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-Yet another day passes. Stefano and “Tony” are now inside a compound at an unknown location. Helena is still unconscious in a bed, and Stefano paces around it. He tells “Tony” Roman and Marlena will be arriving soon, so he must take some of his men and head to the front of the compound. “Tony” nods obediently, and leaves. Stefano sighs as he looks at Helena and says “My Lena. My sweet Lena…this ends here. There is no escape now.” and he briefly flashes back to when he and Helena were kissing and rolling around together on his desk, and then when they broke from it after some time:

“That was most enjoyable…” Stefano says to Helena

“Indeed…” she says back with a smirk “I must get going, but I will be back soon enough, my love…”

Stefano nods and kisses Helena goodbye…

Stefano sighs and says she will awaken when the time is right, and leaves the room.

-The Basic Black jet continues to fly, and Marlena is sitting in Roman’s arms. Anna sits thinking about Tony, while Steve and Kayla sit together and Allan and Hattie. Roman says they won’t have to put up with this much longer, and suddenly the pilot yells they are approaching their destination!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Bo and Hope are back in Salem, and they arrive at Maggie’s house. Maggie and Julie welcome them back, but Hope still is on edge. Maggie brings in Pamela and Addie, and Hope- for the first time in a long time smiles when she sees them. Bo says its good to be home, and Hope agrees. Julie however then says to Hope that the hospital has news on Doug.

-Helena continues to lie unconscious on the bed, and she keeps dreaming back to late 1978, in December, and her affair with Stefano has been going on for several months, and all was going according to plan for both of them…

Helena is at the Cassadine villa in Italy with Mikkos, and she sits in his arms. They kiss, and slowly she stands. “It is time for me to attend another meeting with Stefano, darling. I will be back shortly.”

“Perhaps I should go with you,” Mikkos suggests as he stands and takes her hand “It has been some time since I have met with Stefano, since I have been so busy with my weather machine.”

Helena’s eyes nearly widen, but she tries to be calm and simply says “Oh dear that is not needed. Continue working on the machine, I will handle Stefano.”

“If you insist…” Mikkos says with a sigh, and Helena kisses him goodbye and then walks out of the room, and Mikkos raises an eyebrow wondering what is going on

-Roman tells everyone to get ready, because things won’t be easy. Anna sighs and closes her eyes, readying herself for what is to come. Steve and Kayla tell Roman they’re ready, and Allan and Hattie say they are as well. Roman looks at Marlena and asks if she can take this, and she says at one point she perhaps couldn’t, but now she can.

-Bo puts an arm around Hope as Hope’s face pails, and tears begin to roll down her cheeks. Bo slowly whispers “It’ll be alright Fancy Face, just be strong…” and Hope nods slowly and looks at Julie, who is frowning. She tells Julie she needs to speak to her in private. Julie nods, and they both walk into the kitchen.

-Helena continues to flashback while she is unconscious, and remembers yet another time with Stefano:

Again in December, Helena walks into the foyer of the DiMera Palace where Stefano sits in his chair and waits for her. He smiles as she walks in and says “Come in, my Lena!” and Helena smiles at him.

She walks over to him and he stands, and wraps his arms around her. He cradles her and then they kiss, and Helena says “It is good to see you again…”

“You as well, my dear. You seem to be spending too much time with that husband of yours.” Stefano says with a chuckle

Helena scowls as Stefano hugs her though he does not see it, and Stefano also has an evil smirk on his face though Helena does not see it.

Stefano leans back but clutches Helena’s hand, and says “However while you were away, I have made something very special for you, to celebrate our love…”

“Oh?” Helena asks

“Come with me.” Stefano simply replies, and they both walk down a different hall than they usually do in the Palace

After much walking, they approach some moderate sized double doors. Helena stares at them a bit confused, and Stefano then with a grin opens them to reveal a large room with a picture of Helena on the wall, and Stefano says “This is my shrine to you, Helena…”

Helena’s eyes widen in shock, truly surprised, and she says “Stefano…I…I don’t even know what to say…”

Stefano on the inside thinks to himself “Everything continues to go according to plan…”

Helena stares in amazement at the shrine, and there is a couch in the room as well. Helena walks over to it and says with a smirk “Come and get me, Phoenix…”

Helena suddenly wakes up and shoots up, and breathes heavily for a moment. She looks around in confusion and whispers to herself “Where am I-” but suddenly it begins to come back to her what happened in the alleyways in Italy when Stefano caught her, and she stands up angrily and says:

Helena: Damn that man. I have had enough, this ends here. No more games…

Helena then walks off…

-The Basic Black plane sets down at an unknown location, on a beach, and Roman, Marlena, Allan, Anna, Hattie, Steve, and Kayla all step out and once they are on the beach Roman signals for the pilot to fly off. As the Basic Black jet leaves, Roman looks around and says:

Roman: Here we are…the very island Stefano shot me at on that cliff twenty three years ago.


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A good solid episode.....

With the last line being the best that has been written for this blog. I truly loved it.

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Good episode. I loved the flash backs. It helped me make sense of a lot of this rivalry between the two. I love how they were are still are playing each other

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