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Episode 83



Luke urges Noah to re-think his decision about going behind the scenes at Worldwide. At work, Noah learns that the mole has leaked information again. A furious Lucinda tells him to make a choice now. At a loss for words, Noah agrees to help Lucinda unmask the identity of the traitor at Worldwide. Meanwhile, Lily assures Luke that Lucinda knows how much he and Noah love one another. She would never jeopardize that just to save her company, but Luke has his doubts.

Will checks on Barbara at the hospital. Michael has promising test results for Will to see.Barbara writes how she can't feel ehr toungue and Will assures her that it's all part of ridding her body of the cancer forever. Margo comes by and shocks both Will and Barbara when she brings flowers. Margo explains that she heard from Casey that Barbara had surgery and she wanted to bring some flowers by. Paul leaves to catch up on some B.R.O. work and Margo leaves as well. Will and Barbara exchange notes about how what they're doing to Iris is only going to show Gwen that she will never change. Meanwhile, someone gives an airplane ticket to an attendant with the destination marked as Oakdale, IL.

Michael bumps into Margo in the hallway and the two share brief conversation before Lyla peeps through her exam room and sees them talking. Coming into the hallway in nothing but her hospital gown, Lyla urges Michael that her medical question can't wait. Margo sees humor in the scene, but also sees that her mother's trying to avoid Michael getting close to her children in any way possible. Back in the exam room, it seems Michael's livid and he tells her that he will talk to whomever he pleases. Lyla scoffs that Michael never understood the word "no" and she's only protecting her children. Michael turns and stares Lyla down.

Carly finds Emma and Jack bonding over a game of Scrabble. Carly smiles as she politely asks Jack if she can have a second with him. Jack laments how he meant to call and tell Carly that he would be watching the kids this weekend, but he's suddenly cut off when Carly rips him apart. Carly scolds that Jack no longer makes decisions for her. Just because they share children together does not warrant Jack permission to barge into her home unannounced and berate her roommate with questions about her personal life. Jack tries to interject and tell Carly what he knows, but Carly cuts him off and warns him not to embarass her like that ever again. On the ride home, Carly remembers seeing Carrie be extremely protective of a photo album and how she tucked it away when Carly left the room. Carly begins to wonder to herself who exactly Carrie is and where she came from.

Henry and Vienna watch with excitement as Brad and Katie go to "make-up". Vienna squeals as the make-up artist applies the brand new Vienna Coleman Expressions cosmetics on Brad and Katie. After the taping, Brad and Katie both do promos for "ViCE Cosmetics". Henry's doubts still find a way of surfacing as the four friends sit down for a nice dinner at Mona Lisa to celebrate the launch of the cosmetics line. Meanwhile, Doris, Michael's soon-to-be ex-wife, stares Katie down and Brad notices. As they leave, Brad tells Katie about the woman staring and Katie cheerfully shurgs it off as a shy fan. Meanwhile, we see Doris jotting down some notes.


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