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-Hattie yells in shock “Is that the phony’s DAUGHTER?!” and Allan looks at Sami and EJ in shock. The men point their guns at the Salem group, and Sami says to EJ in shock:

Sami: Wait…what are they doing?! I didn’t think we were supposed to hurt my friends and family!

-Anna stares at “Tony” in shock while several men try to grab Marlena, but she takes out a gun and begins to fire at them furiously. Anna looks at “Tony” and asks what has happened to him, and why he is being like this. “Tony” says it is all part of serving his father.

-Stefano laughs and says again, that was such a petty reason to start some huge war. Helena angrily says:

Helena: You kept it from me, not to mention Mikkos. I have no problem with deception, but when you use it on me we have an issue. I slept with you so many times, and had to discover for myself shortly after I discovered I was pregnant with EJ when I overheard you speaking to someone else about it. You wanted to kill Mikkos, because he was a child of Mikkos’s mother’s affair with your father Santo’s older brother.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-EJ tells Sami it must be done, and they should not matter to her anyway. Before she can respond he yells for the men to attack! Sami yells “NO!” but a major shoot out begins as Kayla, Hattie, and Allan go for cover, but Steve charges right at EJ!

-Anna angrily tells “Tony” Stefano is NOT his father, and asks what happened to him and he has been strange ever since they returned from Aremid! “Tony” smirks and grabs Anna, and pulls her close and whispers:

“Tony”: Let me let you in on a little secret…I’m not Tony…but I’m not Andre either.

Anna: Then who the hell are you?

“Tony”: Tony’s alternate personality. Tony has DID, and has since 1985!

Meanwhile Marlena shoves several guards away from her, and runs down the halls of the compound!

-Stefano looks at Helena, and Helena continues on:

Helena: And I was nothing but your tool…to kill the man that I loved, and find out information about his Empire.

Stefano:You must understand, Helena…if I were to die, Mikkos would be the new ruler of the DiMera Dynasty because it is tradition that if the seventh son fails then next it goes on to the sixth son and that side of the family rules. So HE had to die, meaning the Cassadines would never rule MY Empire.

Helena: Oh please you are pathetic. I cursed you years ago, and you later on failed, just like how Luke and Laura Spencer were cursed and now Laura is catatonic and Luke has lost her for good. You have lost half of your children and never defeated your rival, Roman. But whatever the case, THIS is why I think EJ is the true heir to the Cassadine and DiMera thrones. He is like his step-father and second-cousin Mikkos: he was born of an affair from a Cassadine wife with a DiMera male. That is why he must take his rightful place.

Stefano: That spawn shall never get my empire.

Suddenly the door opens again, and a woman’s voice says…

Marlena: Am I interrupting anything, killers?

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