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Episode 26



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A busy morning in town......




Billy, Vanessa, and Matt are all sitting outside the room.

Dinah brings them coffee, "Any news?"

Vanessa is worried, "No. Not yet."

Mallet walks out of the room, "Matt, Vanessa she wants to see you guys."

They walk in. Dinah comes over to Mallet, "What did she say?"

"She didn't get a good look at the guy. But I think once she's better, her memory will clear up."

Dinah walks in the room with Billy.

Julie walks up, "Hey."

Mallet hugs her, "Hi."

"How is she?"

"She'll be alright."

Mallet holds his sister close.


Cross Creek:


Josh is getting the last of his stuff. His phone rings.

The man is calling from Ravenwood. He says Cassie Winslow left some stuff behind.

Josh goes over there.

Spaulding Mansion:


Beth, Rick and Alan are waiting. The maid walks in and hands them and envelope. Alan grabs it, "Finally the truth."

Rick tries to take it from Alan, "Give me that!"

"Rick stop it!" Beth tries to break it up.

The envelope tears and falls to the floor. The papers fall out. Beth picks them up and Alan reads over her shoulder.

Mindy is lurking behind the corner.


The Old Church:


The church has been empty for years.

Susan and Guillespie have been living there.

He walks over and throws a newspaper on her face to wake her up.

She smiles, "Hey."

"Open it."

She does so, "Hmm, three killed in car accident..."

"The top corner."

"Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper are going to do everything they can to get their daughter."

"It mentions you."

"So it does."

"Read the trial date."


He smiles at her.



Harley and Gus are going over everything with Jeffrey, "So have you guys got everyone here?"

Gus looks around, "I think so."

"We need Buzz and Coop as family, Ashlee the babysitter, Frank the boss, and... where is she?"

"Harley grabs her phone, I'll call her."

The Old Church:

Susan puts her shirt on while on the phone with Harley, "Don't worry Harley I'll be there."

Guillespie kisses her neck and whispers, "So will I."

Susan laughs, "Nothing... Okay I'll see you there."

She hangs up and puts her jacket on.


Harley walks over, "Okay she's on her way."

Jeffrey goes through the files, "Okay that's good. Now Gus we need someone from your family."

"Her family is my family."

"What about Rafe?"

"He's away at school."

"Gus we need a Spaulding."

"What Spaulding is going to help me?"

Lizzie walks in, "This one."

They all turn in surprise.





Maureen is in her bed, "Mom your wedding!"

Vanessa shushes her, "Billy and I postponed the wedding.

Billy smiles, "This was more important Darlin'."

Maureen smiles, "When can I go home?"

Vanessa strokes her face, "Rick said that you can go home after your last test come in. But don't worry, we already made up your room."

Matt steps in, "Wait she's staying with you?"

"Yes Matt I am her mother."

"Oh great I'll never see her now!"

"Would you stop thinking about yourself for one minute!?! That is how you got where you are in the first place!"

"Oh right Vanessa. I'm just so selfish huh?!"

Dinah stops, "Hey! Maureen lives with me."

Maureen smiles, "Yes. I live with Dinah."

Vanessa shakes her head, "No. No. No. Maureen is staying at Cross Creek."

Billy puts his hand on Vanessa's shoulder, "Vanessa, let her choose."


"Vanessa, come on. She is happy with Dinah."

Vanessa walks out with Billy, "Don't you ever do that again. Do you understand me?"

"Vanessa she wants to live with Dinah. Let her."

"This isn't your call Billy!"

"Well if we're gonna be married-"

"Maybe we shoudn't."

Billy frowns.

Vanessa looks at him, "Maybe you should go home." She walks back in the room.

Billy leaves.

The Courthouse:


It's going well.

Buzz and Coop each gave great reasons for Harley and Gus. Ashlee discussed how happy Zach and Jude have always been. Lizzie walks out after she's done. She discussed how Gus and the Coopers helped her become a better person.

Coop and Ashlee follow to thank her, "Lizzie."

"Hey Coop."

"Thanks. Really. That was incredible."

"It's nothing." She goes to kiss him on the cheek but she fainted.

Coop grabs her, "Oh my God! Lizzie?"

Spaulding Mansion:

Alan looks at the paper and storms out.

Rick comes over, "Does it..?"

"It says Alan is not the father of this baby. He's not the father!"

Rick picks up Beth and the to kiss, "I can't believe this Beth. It doesn't make any sense!"

"Why not?"

"Uh.. nothing. Nothing. I'm just glad that the test came back saying Alan isn't the father! We are going to raise our child and no one can stop us!"

Rick and Beth hurry home.


The nurse hands Josh a box, "Here these are all of her things."

"Thank you." Josh sits down and goes through it. He finds a diary. He wonders whether he should read it or not. He puts it back. He takes the box out. Sticking out of the box is a file. The file Cassie got before she was sent away.

Spaulding Mansion:

Alan grabs Mindy by the arm, "You are going to pay."

"Alan this doesn't make any sense!"

"You told me I was the father!"

"You have to be! That baby can't be Rick's! I know it!"

Alan is furious.


Susan is walks up to the stand. The man starts asking her questions, "Ms. Lemay, I'd like to ask you about your ex boyfriend."

"Which one?"

"The one that recently broke out of prison."

Harley's mouth drops. She had no idea Guillespie was free.

"I want to talk to you about Mark Guillespie."

Susan is nervous.


Shayne gets a visitor

Rick questions Josh and Reva

Alan and Alex worry about Spaulding

The Judge makes a decision about Gus and Harley

Coop gets shocking news from Ashlee!


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