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Episode 82



Noah comes home from work and learns from Luke about his encounter with Carrie. Luke lets on like Carrie told him everything, but Noah doesn't buy it and plays it off as though he helped Carrie cheat on an important exam. Noah tells Luke that Lucinda has asked him to get close to a female coworker in hopes of unmaking her as the mole at Worldwide and Luke is very displeased with his grandmother's idea. Luke bursts through the doors of the mansion and tells Lucinda that her plan to unmask the mole at her company is swell, but leave Noah out of it. Lucinda tells Luke that the decision is Noah's, not his.

Lily and Holden bond over the hell that they just went through. Holden takes his leave and takes the kids to Emma's, in hopes that a newly returned Emma brandishing a shotgun will scare away any intruders. Holden and Lily book a room at the Lakeview and spend all night remembering the trials and tribulations that God has given them to bring them even closer. Lily gets worried about Faith and Holden calms her worries when he lets Faith talk to Lily over the phone. Margo comes by with good news about Andrew, saying that he's gone from their lives forever, in a jail in Barbados. Lily can't help but think Andrew was protecting a secret about Craig's death, leaving Holden worried that Lily will never let this go, not even after a mad man tried to attack their family.

Sofie spends her first day as babysitter putting up with a fussy Hallie. Casey tries to appease the little infant, but her screams become so bad that they eventually have to call Gwen over from her first day of work. A hesitant Gwen suggests that they're all moving too fast and upon Will's return home, suggests they not rush back to work so soon. Will tells Gwen that they have no choice, as Will alone can't make enough money to support them and the money from Gwen's demos has long been gone. Gwen suggests they get a new babysitter...one that's more familiar to Hallie. Will laughs that they can't get any closer to familiar than Hallie's biological mother. Gwen suggests Iris, but Will shoots the idea down and wonders why Gwen suggested Iris in the first place.

Casey and Sofie return to Lucinda's guest house and learn that now that Sofie isn't working there, she has a week to find a new place to live. Casey suggests they live with Tom and Margo and go to see what Tom and Margo think about the idea. Margo reluctantly agrees to let them stay for a short while, but pulls Casey aside and informs him that she's only doing this for Casey...not Sofie, nor is she approving the idea of their engagement.

Emily runs into Alison at Java and the two sisters exchange hello's before Alison starts to take her leave. Emily calls out for Alison and tearfully begs Ali to forgive her. Alison replies that while a retraction might have been printed, it doesn't erase the ink from the previous issue. The story was still printed, despite Aaron's obvious distress about the situation. And furthermore, Alison continues, Emily used her sister to gather information about the story. Alison leaves and bumps into Dusty, who asks Alison to not disclose to Emily that he's the one that wrote the retraction.

Margo calls Jack and tells him that Carrie's last name is Whitten and the first record of her was when she received a speeding ticket in July of 2004. Jack finds it odd that Carrie never existed before then and wonders if Carly knows about this. Jack stops by the house and is informed by Carrie that Carly asked her to watch Parker, Sage, and J.J. while she finished up at work. Jack asks Carrie what brought her to Oakdale and Carrie replies that she's lived in Chicago all her life and came to work when a former employer recommended her to Kim Hughes. She shuts down when Jack continues asking questions about her past, making Carrie think that Jack doesn't trust her with the children. Jack takes his leave and later, Carrie informs Carly that her nosey ex-husband came by earlier, asking questions about Carrie. Carly vows to take care of this and heads off to confront Jack.


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nice conclusion to the Lily/Holden adventure, or at least temporary pause, LoL.

Glad to see Luke go to Lucinda. Should be interesting to see what Noah's decision is.....

Good setup with the Carly/Carrie/Jack stuff.

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