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Episode 27



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Luke goes by WOAK and is surprised to see his mom there. Lily says that she just came by to pick up something that she left the other day and is about to return to the house. Luke asks if Kim's in and Lily asks why Luke's there. Luke wondered if he could have a job sorting papers or something. Lily agrees to talk with him about it later and invites him by the house to see Ethan. Luke agrees to go get Noah and they'll be by shortly.

Casey presses "send" on his phone one more time, trying to contact Sofie. Sofie looks down at her phone and hits "ignore" to "Casey Calling" one more time. Gwen comes behind her and startles her. Sofie asks how Hallie is doing and Gwen says she's doing fine. Sofie once again makes it known to Gwen that she very much wants to be involved in Hallie's life. Gwen agrees and asks how Sofie is. Sofie musters up a "fine" until she hears Gwen talking on the phone to Maddie. As Gwen laughs that she'll send pictures of Hallie soon and hangs up, Sofie turns around and asks Gwen how she knows Maddie.

Barbara stops by Bob and Kim's and is relieved to see her aunt is home. Kim welcomes her in with open arms, but is soon put back in a bad mood when Barbara asks where Bob is. Kim replies that Bob is doing a little better. Barbara asks how Chris is doing and Kim explains that he's miserable, but the thing that upsets him the most is hearing of Bob. Barbara sympathizes with her, saying that she knows how it feels to feel like the whole world is against you.

Brad arrives on set and sees Katie getting make-up. He asks if she's heard about Vienna and Henry, but Katie beats him to the chase. Brad asks how come girls always get first listen to juicy gossip, but he asks how come he's always the last to know. Katie giggles and asks how Jack is. It throws Brad that she's asking about her soon-to-be-ex-husband, but Katie reasons that she heard from Margo that he's quitting the force. Brad says that he didn't know any of this because the last time he saw them, Carly gave him the riot act. When Katie asks why, Brad says nothing. Katie hurls a powder brush at Brad and screams, "You told them, didn't you? You told them we were trying to have a baby! I should've known.." Her voice trails off as Katie marches onto the set, sits in front of the camera, snarls at Brad, and fakes a smile as she goes on air.

Meg gets a call from Rosanna. Meg stops what she's doing and tells Rosanna that it's done with...she's nabbed Paul and there's nothing Rosanna can do. Rosanna reacts amusingly to Meg's yelling and says that she knows she's messed up and wants to make it up to her. Rosanna tells her that she is hosting her a baby shower at the end of the week. Meg refuses to go, but later, when she talks of Rosanna latest "scheme", Paul tells Meg that it's best if they go to appease Rosanna. Later, Paul looks longingly at a picture of Rosanna as the camera fades to Rosanna toasting in the air to her victory. "Soon, that little bitch Meg will get exactly what she deserves and I'll have my man back," she vows.


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LOL...are those Katie's hormones talking? Not that Brad would be able to tell the difference between that and her regular bitchiness.

And I can't wait for Rosanna to bitch slap Meg. Preferably into the next decade. :)

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