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Episode 12



Rosanna and Paul enjoy a nice dinner at Al's. Rosanna compliments Vienna on the muffins as Paul fidgets in his chair. Rosanna comments about how nice it is that Henry has finally found love and comments that maybe she and Paul can start on the right track now. Paul brings up Craig's memorial, but Rosanna's teary eyes make Paul second guess mentioning the service. Later, Paul gets a call from Meg. Seemingly unconvinced, Rosanna decides to follow Paul.

Meg arrives at Rosanna's suite at the Lakeview. Barbara comes from behind her and says that Rosanna and Paul have gone out and barks that Meg needs to leave them alone. Meg apologizes and scurries off. Once back at the farm, she calls Paul and fakes tears, saying that something's wrong with the baby.

Vienna clocks out at Al's and returns to her new house with Henry. She stares at the red shutters she had custom made and seeing red, remembers that Valentine's Day is almost a week away. She gets giggly for a second, wondering what special plans Henry has planned, until she recalls that she also has to marry Henry by the end of February...and things aren't looking good. As she walks in the door, Vienna's startled to discover Henry down on one knee in front of her.

Lily finds Luke sitting in Java and asks him to follow her. Outside, he finds Noah and Lucinda gathered around. Asking what's going on, Lucinda hands Luke the key to his and Noah's own apartment. Noah's ecstatic, but Luke knows deep down that it all came about because Noah privately asked Lucinda to take care of it. Luke fakes a smile, remembering what Lily told him about keeping his mouth shut in regards to the reason they were denied an apartment the first time...because Noah's father was a killer. Later, Noah and Luke christen their new apartment.

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