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Episode 14



Vienna rushes into WOAK and cries that Katie only made matters worse. Henry gave her a promise ring instead of an engagement ring. Katie tells Vienna that she was certain Henry would propose and promises to talk to Henry again. Vienna tells her not to bother...she's destined to never be a bride. Later, Katie drops by Lyla's and finds Lyla has stopped taking her medicine and pleads with her not to give up.

Tom stops by the hospital and asks Bob what the hell is wrong with him. Tom explains that Bob's guilt and anger over Chris's actions shouldn't be taken out on hospital employees or his family. Bob turns the other way and ignores Tom's request that he seek some sort of counseling. Susan chases after Tom in the hallway to discuss picking up Daniel while Emily is tied up with the paper. Tom mentions Bob, but remembers Kim's warning for Susan to butt out and doesn't say anything to Tom about Bob's drinking.

"It's so good to be home", Jack sighs as he, Carly, Parker, J.J., Sage, Kit, and Emma arrive at Carly's Milltown house. Carly breathes a sigh of relief that Parker wasn't charged with anything and that Jack is going to be alright. Emma apologizes for not being able to accomodate Jack at the farm, but she's redecorating and needed the space. Emma volunteers to take J.J. and Sage to a friend's house, but Parker declines the invitation. Carly thanks Kit for all she's done and announces to everyone that she sold Metro...to Kit. She explains that Kit bought her out and will now be running Metro all by herself so she can spend more time with Parker and Jack and J.J. and Sage. Parker, upon hearing the news, runs up the stairs. Kit offers to go talk with him.

Lily and Holden are sitting down for a quiet night alone when a kock comes at the door. Lily answers it and sees that it's Lucinda. Lucinda goes about her business like nothing is wrong, but eventually catches on to the fact that Lily is upset with her. Lucinda mentions how wonderful they got along when they gave Luke and Noah the keys to their new apartment, but Lily claims it was only for Luke...he's had enough stress in his life recently. He doesn't need his mother and grandmother bickering. Lily cries that Craig was always so good to her, and yes, he made mistakes but he always carried that burden in his heart. Lily says that Craig was a good man, and Lucinda ruined his memory by the way she acted at the memorial. An upset Lily slams the door in Lucinda's face as Lucinda begins to rethink her actions.


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I'm still not clear on Kit's role in this...was she an FBI informant?

St. Lily...always forgiving. I guess she kind of forgot Craig "stole" the business out from under her? I don't blame Lucy for carrying a grudge. It's not like she danced on his grave! LOL.....

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RE: Kit... :lol: Take it how you want to. She leaves next week, so I don't think it matters. :P (For the record...in some twisted way, I tried to write it as if she was working for the FBI....)

Lily's always been the one to see the good in people before she sees the bad. She always likes to give someone the benefit of a doubt. I think that in the coming weeks, Holden will help Lily realize that Craig wasn't nearly as good of a man as Lily tries to think he was. I think in the back of her mind, she knows he did her wrong after the baby food crisis. But I think she's covering that up with a chunk of good memories (and perhaps excusing his actions because of his sudden obsession with power) and hoping she'll always remember him as a good man....and I think she hopes that by doing that...maybe others will too. But like I said, she's in for a rude awakening soon.

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