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Episode 21



Lily comes home from a hectic day at WOAK and finds the house a wreck. Natalie whines that Daddy never made her cereal that she asked for an hour ago and has been bathing Ethan for a while now. Lily goes up and finds Holden rocking Ethan back and forth. Lily's sudden entrance startles Holden, waking up Ethan. Lily laughs and offers to do it. Holden tells Lily that he doesn't see how she does it. Lily suggests they look into hiring a nanny, but Holden refuses and insists that he can handle this.

As Kim walks through the door, Nancy asks her if she was able to track down Bob. Kim doesn't answer her and goes upstairs. As she sits on her bed, clasping her chin and rubbing her forehead, she flashes back to when Bob and Susan had an affair all those years ago. Then, she flashes to falsely accusing Susan of doing it again when they all went to honor Nancy at the womens' banquet a year or so ago. Nancy comes up and asks Kim to tell her what happened. After Kim tells her, Nancy assures her that nothing is happening between Bob and Susan. Later, Nancy calls Bob aside and confronts him about spending time with Susan.

Henry sees Katie's car outside Al's and goes inside to talk to her. He opens the door and immediately notices the changes that have been made since he sold the diner. Katie turns around and pretends like she didn't see him, but Henry sees her and calls her name. Katie whirls around with a grin and asks what Henry's there for. Henry beats around the bush and jabbers on and on about how special Vienna is to him. Katie finally yells for Henry to just say it. Henry tells Katie he came to get her opinion on the ring. Katie lets out an excited yelp and hugs Henry's neck, telling him that he and Vienna will be the perfect married couple. She screams with delight that he's finally laying his insecurities aside and popping the big question in order to inherit Vienna's share of her uncle's estate. Henry stands baffled and asks Katie what the hell she's talking about.

Brushing off some dust, Sofie turns around and finds Casey staring at her. Sofie blows him off and tells him that she's said no so many times that she's lost count. Casey chuckles and says that as lame as it sounds, she left her credit card at Java the other day and he's been meaning to meet up with her and give it to her, but she never answered his calls. Sofie apologizes and says that she's been busy. Sofie's innocent mention of Will and Gwen soon makes Casey uncomfortable, remembering the fact that Sofie kept her relationship to Hallie a secret from him. Casey asks how Sofie got mixed up with Gwen's big brother, but Sofie changes the subject, saying some mistakes are better left in the past. Later, Casey comes home and tells Margo that he thinks he's found the one.


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