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Episode 67



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It's a very late night in Springfield.......

Bauer Home:

Rick is cleaning up.
Beth and Lillian have just left with the children.
The door opens.
Rick turns around to see his sister, "Michelle! What are you doing here?"
Michelle runs and hugs him, "Oh Rick! I'm home."
Rick sighs, "I heard about you and Danny. I'm sorry."
She shakes her head, "Oh it's okay. I'll bounce back. I always do. But I'm home now. Robbie and Hope are away at Camp for the summer. So I thought I'd come see my brother who needs me. Who really needs me."
Rick holds his sister close.


Buzz comes in trying not to wake anyone.
He sees Ashlee walk downstairs, "Hey Buzz! You're back!"
He laughs, "It was a fun trip. I've been gone for a long few weeks."
She hugs him, "Well I'm glad you're home."
He steps back and looks at her, "Wow have you lost weight?"
Ashlee nods, "Yes. I feel great."
Buzz is shocked, "That's a lot of weight to lose so soon. You must be doing some good dieting."
Ashlee nods, "Yeah it must be."
Buzz gives Ashlee one last hug before he goes up to bed.
She feels bad lying to Buzz.


Bill and Olivia are lying in bed after making love.
The phone rings.
Olivia is sleeping so Bill answers it, "Hello? What? Oh my God!"
Bill jumps out of bed.
Olivia sits up, "What's wrong?"
Bill pulls his pants on, "I have to get to Cedars!"
Olivia gets worried, "What happened?"
He calms himself down and sits with her, "Olivia, it's Ava."
Olivia jumps up.
The two get dressed and run out the door.

Spaulding Mansion:

Edmund takes RJ upstairs.
Cassandra smiles at Josh, "So you thought you'd come to take my child from me?"
Josh shakes his head, "You can't handle this right now Cassie."
She scoffs, "You are no better than Alan when he took Tammy from me."
Josh is upset, "How dare you compare me to Alan! Alan murdered Tammy! I loved Tammy and I love RJ they are my family!"
She screams, "They are my children! I am the only parent that RJ has now. I will take care of him. I will do a far better job then you could even try to do."
He shakes his head, "Cassie I love RJ. And right now you can't be around him."
She rolls her eyes, "Oh please Josh. You are far from being a good parent."
Reva comes in, "Thats where your wrong little sister."
Cassandra is furious to see Reva.

Reva Bend:

Rocky sleeps in his room.
Shayne sneaks in, "Hey."
Rocky wakes up, "Hi. What's up?"
Shayne laughs, "Oh funny you should ask?"
Rocky sighs, "Shayne we promised your Mother."
Shayne shuts the door, "She isn't here. And I really miss being with you."
Rocky gives in and nods to Shayne..
Shayne hops into Rocky's bed and the two start to make love.


Ashlee is upstairs in the boarding house.
She is in the bathroom looking in the mirror.
"Wow! I do look good. I'm not going to be that girl ever again. I'm the new Ashlee."
Ashlee starts brushing her hair and a clump comes out.
She stares at it for a moment but tosses it in the trash.
She talks to herself in the mirror, "You only ate lunch today. And you didn't hold it down for long. Then ran another mile. Good job. Your not dependent on food. You are strong and you don't need anything to make you happy."
Ashlee steps on the scale. She still isn't happy with her results.
She takes a deep breathe and goes to bed.

Reva Bend:
Shayne and Rocky lie in bed together.
Shayne kisses him, "That was great."
Rocky smiles, "Yes it was. But you need to leave before your mother comes home."
Shayne laughs, "Oh my God! What is with you. You act like she's so scary."
Rocky shakes his head, "Nope. I really like her. She's.... motherly. I never got that. My mother died when I was a baby."
Shayne kisses him, "Well she seemed great."
Rocky nods, "Yes. Now enough. Get out."
Shayne laughs and goes back to his room.
Rocky turns over and goes back to sleep.

Spaulding Mansion:
Cassandra looks at her sister, "Oh Reva Shayne! Of course you would come to back up Josh!"
Reva shakes her head, "I'm here to help RJ. He's my nephew."
Cassandra shakes her head, "He is my Son! Will you people get that through your heads!"
Reva looks at her, "You know Cassie people used to say we were exactly alike. Now, I'd say we are complete opposites."
Cassandra smiles, "Well I guess the fact that I'm not a whore kind of supports that statement."
Josh sighs, "Cassie we won't give up on RJ without a fight."
Cassandra grins, "Oh 'we'. You and Reva are back together! I knew it. Only a matter of time! Congratulations!!!"
She picks up a glass and throws it at the wall.
Reva shakes her head, "We aren't back together."
Cassandra laughs, "Yet. But you will be."
Security comes and takes them out of the house.
Cassandra goes to her desk and lights up a cigar. She's been craving them lately.


Olivia and Bill run in.
Marah hugs Bill, "She's in the room. She's resting."
Olivia is worried, "What happened?"
Marah shakes her head, "I don't know. I found her lying on the ground. I think something is wrong with the baby."
Bill and Olivia walk in to see an unconsisous Ava.
They have the guilt filling their hearts.

Bauer Home:
Rick and Michelle sit at the table.
She sighs, "Rick I'm so sorry about Beth and Bertha."
He looks down, "Actually it's Penelope now."
Michelle is confused, "Who's Penelope?"
Rick sighs, "That's the Baby's name now."
Michelle nods, "Oh. What? What is wrong with Beth? I'm gonna call her..."
He takes her hand, "It's fine I'm over it."
She sighs, "I'm sorry. But you don't need to worry because your little sister is here to cheer you up."
He laughs, "Well good luck."
Michelle smiles, "Well we still have one thing to look forward to."
Rick looks over, "What?"
She grins, "The Bauer Barbecue!!!!!!"

Bauer BBQ
Michelle sees Danny with Marina
Rick tries to have a good day
Beth and Phillip have alone time
Eleni kisses Frank
Mel enjoys time with Alan Michael
David argues with Vi
Ashlee is getting worse
A Big Return!


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WOW - This was really good episode man... I love Guiding Light - and reading what you're doing with FTL... make the show a lot more fun to me...

1. Cassie is a great character, and always delighting to see her and Reva together... and this scene with Josh was just beautiful...

2. Olivia've been with every single man in Springfield... now... GOOD TIMES!!!!

3. BRAVO!!!! BROVA!!!!! - SHYNE AND ROCKY was just sweet, and beautiful together.... Nice scene man....

Keep it UP!!!!

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  • Members

Excellent episode. I especially LOVE Cassie getting a dark side. Brilliant. And Shayne as played by Michael Graziadei? In a love story with Rocky? OMG. I would love that. Graziadei is hot. Keep up the good work. :D

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  • Members

What a great episode.

I would have loved to write that sex scene between Rocky and Shayne.

I also like the name Pennolpe better then bertha

Cassie aint playing no games. Home girl lit up a cigar. That was sexxy of her.

And Ashlee, now I am really worried about her. My heart really goes out to her. That's a VERY good stortline right there

Miss Ava, I can't wait to see what will be wrong with h er.

Keep up the great work Jay, the ep's keep getting better and better and I am understadning more and more of the show.(But damn 50 characters?)

You got so many juicy storylines cooking up. Keep up the great work

Your blog is really catching on I see, congrats!

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  • Members

Yep a lot going on. Thanks ML!

And as for the 50 characters. Well check out next Wed. I'll be announcing the many cast cuts that I have coming up.

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