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Episode 13



Sofie inadvertently runs into Casey while out shopping. Casey makes mention that Sofie has had little to no contact with him lately and calls her out on it. Sofie explains that she's been busy, but Casey doesn't buy it. Sofie finally reveals that Aaron told her that he was in prison. Casey says that he likes to forget all about that place, saying the only reason he went was because he took the wrap for his brother. Sofie understands and Casey offers to drive her home. Later, Casey pulls off on the side of the road and starts forcing himself on Sofie. Sofie tells him to stop and he does. Immediately, Casey feels remorse but a rattled Sofie tells him to take her back to the Wagon Wheel.

Paul and Meg enter the clinic. While Paul waits outside, Meg once again tells the doctor that she will pay him his money if he tells Paul that everything is fine, but her stress level needs to be reduced. Outside, the doctor tells Paul just that. Rosanna walks up and introduces herself as Paul's wife. Rosanna subtley threatens the doctor that if Ms. Snyder is not given the utmost attention, she will hold him fully responsible and go after him with her legal team. As Meg readies to go, the doctor tells her that his part in this is up. When Meg discovers that Rosanna bullied him, she makes a vow to herself that Rosanna will stay away from Paul one way or another.

Vienna stands in awe as Henry kneels on one knee in front of her. Henry's not even able to produce any words before Vienna screams "yes". Vienna gushes that she knew Henry would come around and pop the question, Henry stands confused. Henry explains that he's giving her a promise ring. He goes on to say that he's still shy of marriage thanks to her first bolt at the altar, but he's working on getting up the courage again. Devastated that Henry gave her a promise ring rather than an engagement ring, Vienna dashes out the door crying.

Taking food to her mother at the hospital, Alison is delighted to see that Susan is happpier than ever. Susan gushes about her daughters finally being happy and how happy it makes her. Susan admits that she's still worried about Bob though. Later, Alison logs into her Myspace and finds a message from an anonymous poster claiming that he's seen her work and he wants to experience it for himself. Alison becomes depressed, knowing that her porn star past might just haunt her forever.

Outside Lyla's suite, Katie starts to go in before she's startled by Brad's presence in the hallway. Brad cracks that they need to get back to baby making, but Lyla appears and shouts that none of that will be happening. Later, Margo runs into Lucinda who gives her condolences and apologizes for the way she acted. Margo snaps that Lucinda can take her insincere apology and shove it.


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It's not an engagement. That's the thing. Vienna wanted Henry to propose to her, but he didn't. Henry talked to Katie, who told him Vienna was very much in love with him, and he decided to give her a promise ring, symbolizing that one day he will propose to her. It's not an engagement, though. That's why Vienna's so upset.

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Henry needs to swallow his fears. He's such a tease!

And loving the prospect of a Margo/Lucy conflict!

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