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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan


-Helena gasps and says “Nikolas, what are you doing here?! You should be in Port Charles!” and Nikolas says “Tracy came to me and warned me about you. She thinks your insane, so I came to take you back to that mental hospital.” and EJ growls “Not a chance.” and Sami says “What the hell is going on?!” and Marlena says she believes that is Nikolas Cassadine, Helena’s grandson through her son Stavros with Mikkos Cassadine. Stefano watches as the drama unravels, and slowly reaches under his desk and presses a hidden button…

-Viki asks Victor what Dorian Lord has to do with any of this, and she is the last thing she wants to think about. Victor says he’s not quite sure, that name…he just recognizes it. Clint tells Viki to come on and they should leave, and Viki asks Clint what is wrong and that he has been acting odd ever since he got to the hospital earlier

-Tony and Anna approach the DiMera Mansion, and Anna says here they go. Tony says they are bound to find some information on something in that huge place, and Anna tells him then they should just go in now. He agrees and they enter….

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Belle walks into the Java Café and sees Rex sitting down at one of the tables in silence, staring at the wall. She walks over to the table and asks him what’s wrong, and he sighs as he looks up at her and tells her it’s woman problems. He says he ends up hurting every woman he tries to get into a relationship with somehow, and he continues by saying Mimi was sentenced to 25 years in prison over something she didn’t even do and Willow left after a huge fight between them. Belle tells Rex that Mimi kept keeping secrets from all of them over and over, and even if she didn’t push Cassie what happened was bound to happen. She then tells him that Willow was a low life hooker off the streets and you tried to make your relationship with her work. Rex sighs and looks away.

-Jan sits in the Java Café watching Belle and Rex, but suddenly Cassie walks in and sits down at Jan’s table. Jan asks Cassie what she wants, and Cassie says even though she doesn’t really have much respect for her after she sent her hurtling out a window they have a problem. She then tells Jan Rex knows Mimi didn’t push her.

-Two guards come in and tell everyone to stay where they are and don’t move, while Stefano slowly stands and says that while this meeting was very eventful, he has a war to take care of. Suddenly Megan and Lexie walk in with guns pointed at Marlena, Sami, Helena, Nikolas, and EJ. Marlena looks at Lexie and says “No, Lexie you don-” but Lexie tells Marlena to shut up. Lexie thinks to herself soon Stefano will fall but not yet. Suddenly one of the guards is knocked unconscious and Celeste walks in! Celeste tells Alexandra to stop, but Lexie tells her mother she has to do this! EJ tells Helena to quickly escape, but Nikolas says she won’t be going anywhere except a mental home. Stefano yells “ENOUGH!” and suddenly takes out a controller and presses another button, and suddenly the whole building shakes. Marlena slowly says “Oh no….” and then looks at Sami and Celeste and yells “COME ON, WE’RE IN DANGER!”

-Clint tells Viki he is fine, they just need to leave. Kayla watches the conversation curiously, and walks over and briefly says for them not to trust Victor, and she glares at Victor before walking off. As Viki stands she wonders what Kayla was talking about and who she was. She reluctantly goes with Clint, and after she is gone Victor slams his fist down on the table in anger.

-Anna looks around the foyer of the mansion and says she forgot how much this place creeped her out, and Tony says it is a very odd place. Anna looks around in the living room, and asks where they should start. Tony begins to say something, but suddenly they hear voices…

-Belle puts her hand on his shoulder and sits down, and tells him she knows how he feels. She says right after Shawn and her found out they were cousins he died, and she feels partially responsible. She says she was in a loveless marriage to Philip for nearly two years and it caused him to go insane over the Claire drama. She says both of them were so tortured possibly because of her. But she says she can’t blame herself forever and neither can him.

-Jan tells Cassie she was the one who lied about who pushed her so it is not her problem. Cassie reminds Jan she could expose her at any moment and take care of Mimi another way. Jan growls and asks if Cassie has a plan, and Cassie shakes her head but says together they can make one. Jan reminds Cassie they have time, and it took Rex nearly a year to figure out Mimi aborted her baby. Cassie warns Jan to not be so relaxed about this.

-Suddenly the building shakes again, and Marlena and Celeste quickly begin to run before the guard can catch them and Sami yells for EJ to come on. Helena looks at Sami angrily and takes out a gun and tries to shoot at her but Marlena pulls Sami out of the way in time, and Nikolas tries to grab Helena but EJ punches him in the face. Megan asks Stefano what they should do and he orders them to just get out in time. Megan and Lexie obey in confusion and take a secret exit out, and Stefano pulls out a gun and then shoots several times at Helena but she dodges them. She says “Until next time, Stefano.” and darts out of the room and Stefano yells in anger. He whispers to himself Helena hasn’t seen the worst yet, and turns and walks out the secret exit while the rest of them run for the main exit as the building continues to shake…

-Tony says it’s coming from somewhere upstairs, and both of them quickly run up the stairs, and lean into one of the doors to hear the voice of Bart(Steve Blackwood) talking to another one of Stefano’s henchman. Anna asks Tony if they should burst in, and he says yes and Bart is easy to handle. Tony suddenly breaks the door down, to Bart’s shock! He says with a smirk “Well hello, Bart.”

-Nikolas races after Helena, as Marlena, Celeste, and Sami make it out the door in time. Shelves and drawers begin to fall everywhere, and Nikolas takes a side exit to try to intercept Helena. Helena and EJ run after the door, however, as Helena runs out the door suddenly Stefano’s lair EXPLODES! Marlena, Sami, Nikolas, and Celeste stare on in shock as EJ and Helena go flying into the air…

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Alot of tension and drama here. Very good work.

This war is shaping up to be lights out for you all. Keep this up.

BTW.......I can't STAND Helena! :lol:

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