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Episode 28



Before Luke can even make it all the way in the door, Noah confronts him about the letter. He shows Luke the letter and Luke immediately starts making excuses. Noah seems to believe the excuses being made until Luke contradicts Lucinda's excuse. Noah demands to know what's going on. Luke pleads for Noah to calm down, but Noah knows something fishy is going on. Determined to find out the truth, Noah heads to the landlord's room.

Gwen explains to Sofie that Maddie was her best friend but is now attending college out of state. Sofie innocently asks if she was seeing anyone and Gwen's reluctance to answer tells Sofie just what she wanted to know. Sofie heads to Casey's where she angrily scolds ihm for hiding another thing from her. First, he left out the part about going to prison and now, he leaves out the part about dating Maddie and breaking up with her while in prison. Sofie asks why Casey would break up with someone that, from what she's heard, he was head over heels in love with if he knew he was about to be released?

Katie stirs around in her purse. Realizing she left her keys on the front cashier counter at Fashions, Katie turns around and comes face to face with Carly. Katie immediately puts on a sympathetic face and asks about Jack, but Carly tells her to save her acting skills for another day. Carly tells Katie that she knows that she doesn't give a damn about Jack or his son or she would have been over the minute she heard of the shooting. So therefore, the point Katie was trying to make to Jack for so long about caring for him and his family as her own should they get married, is null and void. Carly stomps off, but not before wishing Katie luck that she gets knocked up by Brad. After all, her lifelong dream has always been to help herself to Carly's exes.

Susan comes home from a stressful day at work and sees that neither Alison nor Emily are home. Susan finds a note that says to be at the Mona Lisa at a quarter until seven. Dressed up and expecting her daughters, Susan enters and finds Bob sitting at the table. Bob compliments Susan on the way she looks, but Susan tells Bob that this whole dinner seems very appropriate. Bob gets testy, saying that he doesn't gave a damn what others think. He would like to have lunch with his friend. Later, as Susan giggles and Bob talks, Lisa takes notice and tells Kim to bring her toosh right over if she wants to keep her man.


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OMG....I peed my pants at the Carly/Katie catfight!!! That last line is a killer! :D

I'm not getting the Sophie/Casey vibe. They barely know each other, and she's up in his face for hiding things?

Oh boy...Lisa's lighting a fuse. I can't wait to see Kim's reaction.

Love the eppy, D! :D :D :D :D

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I'm not getting the Sophie/Casey vibe. They barely know each other, and she's up in his face for hiding things?

That's the point Sofie's trying to make. Casey's all gung-ho about dating her, but she's basically throwing stuff in his face like "Look, I didn't know THIS about you...but yet you want us to be together?" She's kinda put off by it all. She just met Casey and he's already attached to her. In a way, it kind of scares her why this guy she just met is so deadset on being with her. But I think she tries to see the good in him just so she can say "Hey, we can't be together because I don't know you that well, but we can still be friends."

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