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Episode 30



A new day dawns as everyone gathers at Fairwinds for Meg's baby shower.

Meg appears in the best of spirits, despite having to show thanks to Paul's urging.

Carly arrives and brings Sage, who presents her Aunt Meg with a sweet, sentimental gift. Later, Sage runs to grab her camera from the car to take pictures of the event.

Over at Barbara's, Gwen comes in and thanks Barbara for agreeing to see her. Gwen tells Barbara that she knows that she and Iris once struck up an alliance and although all of Barbara's deeds are in the past and Will and Gwen have forgiven her, Gwen says that she wants Barbara to check up on Iris, just released from rehab, and see if she has plans to return to Oakdale. Barbara agrees and Gwen confides that she doesn't want Iris to come back to town; she just wants to know that her mother's alright.

Carly pulls Rosanna to the side and asks what she's up to. Rosanna confides that after today, everyone will realize the lying, scheming little b!tch Meg Snyder actually is. Carly, thinking that Rosanna's resentment towards Meg must be because of her inability to have children, warns her sister to be careful. Carly keeps her mouth shut in regards to why she thinks Rosanna hates Meg so much.

As Susan turns around from clocking in at work, she comes face to face with Kim. Kim demands that Susan stay as far away from Bob as possible, especially in his fragile state. Susan replies that Bob isn't fragile. He's angry, and reasonably so. The last thing he needs while he's dealing with his anger towards his son is his wife offering to take him to see Chris in jail. Kim is shocked that Bob told her such a private detail from their home life and defends herself, citing that maybe seeing Chris in jail and talking with him might have snapped Bob into reality and showed him that Chris made a mistake and still loves his father unconditionally. Susan scoffs at it all and tells Kim that as she sees it, they need to make a truce. It's obvious that Bob is only reasonable and less moody when around Susan, for whatever the reason.

Emma comes in and brings Meg a family heirloom. Katie doesn't come, but sends a gift. Lily arrives late with Ethan in tow. Lily says that she hasn't been able to get Meg a gift yet, but Meg smiles, saying that her being there with her healthy nephew in tow, is all she needs. Emma comments that Barbara's not in attendance and neither is Paul. Meg explains that Paul is home with the flu and Barbara is recovering from treatment.

Rosanna calls everyone's attention. Meg sees that Rosanna is about to present her with a gift and excuses herself. Rosanna chases after her as the two women argue outside.

Kim scolds that she can understand Bob in reasons Susan never will, not even in the sack. Susan almost slaps Kim, but holds herself back and tells Kim that she's going to continue to be there for Bob to lean on, because she's obviously the only one that Bob can relate to right now. Kim tearfully, angrily protests that Bob is her husband and he should feel comfortable around her. Susan replies that right now, he doesn't. Susan explains that all she wants to do is be there for him. She tells Kim that she doesn't give a dam what Kim thinks about it....she's helping a friend who needs her. Kim storms off and later comments to Lisa that Susan sure does have some nerve and snaps that Bob won't have another thing to do with Susan if she has anything to say about it.

Rosanna confesses that she gave Meg a papercut on purpose and stuffed the bloody tissue in her purse. She sent it off to a lab and her good friend, a doctor, confirmed exactly what Rosanna knew all along. Meg isn't pregnant at all. Meg smirks and tells Rosanna that her petty attempts for attention are pathetic. Paul, she says, only has eyes for Meg. He could care less about Rosanna and besides his drunken tryst with her, he can't stand the thought of Rosanna when he's with Meg.

Rosanna opens her gift to Meg, revealing the lab results from the bloody tissue. Rosanna exclaims that she has a great idea. Why don't they both go show Paul the results and see what he says. As Rosanna starts to drive off to confront Paul with the news that his girlfriend really isn't pregnant like she claims, Meg flings herself on the hood of the car. Rosanna slams on the brake, sending Meg crashing down to the ground. The ladies all scurry out as Rosanna hovers above an unconcious Meg.


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The image of Meg jumping on a car hood like Bruce Willis is hysterical! I want to scream, "die, bitch, die!!" LOL.

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