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Episode 29



Noah arrives at the landlord's room just as Luke comes running around the corner. The landlord answers his door as Luke pleads with Noah not to do this. Noah asks the landlord what exactly the letter meant and the landlord snickers that he should ask his boyfriend. As the landlord slams the door, Luke breaks it to Noah that the landlord refused them a room not because they're gay but because Colonel Mayer was a killer and he (as well as the other tenants) feared Noah was, too. Noah stands in shock and in a rage, runs off as Luke chases after him.

Sofie argues with Casey that she barely knows him and seems to find something new about him everday, but yet, he still wants to date her. Sofie tells Casey that they just need to be friends and nothing more. When Casey tells Sofie to get lost, she happily obliges. Later, Casey runs into Gwen and thanks her for ruining his shot with Sofie. Gwen apologizes, saying that she didn't know Sofie didn't know about Maddie and plus, she never knew he and Sofie were an item.

Lily watches Ethan play in his crib and remembers the fear that she had when she learned Etah had become sick due to the tainted baby food. Lily blames herself for not knowing enough about the company, but remembers Craig's persuading caused her doubt to subside. Holden comes in and asks Lily how things are going. Lily asks Holden if he thinks she's to blame for the baby food incident and for Ethan getting sick. Holden says he doesn't know but he does know one thing. He's glad Ethan is okay now.

As Lisa points to Bob and Susan, Kim sniffles. Lisa tells Kim that she thought she should know. After all, Bob hasn't been in his right mind lately. Kim defends Bob, saying he would never go down that road again, but thanks Lisa for her concern. Lisa notes how obviously distraught Kim is and offers to send Susan on a wild goose chase. Kim snickers, but tells Lisa that she can deal with her own husband. Kim approaches the table and tells Susan that she warned her once, and she's not warning her again. Later, Bob scolds Kim for making such a scene. Kim tells Bob that she's losing him more and more every day and she doesn't know if she can handle it.

Jack hobbles to the kitchen to fix himself a sandwhich. Carly comes in and almost bragging, tells Jack about her run in with Katie. Jack says that Katie has always wanted children and if she wants something bad enough, she'll make sure she gets it. Carly tells Jack that frankly, as long as it's not with Jack, she doesn't care who Katie has children with. Jack takes Carly's statement as Carly being jealous, but Carly insists she's not. She's just glad that Jack finally realized how Katie was before it was too late.

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