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Episode 22



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lucinda comes by Holden and Lily's and finds Lily cleaning. Lucinda insists that she hire a maid or something, but Lily tells her to go away. Lucinda apologizes once again for upsetting Lily at Craig's memorial, but insists that he's not the saint that she makes him out to be. Later, Holden comes downstairs, frantic, holding Ethan. Holden yells that Ethan's breathing isn't right and the two set out for Memorial.

Henry asks Katie what the hell she's talking about. Katie hangs her head in shame, knowing that she just betrayed Vienna. Katie proceeds to tell Henry that Vienna objected to his knowing (for fear of scaring him away) but her wealthy uncle died and left her his multi-million dollar fortune only if she's married by the end of the month. Henry gasps at the news and makes a comment that he'd like to be drunk right now. Katie brushes his comical statement aside and tells Henry that now he has a difficult decision to make. What's it going to be?

Casey tells Margo that he's going after this girl, no matter if he gets his parents' approval. On his way out the door, Margo stops him and looks him dead in the eye. "Your father and I found another bottle of sleeping pills under your mattress this morning", she says, almost crying. Margo pleads with Casey to tell he what happened in jail that is so bad that he has to have pills to sleep at night. Casey ignores Margo, and instead tells her that he loves Sofie and he's going to be with her.

Bob tells Nancy that he and Susan are nothing but friends. He scoffs at Kim's insecurities and tells Nancy that he may be ridden with guilt and grief, but he's no monster. He says that sleeping with his friend after putting their previous affair behing them all those years ago would only weigh him down with more guilt. Instead, he's been leaning on her for support. "That's what you and Kim have been begging me for months to do. To get help. Isn't it?....," Bob barks. Nancy suggests that if he's going to seek help in a woman, he can try his wife instead of trying to sabatoge his marriage with the same woman that nearly destroyed it before.

Barbara comes home and finds Paul sitting in the living room. He asks how her treatment went, but Barbara's speech becomes so bad that she eventually crumbles in his arms. "Why? I smothered my baby girl with my love and devotion until she finally died. I pushed away the only man that ever loved me for who I was, only to lose him months later. I've almost lost you to the dark corners of death twice since then; and I almost lost my other son and his new family because of a bad decision. Is this punishment? Did God give me this cancer to punish me?" Barbara cries. Paul hushes her cries and tells her that all they can do now is pray. Will and Gwen come in and brings Hallie, thanks to a phone call from Paul. Barbara seems cheered up for the time being, but Paul and Will wonder how all of this will affect Barbara long term. Outside, Gwen gets a phone call that shakes her.


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Okay...catching up from the past couple of episodes.

Boy, it's a good thing Rosanna's rich...putting Carly, Jack and Parker into therapy might cost a pretty penny.

I'm kind of intrigued by what's going on with Casey. Could you at least give him an imaginary haircut? There's just something about his rat's nest that bothers me. :D But he loves Sophie? Did I miss something? He barely knows the girl.

I'm truly upset about Bob's breakdown.

And now Ethan's sick? :(

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Truly upset? Good upset or bad upset? LOL.

Regarding Casey.....Zach is playing him in my fan fic and yes, imagine a haircut if you'd like. And you'll understand more about Casey/Sofie when everything plays out. ;)

Rosanna IS rich!!!

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