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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Salem Police Dept.

Celeste walks over to Lexie's holding cell.


"Thanks mother for supporting me today."


"Alexandra darling, did you expect anything else?"

Lexie, smiles

"No, I guess I didn't. I'm a little bit nervous."


"Don't be darling. Sami said she would turn the tape over. Once she does that, this who trial we be thrown and then you can focus on putting your life back together."


"I'm not so sure. This is Salem we are talking. This is the town that possessed Marlena Evans."


"Alexandra darling, if something was going to happen today, trust me, my cards would have told me." And with that Lexie holds her faith as she is escorted to the court room


Episode : 209, Tony attacks Kirsten!

Executive Producers: Tara Smith with ML Cooks

Written by: ML Cooks

Story Editor: Tara Smith

Salem Place

Anna is shopping for some fabric for a new fashion line to revitalize her "Anna Dimera Designs" As she walks by the store "Bryant and Layne" She notices Jan with Lucas shopping for baby clothes. Anna has a flashback in her mind of yesterday, Christmas, outside the Brady Pub, her conversation with Marlena. "Marlena said I have to get DNA samples such as hair. I have to know for sure if Jan is really Marlena's and Tony's child. " After saying that, Anna walks into the store to try and set a trap.

Meanwhile, Nicole sips on her latte as watches Anna work her scheme through the big glass window. Nicole, luckily has big sunglasses on and a scarf around her head to somewhat conceal her identity. She thinks to herself" I have to stay one up on Anna and her quest to find the missing Dimera child. I have to be the one that test reveals as the long lost and forgotten about Dimera seed. I'll have money and power." Nicole has a devilish grin on her face. " Sorry Jan, since it seems you are this hidden child, I can't let you inherit the Dimera name."

University Hospital

Bo walks into Marlena's office. She smiles and greets him.


"Hey Marlena, I hope you don't mind if I dropped by like this."


"For a dear friend, I don't mind at all. Is everything ok?"

Bo, hesitate a little before answering

"I don't know. It's Hope."


"I see. Her behavior yesterday was quiet irrational. Almost downright shocking. She was in such a hurry when she left the Pub yesterday."


"Well it didn't end there..."




"Yeah when we got over to the Horton house. Everyone was concerned about her and when Mike Horton and David Banning walked in to surprise everyone, she flipped out and stormed out."


"Hope has had a very tough year. She's lost some of the people that mean the most to her."


"I know. Marlena, what I am about to tell you has to remain between us."




"The other day, Hope was missing and Nicole Walker found her on the pier passed out sloppy drunk."

Marlena, gasps

"Oh my."


"Yea, tell me about. I think she hasn't really dealt with all the loss she's had this past year. I was hoping, maybe you could talk to her."


"Bo you know I will."


"See the thing is, she doesn't seem to respond well to people asking her lots of questions. I don't think she's expressing her feelings in the right way."

Marlena, smiles

"Bo, This is what I do, this is my profession. You have nothing to worry about."


"I was hoping you would say that. Thanks Marlena." After he says that Bo walks out Marlena's office hoping she will be able to get through to Hope.

Dimera Mansion

Tony "Vince" is going on a rampage through the Dimera estate trying to look for Stefano's will.

"I have got to find this will. I have to make sure I inherit the Dimera power and name. I will continue this Dimera war against Salem." Kirsten walks up behind Tony. "What in the hell are you doing Tony? You look like a mad man on a mission" She says to him

Tony "Vince", startled

"Don't ever sneak up like me like that. But I do like your choice of words though. A madman on a mission..yes I am Dear Kirsten."


"Tony, are you ok? You don't seem like your self."

Vince, snickering

"Oh Kirsten, if only you knew."


"I don't have time for games. Tell me what's going on. Stop with all these puzzle pieces you are giving me."


"I'm going to take over the Dimera's. Stefano must die. It's the only way."


"Tony you're joking right?"

Tony steps closer toward Kirsten and grabs her arm

"Does it look like I'm joking?"

Kirsten, trying to shake free of his hold

"Let go of me! You're hurting me!"

Vince steps behind Kirsten and covers her mouth with one os his hands and whispers "It's time to have fun Kirsten, just like old times." He drags her to one of the many bedrooms and locks the door behind him.

Salem Court House

Judge Fitzpatrick pounds her gavel. Court is now in session.

"Is Alexandra Carver present?" Before any one has a chance to say anything, Lexie's attorney speaks up "Your honor, last night we received a video tape of this entire shooting tragedy and we ask you to look it over and after doing so, you will have no choice but to throw this case out." Lexie's looks at her mom and Celeste smiles at her, reassuring everything will be ok.

Inside Bryant and Layne


"Jan, it's nice to see you. You too Lucas."


"If you say so. We hardly run into each other."


"How are you Mrs. Dimera?"


"Oh please call me Anna. Jan you know I am coming out with a new line of maternity clothes and I would love it if you would come by office and tell me what you think of some f my designs. I'm a little nervous. It's been a long time since I've done this. I figured with your youth you would be the perfect person."


"I guess I would say yes then. I'll be over later on today."


"Ok then great. See you soon" She walks off thinking "Missions accomplished. I can pull a strand of her hair or something. One down, one to go" She thinks walking out the shop.

Nicole, still lurking around talks aloud "I wouldn't be so sure Anna." Nicole smiles and walks off m" I will be named the missing Dimera heir. And with The great Stefano Dimera on his deathbed this could have come at no better time for me."

Back at The Dimera Mansion

Vince has Kirsten pinned down onto the bed still covering her mouth. He speaks to her "Just like old times huh Kirsten. Remember how you played Tony for John, or Roman or whatever in the h ell is going by these days. Tony was blind, or so you thought he was and had an affair with John with no regard. You know, Tony never got over that. And it's payback time. He slaps her across the face. Stunned Kirsten rubs her cheek. Vince then rips Kristens clothes off and has his way with her. Kirsten tries to fight out his strong hold but it's no use, Vince rapes Kirsten.....


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