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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan


-Marlena quickly calls the paramedics and gives them their location and informs them of the explosion, while EJ and Helena land on the ground and hit the wall of a building. Sami rushes to EJ’s side while Celeste looks around for where Stefano went but sees no sign of him or Megan and Lexie. Sami yells to Marlena EJ is still alive, and Marlena rushes over and checks Helena’s pulse. She says both are alive.

-Bart looks at Tony with fear and trembles “T-T-T-T-Tonnny….” and Anna snorts. Bart asks Tony what he’s doing there, and Tony says it is the DiMera mansion and he is a DiMera, and Anna is his guest. Bart nervously says no, he’s Enrico’s son and not welcome. He looks to the other henchman and says they need to get out of here, but Anna suddenly pulls out a gun and says none of them are going anywhere. Bart’s eyes widen in shock and Anna with a grin says always come to Stefano DiMera’s home prepared. As she points it at the other henchman, Tony grabs Bart and orders him to tell him where they can find any information on Stefano.

-Kate walks to the docks where Helena and Sami were hours before, and looks around. She slowly says she guesses Sami is gone, and slowly sits down on a bench and stares out at the river. Suddenly a voice asks what she is doing here, and she looks up to see Forrest!

-Julie slowly walks into Doug’s hospital room, alone. She looks at his comatose body, and slowly sits down at his bedside. She shakes as she slips her fingers in between his…..

*Life in Salem Opening*

-The paramedics arrive at the scene of the explosion and quickly put EJ and Helena onto stretchers, they say EJ is minorly injured but they have to work quick on Helena or she might not make it. Stefano watches from a distance and whispers “Let her die.”

-Bart says he has no idea what Tony is talking about and that they know everything about Stefano already, and Tony says he wants to know about the connection between Helena Cassadine and Stefano. Bart’s eyes widen, and Tony immediately says he knows something. Tony tells him to just spit it out now, and Bart lies that he doesn’t know a thing but Tony tells him it is no use and he knows it. Bart finally breaks and says they can find information in Aremid!

-Kate says she just needs to be alone, and she’s done something horrible tonight. Forrest tells Kate she’s done horrible things before from what he knows, and they have been plotting against Vivian and that never affected her. Kate says that was different than what she just did and she actually has a heart even for people she hates and Forrest remarks she never did before, and Kate slaps Forrest in anger.

-Julie looks down at her husband, and quietly apologizes for not visiting until now. She says she has been so emotionally wrapped up in her grandmother dying and all that has happened. She then says Hope emotionally came back after Bo talked to her the other day about the news regarding Alice, and Hope could barely break it to her. She flashes back to that moment and then says she is here now and she will wait everyday until he wakes up.

-The paramedics quickly rush Helena and EJ to the hospital back in Salem, and Marlena, Sami, Celeste, and Nikolas follow quickly. Once they all get there and stand out in the waiting room, Nikolas apologizes to the three for what Helena has caused recently, and he will be taking her back to a mental hospital to get proper help once she gets released from the hospital.

-Tony says in shock “Aremid?” and Anna says that she’s heard that so many people from Salem were already there in 1995, and Andre was there. Bart says yes that is true but there is more there than they know. Tony and Anna look at each other for a moment and Tony finally looks back at Bart and says fine, he’ll believe him this time. Slowly Anna puts her gun down and she and Tony both slowly leave, and after they leave Bart tells the other henchman they have to warn Stefano fast.

-Kate says she always did and he has no right to judge because he barely knows her, and Forrest says he knows quite a bit about her and her schemes over the years. He says however she is a valuable asset and the only person who can help him take care of his manipulative aunt, and she says she doesn’t want to focus on that right now. Forrest tells Kate to come back to the Alamain mansion with him, and they can discuss Alamain there to get her mind off of whatever is troubling her. Kate sighs and agrees, and they leave the docks together.

-Christopher and the doctor that worked on Caroline quickly work to stabilize Helena, and finally after some time they come out of her hospital room saying she’s stable and only has minor burns, and should recover soon. Nikolas says good, and Sami asks if EJ is still alright. Christopher tells her he is fine, both were not majorly effected it is just with Helena’s age and the power of the blast it was harder to stabilize her. In Helena’s room, unknown to any of them, her eyes suddenly open!

-Julie stands and as she slowly begins to cry she tells him she would stay with him forever if she could. She promises to visit him every day, and she says he will wake up, no matter what any doctor in the world says. She says their love has gotten through so much, and she will not let it fail now and she knows he won’t either. She leans down and kisses him, before turning around to leave, and as she stands in the doorway she looks at Doug one last time before slowly shutting it…

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