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-The guards seem to be contemplating what EJ is saying, and EJ says he wouldn’t be doing this if he was sure of success. He says if they continue on Stefano’s service they will just be useless slaves for the next twenty years. Suddenly one of the guards say they will join EJ!

-Steve, Kayla, Allan, Hattie, Anna, and Marlena rush towards what they are seeing, and as they get closer Steve says it looks like a compound, and Anna then says “Well obviously that’s it.” and Marlena slowly says:

Marlena: Yes…that has to be it. Lets go.

-Helena walks up to the door into Stefano’s office, and kicks the door open. She walks in to see Stefano grinning, gun in hand.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Roman stands on the cliff, and continues to stare out at the island. He flashes back to 1984, and remembers the news of the crash being delivered, and then him leaving for the island and saying goodbye to Marlena and the babies Sami and Eric. He slowly says he’ll make all of that up here…he’ll make up being taken and leaving his family alone…

-Slowly more and more guards in that area agree to join EJ, and EJ says then they must go around to the front entrance to attack, and says Stefano has many more men than just what they gathered here. Sami says she can’t believe this is working, and EJ tells her not to worry! EJ and Sami lead the guards out of the side exit of the compound and head to the main entrance!

-Helena slowly steps into the office and looks at Stefano, and says:

Helena: Very clever, Stefano…

Stefano: I expected you to show up here around this time. All of this is exactly according to my plan…in fact if you didn’t already know, a bunch of our friends from Salem are running around outside.

Helena: I could care less about them. What I do care about is killing you, and ending this blasted war I started all those years ago.

Stefano: For such petty reasons.

Helena slaps Stefano!

-Marlena, Anna, Allan, Hattie, Steve, and Kayla all walk up to the main entrance of the compound. They see the large double doors shut, and Allan and Steve try to pry them open. Suddenly the doors open out of the blue to see “Tony” and some guards there right inside! “Tony” smirks while Anna looks on in shock, and he says:

“Tony”: Welcome, you all have come far…but can you make it inside?

Suddenly he takes a remote and pushes a button to SHUT the doors, and Marlena yells “NO!” and leaps right inside with Anna behind her, but the doors shut before anyone else can get in! The group outside look to see EJ, Sami, and their group of men approaching.

-Stefano looks angrily at Helena and warns her not to make him use the gun sooner than planned, and Helena says:

Helena: You used me! You used me to get information on the Cassadine Empire, not to mention Mikkos.

Stefano: Keep in mind you used me as well to get back at Mikkos for his affair with Alexis Davis’s mother.

Helena: Oh but lets not forget the biggest of all…the secret and scheme you kept from me…that you were trying to…trying to….KILL MIKKOS! Not just because he had his own empire but because he was…YOUR COUSIN! THE SIXTH SON OF THE SIXTH SON!


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