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Episode 84



Lucinda tells Noah that his first attempt to unmask Sherry should be to take her on a "date". Luke overhears the idea and accuses Lucinda of interfering in his relationship. Faith has a nightmare about Andrew and turns to Holden. Lily's hurt by her daughter's words. Iris and Gwen share dinner and Gwen confides that she never thought there'd be a day when Iris would finally be a mother. A teary eyed Iris thanks Gwen for believing in her as she fights her past demons. Michael tells Lyla that he quit having feelings for her a long time ago, revealing that Lyla hates Michael because she used to have feelings for him, too. Michael urges Lyla to leave the past in the past and move on. Meanwhile, lurking and spying, Doris sees Margo receive flowers from Tom and assumes they're from Michael. In a fury, she storms off into the night.


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