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-Abe and Lexie arrive at the airport after finally returning from Italy, and Abe sighs as he turns to Lexie and says its time for her to return to jail, and Lexie begs him not to do it, and says:

Lexie: At least let me see Theo, my son, one last time. I did this all for him, not for you, him! That’s the reason I contacted Shane Donovan and the ISA and if I had not you, not to mention the rest of Salem, might not be alive! Just please take that into consideration, Abe, please!

Abe: I’m sorry, Lexie…

Abe takes out handcuffs, but suddenly his cell phone rings.

-After Julie gets off the phone with David, Jeremy says:

Jeremy: Your SON is coming to Salem?

Julie: Oh yes! You all will love him! He’s such a good and kind man…I am so glad because I have barely seen him in the past couple of decades…

Abby: Why?

Julie: He ran off after his old fling, Renee, was murdered…I have been worried for him ever since. But now, he’s coming back to Salem…possibly for more than just the holidays.

-Marlena attacks Kristen at the hospital, but Kristen manages to push her back and the two get into a struggle! Kristen warns Marlena to not push her to her limit, but Shane and Bo break the two up. Shane tells them this does not need to happen here and now, and Kristen tells Marlena she is the one who needs to be locked up. Marlena angrily tells her she will never take care of or see Roman ever again. Kristen snarls as she tells the doctor to take her to her father, and he leads Kristen off. Marlena sighs, and tells Kayla to take her to Roman. As they walk off, Bo says it looks like new trouble has just risen from Stefano’s ashes.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Abe answers his cell phone at the airport, and hears Allan on the other line. Allan is at the police station and tells Abe all about what happened at the island, and how Roman and Stefano are now at the hospital. Abe’s eyes widen in shock, and soon he hangs up the phone. He looks to Lexie, and says:

Abe: Looks like we’ll be taking a side trip after all…your father and Roman are in the hospital, and news just came back on both of their conditions…Roman is catatonic, and Stefano is in a coma…

Lexie is silent in shock as Abe gently grabs her and they leave the airport…

-Abby asks Julie if that’s a good thing, and Julie says it certainly is, its just she wonders how he is. Abby says if anything is wrong with him the whole family can help, and Julie tells Abby she’s right. She then says for now, they should just focus on getting the Christmas Tree up.

-Kristen walks into her father’s hospital room at the hospital, and she looks down in silence at his comatose body. As she sits, she whispers to him that he will rise again like he always does…but if he doesn’t, she will rise for him!!! Celeste walks in, and says:

Celeste: How the mighty have fallen…

Kristen: Shut up, Celeste. You shouldn’t even be in here…you’ve betrayed my father like everyone else.

Celeste: Because I am wise.

Kristen is about to shoot something right back at Celeste, but suddenly both women hear:

Vivian: I’m here!!!!!!!!!

-Marlena walks into Roman’s room with Kayla, and Marlena sits at his bedside and looks into Roman’s open eyes, though he does not move. Marlena clutches his hand, and whispers:

Marlena: Don’t worry…I know you’ll come out of this…just be strong, but I know you will be…you’ve already been through the worst of it…you’ll make it through this, my love…

Marlena closes her eyes as she runs her hands through Roman’s hair, and leans in close to him as the screen fades to black…


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