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Episode 23



Gwen gets a call from New Chances Rehab Center and learns that Iris has been released. Gwen doesn't say much and returns to Barbara's suite. Will calls her on her abrupt exit from the room and Gwen shrugs it off as a wrong number. Will and Gwen take Hallie and promise Paul that they'll be back soon as he watches over a snoozing Barbara. Meg calls him on his cell phone and whines that she needs Paul back at the house. Paul tells Meg that just because they had sex, it doesn't mean anything. Meg ends the call, upset but determined that Paul will come around.

As Aaron walks into Java, he nearly knocks over Casey. Casey shouts for Aaron to watch where he's going. Aaron tries to avoid a confrontation and apologizes. Casey asks why Aaron told Sofie about his prison stay, and Aaron reveals that he thought Sofie should know. "I've seen her get hurt by one jerk. I don't want to see her get hurt by another," Aaron boasts. Just as Casey's about to lose his temper, Sofie comes along and apologizes to Aaron about Casey. Aaron warns her to be careful.

Between singing, Lyla takes time to get a glass of water offstage. Again, Brad rears his ugly head and continues to protest Lyla's ban on Katie's baby-making venture. Lyla tells Brad that Katie needs to realize what love is before she gets too far into things to turn around. If she had a baby right now, only chaos would ensue. Margo overhears and tells Brad to mind his own business. Brad is put off by how Margo and Lyla suddenly seem to be making Katie's decisions for her. Later, he tells Katie they need to talk.

Susan finishes examining Ethan and tells Lily and Holden that Ethan's sickness from the tainted baby food from months back may have returned and they're going to have to do some extensive tests to make sure that Ethan's fully recovered from it all. Lily winces at the mention of the scheme, hoping that she had blocked the memory forever. Holden tells her that despite the warm, fuzzy memories that Lily keeps of Craig...he almost killed their son and he has hurt alot of their loved ones over the years. Unable to cope with her own emotional distress thanks to Holden's lecturing, Lily goes to the chapel to pray. Luke and Noah arrive. Luke tells Holden that Faith and Natalie are with the babysitter and Holden thanks Luke for getting them so quickly. He didn't want to disturb their sleep. Luke asks where Lily is and Holden replies that he thinks she's beginning to come to terms about Craig.

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