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Episode 81



Lucinda, the search team captain, Holden, and Lily arrive home to flashing red and blue lights and policemen everywhere. Lily rushes into the house frantically while Holden learns from a cop that an intruder came into the house and Aaron bopped him over the head, knocking him out cold. After a tearful reunion and making sure that everyone's alright, Lily and Holden are shocked to learn that Andrew was the intruder and are happy to learn he's being extradited to Barbados. Aaron takes his leave, seemingly avoiding the thanks and hugs, but Lucinda, Lily, and Holden share an emotional scene with him in which each thanks Aaron for saving Faith's life and protecting the children. Aaron returns to Alison's to help her move out and upon hearing about the commotion, Alison praises her boyfriend as a hero. Aaron barks that he wasn't, leaving Alison stunned.

Luke hits the button on the elevator again as Carrie exhaustedly tells him that the repairman said it would be another ten minutes before the elevator is fixed. Luke reclines back and beats his head against the back of the elevator. Carrie makes small talk and learns Luke is graduating any day now. Carrie remembers a bittersweet graduation where she learned she had been accepted to Yale, but her father forbid her from going. She explains how overprotective her father was, so much that she eventually left home a few weeks after graduation and hasn't talked to him since. The elevator starts working again and Carrie takes her exit while Luke scolds himself for being too shy to ask about her connection to Noah.

Jack sits down J.J. and reveals, yet again, that he and Carly aren't getting back together. J.J. seems to take the news in stride and goes to a friend's house. Carly comes in and asks Jack if he's seen Carrie. Carly worries, saying that Carrie was last headed to a doctor's appointment. Jack tells Carly she probably got tied up talking to some friends, but Carly remains worried. Later, Carrie comes home and tells Carly about getting stuck in an elevator with Luke. Carly

Will takes turns writing on a notepad with Barbara, both silently remarking about how well Barbara's healing. Barbara writes that she feels tired and Will takes his leave. Outside, he's shocked to see that Kim took off work to come see Barbara. Kim tells Will that she's needing someone to work the phones at WOAK and wonders if Gwen would be interested. Will tells his aunt that he'll be sure to tell Gwen. Later, Gwen seems ecstatic about the news until both realize that they'll need a babysitter. Will suggests Alison, but Gwen's swift refusal makes Will curious. They finally agree that Sofie could watch her, and Soife agrees, but only if Casey can come along occasionally. A reluctant Will's finally persuaded when he sees Casey joyfully interacting with Hallie. Gwen grabs Will by the shoulder as they watch Sofie, Casey, and Hallie and Gwen suggests that maybe Casey hasn't changed as much as they thought.

After they leave, Sofie calls Lucinda and gives her her two weeks notice, which Lucinda relieves her from fulfilling. Casey's shocked when Sofie announces that she'd love to have children with him. Sofie laughs at Casey's facial expression and giggles that she means once they get married. As soon as Sofie's asleep, Casey stays up and wonders if he's being too rash with his decision to marry Sofie.


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I'm glad JJ is taking the news well. That kid gets his hopes up every time. I hope Jack and Carly do end up reuniting when he leasts expects it.

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Darn it! I wish Luke would have asked Carrie about her connection to Noah. She made not have told the truth but hinted that he was 'on' to her.

Good stuff all around, :D

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