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Episode 26



Lily and Holden learn from Susan that Ethan is fine now, but the breathing complications might continue to be a problem in the future. Lucinda damns Craig to hell for what he did with the baby food scheme, but Lily takes the blame. Lucinda tells her that even though Sierra is trying to rid Montega of insurgents, even she has a safer life now without Craig in it. Lily raises her hand to slap Lucinda for her harsh words, but Lucinda grabs Lily's arm and tells her that it'll be the biggest mistake she's ever made. Lily yanks her hand away and rushes after Holden and Ethan as they leave the hospital.

Margo approaches Tom's office and finds him busy with a client. She waits until the client has left and proceeds to ask Tom what he thinks about the whole Katie situation. Tom shares the same opinion that Margo and Lyla do, but Tom reminds his wife that it's all up to Katie in the end. Margo shocks Tom when she announces that Jack has quit the force. Stunned, Tom also understands that Jack needs time to himself and his family. However, Margo still isn't coping well with the news.

Lucinda returns to her house and calls Luke, leaving him a message about Ethan. As Lucinda ends the call, Andrew comes in and announces Mr. Mayer's presence at the front door. Lucinda sends for Noah and he comes in shortly. Noah hands Lucinda the letter and asks exactly what it means. Lucinda calmly replies that in the agreement with the landlord, she agreed to pay their first month's rent. Noah wonders why, but thanks Lucinda anyways. After Noah leaves, Lucinda breathes a sigh of relief.

Standing beside a crate of flowers on the street, Casey hurriedly gives the attendant some money and sneaks up behind Sofie with some flowers. The two almost kiss, but Casey turns around and ushers Sofie to follow him. As they approach a bird's eye view of the city, Sofie's phone rings and she has to leave for work. Casey understands and watches as she goes. Later, while cleaning, Lucinda notices Sofie's flowers and asks where she got them. Sofie replies Casey, to which Lucinda asks "Wasn't he dating Maddie Coleman a few months ago? Right before he went to prison?"

Despite Kim's protests, Bob appears at Memorial and asks Susan to grab some lunch with him. Susan talks of how stressed she has been and how Ethan Snyder fell ill again. Bob promises Susan that she can handle it...she's a good doctor. Bob informs Susan that Kim knows he's been spending time with her. He talks of how hypocritical it seems that they want him to deal with his anger and guilt, but yet they oppose any help that Susan is to him. Susan snarls at the mention of Kim and makes a vow to herself that she's helping her friend...and she'll be damned if Kim tries to stop her.


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