries to calm everyone down, "Now lets be open. Son I am happy that you've found someone. Even if that someone has three children."
Clayton adds, "Yes, two of whom have graduated high school."
Mel is still in disbelief.

Malah House:
Dinah shakes her head, "Cyrus you need to leave."
He tries to stand on his own, "Didi, I brought the picture."
She gets angry, "I told you to burn that!"
He tries to give it to her, "Look at it!"
She shakes her head, "No."
He won't quit, "Yes!"
She screams, "No!" She picks up his crutch and smacks him in the chest.
He falls to the floor.
She throws it down, "Get the hell out of my home or next time you're gonna get it twice as hard!"
He gets up, "That is the Dinah that I remember."
She laughs, "Yeah... well remember that. Stay away from me."
Cyrus leaves.
Dinah walks upstairs.
Dinah walks into her bedroom.
She digs deep into the closet.
She pulls out a box.
Dinah pulls out a tiny pink blanket.
On the blanket is the letter C.
She picks it up and holds it to her chest.
She begins to cry.

Olivia is sitting in her suite.
There is a knock at the door.
She answers it.
Bill runs in and kisses her, "Oh God Olivia!"
Olivia pulls away, "Bill we said no more!"
He looks into her eyes, "Olivia I need you! Olivia I love you!"
She kisses him.
He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.
Out in the hallway.
Marah comes back upstairs.
She finds Ava lying on the ground.
There is blood coming from her dress.

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra steps in front of her son, "What are you doing here Josh?"
Josh walks over, "I came to get RJ. RJ I told you not to come here."
RJ speaks up, "She's my Mother!"
Josh nods, "I know. But she isn't healthy right now!"
Cassandra scoffs, "Oh why because I'm rich and powerful? Yeah they should save me from myself!"
Edmund steps over, "I think it's time for you to go Josh."
Josh turns to Edmund, "You did this! You turned Cassie into this..."
Cassandra laughs, "Into what Josh?"
Josh turns around, "Into a Spaulding!"
She smirks.

Harley's House:
Mallet sits with Harley, "You okay?"
She sighs, "Yes..... no. I just.... Gus was told that he couldn't have children."
Mallet nods, "Yeah well so was I. I guess Springfield is full of miracles."
She laughs, "Oh Mallet. I just always thought that if Gus ever had another kid that...."
Mallet finishes her sentence, "It would be with you."
He gives her a hug.

Michelle and Rick talk
Bill and Olivia get bad news
Reva comes to the Mansion
Shayne and Rocky have time alone
Ashlee's health is at risk


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WOW what a great episode. I can't believe Remy admitted the truth and his fathers reaction was funny. Great job with that.

I also could not believe Bill and Olivia overheard Ava. Now I don't feel so bad for Bill and Olivia being together. Now Ava is hurt, wonder if she'll used this to try and trap Bill

That was pretty funny how Harley found out about Gus' baby.

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  • Members

Yep Ava has got a LOT coming up!

I'm glad you liked the dinner with the Boudreau family. They are the over achievers of Springfield and Remy is somewhat the Blacksheep. No pun intended.

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