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Episode 20



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Lyla comes into her suite and isn't there long before Brad knocks at the door. Brad scolds Lyla for talking to Katie the way she has been and insists that Katie wants nothing more than a family that she can raise and love, just like her mother did. Lyla protests that ever since Casey died, Katie has tried to find some man that can fill the gaping hole that her father left in his early death. No baby is going to fill that hole. It's only going to heal over time. Brad lets his guard down and confides in Lyla that he loves Katie, but Lyla doesn't care and warns Brad to keep away from Katie. His presence in her life is only going to make her more determine to fulfill her fantasy of having a baby.

Kim comes downstairs and finds Bob watching TV. Kim tells Bob that Lisa's decided not to press charges; he should be thankful. Bob tells Kim that he's sick and tired of everyone treating him like a child. His son betrayed him and almost killed him; it's only human to feel the way he does. Kim tries to persuade Bob once again to go to counseling, but her efforts are ill-fated. Bob goes out for a walk and runs across Susan in Java. The two strike up a conversation, just as Kim rounds the corner and spies the two talking.

At Memorial, the doctor tells Aaron that he can go home and to watch out next time he decides to do home improvements next to an old, decaying tree. Alison laughs inside a little at the lame excuse Aaron gave them and apologizes once again to Aaron for knocking him out like she did. Aaron promises Alison that he thinks nothing of it, but sulls up when Alison asks why he followed her. Alison realizes that Aaron must have seen her run from the man and thought something was wrong. Aaron says something was wrong or else she wouldn't've ran the way she did. Aaron asks Alison if she thought the man knew her from her movie and was trying to make a pass at her. Alison nods yes, while Aaron promises Alison is safe with him.

Vienna runs into Katie's office at WOAK and pries her away from her paperwork, telling her that Henry almost found out the truth last night. During their lovemaking, he saw the stipulation in the trash and almost read it. Katie tells Vienna that she has enough problems of her own to deal with and to just tell Henry. Vienna talks about how Henry thought he was doing the right thing by giving her a promise ring and tells Katie that she almost left town, until Henry made a scene at the airport and whisked her away. Katie tells Vienna that if Henry was willing to do that, then he's willing to marry her. Vienna seems hesitant, but Katie tells her to make a go for it.

Carly dashes past Jack to avoid questions stemming from last night and goes by Rosanna's per her request. Upon arrival, Carly overhears a message Dr. Gibson leaves for Rosanna on the machine and panics until Rosanna comes in and relieves Carly's fears, saying that the doctor's call has nothing to do with her perfectly healthy condition. Carly asks Rosanna what she called her over for and Rosanna reveals that she had no idea about Sam being killed and the maniac he really was. Carly apologizes for not telling her but Rosanna's obviously still worried. Carly confides in Rosanna that while she hopes that Parker will come through, his life has been nothing short of chaotic, and she has misgivings about what the future holds for him psychologically. When Rosanna asks about her and Jack, Carly confides that while she's hopeful something has changed, she knows that Jack's willingness to make love last night was just a bad mix of pain pills and alcohol. Rosanna offers to pay for extensive counseling for Carly, Parker, and Jack and a reluctant Carly eventually agrees.


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