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Episodes 76-80



Rosanna tells Carly of her plans to stay in town, and remembers seeing Carrie somewhere before. Carly shares this information with Carrie, who doesn't have the slightest clue where she might know Rosanna from. Later, Carrie has a dream of a baby crying. Luke comes into close quarters with Carrie on the Lakeview elevator, which gets jammed.

Margo agrees to find out information on Carrie for Jack, but begs him to give up this jealous hunt for information that might somehow lead him back into Carly's orbit. Margo breaks it to Jack that she personally thing that Carly's finally over Jack, but Jack doesn't buy it. Later, Margo finds out that Carrie never existed until three years before she came to Oakdale.

Carly and Jack squabble over where to send J.J. for the summer. Jack thinks that they should keep him in Oakdale, but Carly thinks that by sending him to soccer camp, he can rid himself of the tension between CarJack. Jack denies there's tension, but Carly's revelation of J.J. making vague comments about a possible reunion between them brings Jack down from his fatherly high horse. He assures Carly that he'll once again enlighten J.J. that they're not getting back together.

Emily learns that someone sent a last minute Caleb/Julie story retraction to the publisher and immediately assumes it's Alison who did it. Alison quits her job at The Intruder in protest and runs into Dusty who reveals he wrote the retraction. Later, Lily and Dusty come face to face after months of not speaking to one another. Holden witnesses the akwardness and guesses Lily's still not over Dusty, but Lily assures her husband that he's the only one for her.

Andrew continues spying on Lily and Holden, planning his revenge on them for their snooping ways back in Barbados. Meanwhile, Lucinda learns that there's a missing search team member and upon finding him back in Barbados, Lucinda and the search team captain learn Andrew stole the guard's seat on the plane. As they rush to tell Holden and Lily, Andrew cons the babysitter watching Faith, Natalie, and Ethan into believing he's their uncle. Faith dials her brother Aaron while tucked away in a closet and just as Andrew spots her and starts to assault Faith, Aaron slugs him.

Michael invites Margo over to the house for dinner, but her polite refusal makes him think bad feelings between them have resurrected. During an argument at the hospital, Lyla breaks it to Michael that she told Margo and Katie to stay away from him and Michael rebutts that Katie has been over to his house since then. Lyla takes it hard and later tells Katie to choose: her mother or her uncle. Meanwhile, Michael's estranged wife Doris comes to town and spots him with Lyla.

Noah learns from around the office that a mole foiled Worldwide's attempts at securing an account. Everyone accuses Sherry of being the mole, and Noah stands up for her. Sherry thanks Noah for his trust and once again, tries to flirt with him. Noah later meets with Lucinda, who asks him to get close to Sherry, in hopes of making her confess that she's the mole.

Gwen continues to take Hallie to see Iris, but when Will becomes curious, Gwen tells Iris that she can't do this anymore. After going to Mona Lisa for dinner, Will and Gwen have a very akward run in with Iris, who respects the restraining order and leaves. Gwen tries to get Will to lift the restraining order, but he won't budge.

Katie and Brad go out for dinner and Brad learns that Katie's teaming up with Vienna. Brad tells her to be cautious, as Vienna's dreams of a cosmetic fortune might fail. Katie tells Brad that everything will work out fine and gets the okay from Kim to wear Vienna's cosmetics on the show.

Casey and Sofie break the news to Tom and Margo that they're engaged. Margo thinks it's a little too soon for Casey to commit himself to someone when it's obvious that he's not over Maddie. Sofie tells Margo of her elaborate wedding plans, which leads Margo to think that Sofie's only marrying Casey because of his financially profitable father. Casey is hurt by Margo's statement and tells her that he's moving in Lucinda's guest house with Sofie.

Paul tries to get Rosanna to take him back, but her rejection makes him all the more determined. When Barbara finds out that Meg sent Paul a letter, she hides the letter, in hopes that Paul and Rosanna will soon reunite.

Susan tells Kim to think before she takes a drink. Kim tells her to back off, but Susan stands firm and tells her that while drinking might solve your problems for a few hours, they're right back in front of you as soon as you sober up. Kim realizes that she's not going to win with Susan, the reformed alcoholic and leaves, opting to fight with Susan another day. Bob learns of the incident and hopes that Susan and Kim can bury the hatchet, but Nancy tells him it's a lost cause.

Barbara goes to her first treatment and learns that surgery is necessary to remove lumps on her tongue. In doing so, she won't be able to talk for a while. Kim, Will, Lisa, and Paul all rally around Barbara as she enters the operating room and returns, unable to talk for a brief while, but the surgery was a success.


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Hey Dusty,

I hope your schedule calms down a bit so you can post these on a more regular basis :D

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The people of Oakdale will be happy to know Babs can't talk. :lol: That reminds me of when Sami had that accident that cut her vocal cords and she couldn't speak for the whole summer. People loved it!

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Nice summary of these eppy's.

Still not liking the direction Noah's turn at Worlwide is taking, but I'll wait and see, :P

Can't wait to find out who "Carrie" REALLY is.

The Lily/Holden/Andrew, etc. stuff was good too. Definitely one of my favorite storylines.

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