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Casting News!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Eric William Morris has been cast in the role of "Gabe". Morris made his debut in Episode 85, although the character's name was originally written as "Brock". "Gabe" will interact very closely with "Sofie" and "Casey". The role is short-term, but as always, there's a possibility the character could return later for a more extensive stay.

Justine Cotsonas will be exiting the role of "Sofie" sometime in late June.

Karl Girolamo has been offered a one year contract with the show. He will be reprising the role of "Kevin Davis".

Depite rumors, Martha Byrne and Cady McClain are going NOWHERE!

Two surprise returns have been booked for the 100th episode. No further details as of press time.

Daniel Ahearn will be reprising the role of Iris's ex-boyfriend "Stan". The length of his stay has not yet been determined.

Trent Dawson and Ewa deCruz have been released from the show. Their last airdate will be sometime in July.

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I'm glad MB and CM are sticking around.

I can't wait to see how you write off Sofie, Henry, and Vienna.

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