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Episode 15



Lyla leaves Katie behind at the suite and goes to talk with Tom at the Lakeview in order to set up her last will and testament. Lyla asks about Casey and Tom confirms her suspicions that he's not doing well. Katie comes down and angrily confronts her mother, asking why she refuses to take her medicine. Lyla scolds Katie to keep her voice down before Tom (who's in the men's room) barges in and overhears. Lyla tells Katie that she's ready to see Katie's father Casey and now, Craig, again. Later, Katie vows to hold on to what little family she has. An idea pops in her mind and she sets off to Brad's. At Brad's door, she tells him that he's right...Lyla needs a grandchild. "Let's get to work," she says before shoving Brad into the bedroom.

Margo drops by Carly and Jack's. As the three discuss the events of the past week, Kit talks to Parker. Kit tells Parker that what he did was very selfless, heroic, and brave. Parker snaps that killing someone isn't exactly selfless and heroic. Kit explains that Parker did what he had to do to ensure that his mother and father were safe. Thanks to him, they're all alive. Back downstairs, Margo tells them the bad news about Craig. Carly wonders how Rosanna's handling it. Margo volunteers to stay with Jack and keep him company while Carly checks on her sister.

Will and Gwen return from Hallie's doctor's appointment with a clean bill of health. Barbara greets them at the door with an obvious change in her speech. Will comforts his mother, knowing that today was her first day of treatment. Gwen decides to go outside for some fresh air, but once outside, sheds tears. Will talks about how Iris might have been all that they could handle, but in some twisted way, after everything she's put Gwen through, Gwen misses her. Barbara tells Will that it's perfectly normal. Mothers hold a special place in your heart for your whole life, whether you like it or not.

Casey stops by Sofie's room at the Wagon Wheel and finds it completely empty. Disheartened, Casey turns around until a tenant tells him that Sofie has gone to live with Ms. Walsh. Stunned, he meets Sofie at Lucinda's guest house. Sofie becomes understandably distant from Casey, which leads Casey to apologize for the other night. Lucinda comes in and tells Sofie that she starts tomorrow. Casey asks what Sofie's doing working for Ms. Walsh. Sofie beats around the bush and says that she'll be helping at Worldwide. After Casey leaves, Sofie pulls out her maid outfit and groans, regretting that she has to take up such a line of work.

Rosanna hangs up the phone after telling someone to find a Dr. Harvey Gibson for her and have him call her immediately. Carly overhears the phone calls and panics, worries Rosanna might relapse. Rosanna hushes Carly's fears and tells her that she'll be staying in Oakdale for a very long time. Carly asks Rosanna how she's dealing with Craig's death. Rosanna openly mourns for the tender, funny man she once knew. Rosanna says that it all changed after Craig slept with Jennifer. He became overly obsessive and even more manipulative. Rosanna tells Carly that Paul has been the perfect shoulder for her to cry on when he's not dealing with Meg. Carly says goodbye as Dr. Gibson phones Rosanna. Rosanna tells Dr. Gibson that she has a friend that thinks she might be pregnant and offers the doctor ten thousand dollars to fly to Oakdale and diagnose her friend correctly. Rosanna hangs up the phone with a smirk and a gleam in her eye.


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