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Episode 19



Valentine's Day is upon Oakdale in this special episode, where the last comes first.

Bob storms out of Mona Lisa as a bartender lies on the floor and Lisa sits in dismay. Someone asks Mrs. Grimaldi if she wants the cops called, but Lisa refuses.

Paul finally gives into Meg's pleadings to make love. He tries to back out, saying he doesn't have a condom, but Meg assures him it's alright because she's already pregnant...remember?

Alison crouches beside a dumpster and grabs a limb. As she hears fooststeps approaching, she pops up and knocks a hooded figure to the ground. Alison hesitantly removes the hood, revealing Aaron...knocked out cold.

Vienna reveals her naked body to a pleasantly surprised Henry. As Henry moves towards Vienna, he lets go of the paper he was holding.

Jack rolls over and finds Carly in the bed beside him. He looks under the covers and sees that he's naked. Then he remembers...

Jack becomes stricken with unbearable pain. Carly gives him a pill, unaware that he just had a beer. When Jack starts talking about almost losing her, Carly realizes he must have had alcohol. Carly tries to warn him that he might become out of it, but Jack pulls her into a kiss. Unable to get away, she gives in. Just as Jack strips naked and goes to undo Carly's bra, he passes out. As Carly thanks her stars they didn't have sex for fear of getting her hopes up about getting back together, she falls asleep beside him.

Lisa greets Bob and Kim as they enter Mona Lisa. Bob sulls up when Lisa asks to speak with him. She tells him that he's never been one to act this way. She realizes that he thought of Chris as a saint, but everyone makes mistakes. He needs to forgive Chris and start healing. Bob sneaks off to the bar and orders a drink, but the bartender says they were given strict orders by Ms. Grimaldi not to serve him. As Lisa approaches, Bob grabs the bartender and punches him cold.

Alison checks the mail and gets Valentine's cards from Larry and Ellen. As she continues flipping through the mail, a man approaches and tells Alison that she dropped something. Aaron sees all this happen and takes off after Alison as she flees from the man. Crouching behind a dumpster, Alison swings...but instead of knocking out the man (who wasn't chasing her), she knocks out Aaron. As Aaron comes to, Alison apologizes over and over and gets the giggles when she realizes what just happened. Aaron pulls her into a kiss, and vows that nothing can hurt her ever again....as someone watches.

Henry and Vienna exchange a romantic banter as the two head home from a candlelight dinner. The two head for the bedroom. Afterward, Henry rummages through the kitchen while Vienna lays in bed. Vienna remembers throwing her copy of the stipulation in the trash and runs to grab it. When she sees Henry has it in his hands, she calls for his attention and drops her bedsheet. Henry lets go of the paper and the two make love once more.

As Paul opens the door, Meg starts crying. Paul asks her what's wrong, but Meg remains tight-lipped, telling Paul that she's not his problem anymore. He's with Rosanna. Paul denies that he's with anyone. Meg talks about how she's now pregnant, so Paul doesn't want anything to do with her. Paul insists that it isn't true, and Meg tells him to prove it. Paul finally gives into Meg's pleadings to make love.


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OMG....I almost started to cringe when the words "pill" and "Carly" appeared in the same sentence! Oh, Dusty, you nearly gave me a heart atttack! :)

Meg is a skank. I almost hate her as much as Katie.

I FLOVE surly Bob!

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I like the story but why are you making the women so weak. Ro and Meg can both do better then Paul Ryan. I am a Paul and Meg fan but it would be nice to see stories about women going to work and dealing with having a family and a work life. That was one of my biggest complains about the quad story. Ro and Meg should have been working togather not working against each other for the love of a man. The writing for all of the characters has improved on ATWT. Carly is putting her son first. Meg is getting stronger and thinking for herself. Lily is just being Lily and Lucinda signed her company over to Paul. It keeps the viewers quessing about what is going to happen next.

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