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-Steve attacks EJ, and the two get into a tustle and fall to the ground, and try to punch and kick each other as they roll around on the ground, but suddenly EJ kicks Steve off of him and punches him in the face!

-Anna stares at “Tony” in shock, and “Tony” motions for the other guards to leave them alone. They exit the room, and “Tony” says it is true. Anna then screams:


-Stefano and Helena both look at Marlena, and Helena hisses “Well who do we have here?” and Marlena says:

Marlena: Don’t you remember me? You held me and my husband, family, and friends hostage in the DiMera Palace in Italy, and you tried to kill my daughter back in Salem? If you don’t, let me just say this: I am Stefano’s other Lena.

Helena looks at Stefano in shock at Marlena’s last words…

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Kayla screams “STEVE!” and runs to his side, while Sami tells EJ they need to stop and focus on the real problems: Stefano and Helena! EJ says no, this group needs to be offed as well. Steve jumps up and tackles EJ, and he grabs out a gun!!!!!!!

- “Tony” laughs at Anna, and says:

“Tony”: Its true. I am no Andre, but certainly no Tony…

Anna:But…why?! Why would he have this disorder?!

“Tony”: He was a very tortured individual after he disappeared on the docks that night…he found Stefano, but Stefano begged Tony to join him…Tony was so torn and had been for months before that…therefore I was born…

Anna: I won’t believe it! You’re not him! I am going to KILL YOU to make sure you never haunt me or him again!!!!!!!! I know you are just another double Stefano planted!

“Tony“ grabs Anna‘s arms before she can do anything, and then says:

“Tony”: Believe what you want, I won’t try to convince you anymore. But you wouldn’t want to kill me, because I know who Tony’s child is…

-Helena flashes back to a time in early 1979 when she and Stefano were in bed together at the DiMera Palace after hearing what Marlena said:

“You are my Lena…” Stefano says to Helena as he looks at her

Helena smiles, and kisses Stefano one more time…

Marlena looks at Helena, and then says:

Marlena: I can tell I’ve struck a nerve. I am Stefano’s Queen. He chased after me for decades, and who knows how many other Queens or Lenas he has…I can now see maybe I wasn’t the most special woman to him after all.

Stefano: Marlena, my-

Marlena: But I don’t care, and I never did. Which is why I have come here to stop both of you.

Helena begins to look angry, and she takes out a sharp knife and charges at Stefano despite his gun, and Stefano yells in anger and is about to pull the trigger but Marlena suddenly jumps forward and grabs Helena, and the two get into a struggle! Helena tells Marlena she can die too, while Stefano watches them both and mutters he has had enough, and he slips out of the room!

Helena and Marlena continue to fight, and as they approach a window, Helena is taken by surprise when Marlena shoves her and Helena goes flying out the window!

Marlena turns and sees Stefano is gone, and she surprisingly SMILES!

She slowly walks forward, and says:

Marlena: Helena is out of commission for now…and all has gone according to plan, I will let my husband deal with Stefano….

-Anna gasps and says Tony and her have been searching so long for that information, and “Tony” says she can have it. Anna then slowly asks who it is, and “Tony” says:

“Tony”: Fine if you really want to know, his child is……..psychotic Jan Spears.

Anna: WHAT?!

“Tony”: But this is not his child with Renee…this is his child with…

Anna: Wait there is ANOTHER child?! And that Jan woman isn’t Renee’s?!

“Tony”: Oh hell no…Jan Spears is the daughter of Tony and…MARLENA EVANS!

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