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Written by: Tara/Daysfan


-At the Alamain Mansion, Vivian walks into the kitchen and tells Ivan she is going out for a bit, and he nods in acknowledgement. She grins evilly as she grabs her purse and leaves…

-Kristen continues to lie on the bed in tears, and Vince walks in and with a smirk says:

Vince: You poor poor thing…you need to be stronger. You are a DiMera! Yet instead you lie here in self pity…you make me sick.

Kristen looks at Vince, and tearfully yet angrily says:

Kristen: You bastard…you evil bastard…get away from me…get out…

-The whole courtroom waits to here the verdict, as Celeste, Abe, and Lexie all stare at the jury…and one of the people on the jury rise, and says that the jury finds Lexie…NOT GUILTY! Lexie sighs in relief and cries tears of joy as Celeste hugs her.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Vince tells Kristen that she does not order him around, and that she needs to get up. Kristen slowly stands and screams “GET OUT!” and runs over to him and pathetically tries to shove him out with not much effort, and he grabs her arms and growls:

Vince: I will put you in your place…

He tosses Kristen to the floor, and she continues to cry, and Vince then says he’ll let her lay down and whine…for now, but he will make sure she never tells anyone about what he did to her…it will interfere with his plans. He leaves and shuts the door, and locks Kristen into the room…

-Judge Fitzpatrick declares the trial over, and says Lexie will be released from custody promptly. As everyone slowly leaves the courtroom, the handcuffs are taken off of Lexie, and she says to her mother this whole situation is finally over. Celeste says yes with a smile, and they can get back to regular life, although she does have something to take care of. Lexie then says:

Lexie: Well…I am just going to see my son. What do you need to take care of?

Celeste: Stefano DiMera.

-Later on in the day, a woman who is masked and has a dress on walks into Stefano’s room. She says that on New Years Eve…it all will begin. She whispers “Soon….I will have the power.” but her voice is disguised. This mysterious figure then walks out of the room…but who is she? Vivian? Celeste? Marlena? Or someone else?


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