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Episode 85



Noah's "date" with Sherry goes well until she slips something into his drink. A spying Luke saves the day, whisking Noah away, but in the end, Lucinda and Noah both accuse Luke of jeopardizing their plan. Carly and Carrie have a quiet movie night with the kids. Sage brings up a letter Carrie received in the mail, but Carrie cuts the conversation short and later, weeps over the letter. Rosanna realizes that Carrie used to work for the Buffalo, NY division of Cabot Motors, but she had a different last name then and was dismissed because her father made a drunken scene at the workplace. Rosanna tells Carly, who becomes even more curious about Carrie. Casey and Sofie learn that Casey's old friend from summer camp when he was younger owns his own business, Elegant Models. He asks Sofie to work for him, which causes a rift between Casey and his friend Brock, as Casey immediately notices the attraction between the two. Lyla finally reveals to Margo that she and Michael used to have feelings for one another, but they both denied them until they eventually diminished. Lyla blames her small crush on Michael as the reason she wasn't there totally (mentally and lovingly) with Casey towards the end. Aaron and Alison learn from Caleb and Julie that their divorce is final and Caleb is returning to Oakdale in a little while. Aaron still holds resentment towards Emily and makes it clear when he spies Emily clossing a deal with a competitor's long-time ally. The deal goes sour and Emily yells at Aaron. Later, Emily spies Dusty with a sexy woman at the bar. Iris returns to her home to spend the night and finds an intruder in her home.


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Yeah, yeah, with the teasing of who the heck Carrie is and her past.

It better be good!! :P

Nice touch at the end too.

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