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Episode 17



Casey shows up at Lucinda's as Sofie gets off work. Sofie again shuns Casey, but he eventually entices her to go grab some apple cider with him at Java. Once there, Casey talks about finally having some time off now that Emma's back. Sofie finally gets up the courage to tell Casey off, but Will and Gwen interrupt her. Casey unknowingly introduces them to Sofie, and Gwen tells Casey that they're quite familiar with Sofie. She's Hallie's mother.

Katie tries her best to fake a smile while doing a promo for Oakdale Now. Brad catches on to Katie's lack of enthusiasm and asks her what's been with her lately. Katie finally reveals that Lyla has quit taking her medicine. Brad quickly realizes why Katie pounced on him last night. Brad brags that Katie finally has agreed to Brad's plea to make a grandchild for Lyla before she dies. Katie tells Brad that she needs to get pregnant soon so she can have the baby before Lyla dies. Lyla marches into the studio and tells Katie that a grandchild from Katie is the last thing she wants before she dies!!

Vienna packs her bags and heads to the airport to return to her native Leonia. Henry, who learned of Vienna's travel plans from a note at the house, rushes into the airport terminal and begs her not to go. Henry tells her that all of his life, he's been scheming and manipulating to get what he wants. But for the first time, he has exactly what he wants and now, she's leaving. Vienna cries that she can't do this anymore and begs Henry to just let her go. Henry picks up a screaming Vienna and dashes through the airport with her in his arms. He flings her into his limo and tells her that she's not leaving him. She left him once at the altar and it nearly ruined him. If she leaves now, he'll be a shell of the man he once was. Finally, Vienna looks back on her happy memories with Henry and realizes that love is more important that money. Vienna agrees to stay and later, throws her copy of her uncle's stipulation in the trash.

Kim comes home and finds Bob sulking in the parlor, caressing the rim of his beer. Kim tries to talk about Bob's drinking, but Bob tells her to carry her preaching somewhere else. Nancy comes downstairs and asks Kim how the talk with Lily went. Kim tells Nancy that everything is set. Lily's going to assume her duties at WOAK for a while and she's pressured Lucinda to talk the board into giving Bob a brief leave of grievance. Nancy assures Kim that by staying home with Bob, they'll be able to help him cope with it all. Bob comes in and tells the two that he's late for his shift at Memorial. Nancy stops him and tells him that they've made some travel plans. They're going to see Chris...to give Bob some closure and to help him understand that Chris meant no harm, he was simply engulfed by a thrist for power that was only fuled by Evan. Bob snaps that he never wants to see Chris again. He's not going.


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Okay, I finally caught back up....WOW, first I love the thought of Rosanna's bitch side reemerging and deciding to get the goods on Meg. FLOVED Carly's slapping Brad upside his head...and I'm wondering if Emma's decided to "help" Carly and Jack reunite, or if she's going to get HER OWN story. (The shock of that might kill me...LOL)

I really thought the Henry/V scenes were romantic. And color me shocked that Bob doesn't want to see Chris!

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