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Episode 18



Nancy tells Bob that the worst thing that he can do right now is to turn his back on Chris. Bob yells that Chris drugged his own father to further his reign of power at Memorial. Kim takes a step back and sees that maybe the only way for Bob to come to peace with it all and to forgive Chris is to let it happen on its own. Nancy doesn't like the idea and scolds Kim for giving up so quickly. Later, Lisa turns the corner at Fashions and finds Nancy waiting on her. Nancy explains that she, Kim, Tom, and Susan have all tried to get Bob to come to grips with the whole Chris drama. Nancy pleads with Lisa that she is the family's last hope.

"Do what?" Casey stutters as he exchanges questioning glances between Sofie and Will and Gwen. Will explains that Sofie was in an abusive relationship with Gwen's older brother. He got her pregnant, and as soon as he ditched her, Sofie came to them knowing that they could provide a better home for Hallie than she could by herself. Gwen tells Casey that the story's a bit more complicated than Will makes it out to be, but basically, Will's right. Casey ragefully asks Sofie why he didn't bother to tell her about this. Will and Gwen stand in shock at Casey's behavior and Sofie tells him that she didn't think he should know because they're not dating. They're simply friends. She also calls him out on keeping his prison stay a secret from her. Casey blows up and leaves while Sofie confides in Will and Gwen that she's scared about Casey.

Lyla yells at Katie that just because her brother has died and her mother is almost there does not facilitate the need for a baby to be brought into the already chaotic and tense air in the family. Katie tells Lyla that the only reason things are tense and chaotic is because of her mother's decision to stop taking her medicine. Brad stands back and watches the ladies squabble until Lyla finally leaves in a huff and Katie dashes to her office in a puddle of tears. Later, Lily knocks on the door and tells her that she was informed of the disturbance on set and warns her to leave family matters at home. Katie rails back at her that Lily has a habit of doing the same and an embarassed and furious Lily tells Katie, "You are fired!"

Rosanna arrives at Paul and Meg's suite, much to Meg's dismay. Rosanna asks for Meg's help with some paperwork. Cabot Motors is planning to donate a large sum of money to a smiliar foundation as the one that Meg planned to orchestrate at Montgomery Enterprises. Knowing that Meg did some business with them when she first started at M.E., Rosanna asks Meg to look over some paperwork and confirm that they are a reliable, trustworthy foundation. As Meg finishes looking at the paperwork, Rosanna yanks the paper away, giving Meg a papercut. Rosanna apologizes and grabs a tissue and hands it to Meg to help stop the bleeding. Paul comes home and questions Rosanna why she's there. Rosanna takes her cue and rushes out the door. Outside, she proudly displays the bloody tissue she sneaked into her purse and heads home.

Hysterical, Sage cries that Parker won't give back a movie that he took from her. Jack tries to referee the altercation from the couch while Carly's out but has no luck. As he stands up to stumble upstairs, Carly comes in and scolds Jack to sit right back down. Carly takes care of the fight and tells Parker that just because he shot Sam doesn't make him a killer. Parker snaps that it must run in the family, referring to his half-brother Will. Carly warns Parker not to put his foot in his mouth and returns downstairs. Carly tells Jack that she's worried about Parker. As she changes Jack's bandages, Carly and Jack share an intense exhange of eye contact and almost kiss. Carly steps outside and scolds herself for doing it again. "Nothing's changed," Carly anxiously mumbles, almost trying to convince herself. "Nothing has changed between us. We're two adults that had something very special one time and that share three amazing children. That's it. That's all. Nothing's changed."


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OH HAPPT DAY!!! I've seriously never loved Lily more than at the moment she read Katie the riot act, and then fired her skanky ass!

le sigh.....I'm such a sucker for Carjack angst. And I feel for Parker. Even when he's a snot. :D

Good episode, Dusty!

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I knew you'd like the Lily/Katie scene. There'll be alot more of those. Actually, in the coming weeks, Katie is going to feel like the whole world has turned its back on her. Of course, I'm sure, you'll eat it all up. LOL!!

RE: CarJack, I got the idea from a good friend of mine that knows alot about what a true soap-mance entails. :P

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^^^^*huge grin* It's like another Christmas! In February!

*soap-mance*??? Not only does he write, folks, he invents new words!! LOL.....

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