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Written by: Tara/Daysfan


-Jan walks into the Spears Mansion after Lucas goes back to the Salem Inn, and whispers to herself she wonders what everyone’s fascinations with her are lately, first Lucas Roberts asks her out on a date on Christmas and then Anna DiMera wants to meet with her. She however then whispers:

Jan: But you know…Roberts may not be such a bad guy.

-David is with Julie at the Horton House, and Julie says with all the drama on Christmas she never got to formally speak to him, and she asks him how he is. He says he’s been alright all in all, just glad to be back in Salem. Julie assures him he’s allowed to stay as long as he likes, and David says good, because its going to be a long time.

-Vivian is at the Alamain Mansion, and Forrest walks in, telling her to get out. Vivian asks what he means, and Forrest tells her after what she pulled yesterday she will no longer live in his house. Vivian laughs, and says soon she won’t need to, and then says:

Vivian: Once I take care of Stefano DiMera and have his will, I will be living in the DiMera Mansion.

-Vince holds Kristen down and tears her clothes apart, and kisses her furiously. As he leans up, she shakes in fear and is crying, and he tells her:

Vince: That is why you never mess with me…

Kristen: Wha-what did I ever do…to…you…

Vince: Let me let you in on a little secret, darling: It was I, NOT TONY, you cheated on. Tony doesn’t even know you, but I remember you quite well…yet you played me for a fool. And now, you have paid for it…

Vince slowly gets up off the bed, and walks out of the room as Kristen screams, having been raped by Vince/Tony DiMera…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Inside the courtroom, Lexie looks on nervously as the tape is put into a TV. It is played, and Judge Fitzpatrick says that is the same tape that cleared Abe Carver for the murder of Tek. Lexie’s lawyer however says to watch the tape slowly, and then puts it in slow motion. Lexie painfully watches as Tek tries to come on to her sexually, and then the struggle begins. The lawyer points out that Tek and Lexie were in a struggle, and slows it down even more when the gunshot goes off. Abe who is sitting in the back of the room, Judge Fitzpatrick, and the rest of the courtroom watch….

-Julie asks David if there is a particular reason why, and he says no, he just thinks its time to come home. She smiles and then asks how Scotty is, and David says he hasn’t talked to him too much but he seems fine from what he knows. Julie says that’s excellent, and tells him she is glad he’s home. David says he’s glad to be home.

-Forrest laughs and tells her that’s rich, and he says he knows she was married to Stefano once, but she wouldn’t be in his will anyway and Stefano lived through being shot and is only in a coma. Vivian snorts and says before walking out of the room:

Vivian: But not for long, dear nephew. Not for long…

-Kristen continues to cry hysterically and flashes back to when Vince angrily raped her, and whispers to herself how it didn’t happen. Her wails can be heard all throughout the mansion, and she curls herself up into a ball and rocks herself back and forth…

-After the gunshot is seen and Tek goes to the ground, the lawyer says as demonstrated in the security camera tape, Tek’s murder was accidental and caused by a struggle HE provoked.Judge Fitzpatrick looks at the jury, and is silent for a moment, and after two minutes says the jury and herself must discuss this privately. All of them exit the courtroom, and Celeste continues to assure a very nervous Lexie it will turn out alright.

Only Minutes later, Judge Fitzpatrick returns, and says a verdict has been reached…


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