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"Emily Returns/News Spreads" - PCE: Episode 74



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Endgame- Episode 74
ICU Episode: "Emily Returns/News Spreads"
Featuring Ned, AJ, Skye, Emily, Monica, Kevin, Elizabeth, Steven, Sarah, Blake, Carly, Nikolas, Michael, Sam, Lucky
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Jennifer Snyder
Tishy Smith

9 hours later……

Jennifer Ferrin debuts as Emily Quartermaine

Ned, Skye & AJ wait at JFK Airport for Emily to arrive. As people begin piling off the plane, butterflies bounce all around in their stomachs. They wish Emily's return home would have been under better circumstances, but they have to take the good with the bad. Ned is the first to spot a visibly tired Emily making her way through the crowd. She drops her bags and runs to her cousin with tears in her eyes. Ned spins her around and mentions how good she looks. Emily downplays Ned's flattery and makes her way to Skye and AJ. Skye tells Emily it's good to see her again, and Emily says likewise. When she gets to AJ, he mentions that she looks different from the last time that he saw her. Emily laughs and makes the same comment to him. She asks how the family is holding up, and they agree they're trying the best way they can. Emily asks about Mom; AJ mentions they haven't been able to get in to get in contact with her, but they're still trying.

Ned thinks they should get back to the hospital right away. AJ and Ned grab Emily's bags and the 4 head to the heliport, prepared to be taken back to GH.
2 hours later...

The citizens of Port Charles awake from their comfortable night's sleep to word on the news and papers that Dr. Alan Quartermaine has had a heart attack.

<I>Good morning. We begin today's morning broadcast with some very sad news. Last night, esteemed physician Dr. Alan Quartermaine, son of business mogul Edward Quartermaine, suffered a massive heart attack last night at the MetroCourt hotel. According to sources, Dr. Quartermaine began leaving the MetroCourt bar when he collapsed. He was tended to by medical personnel in the building and rushed to General Hospital where he's being kept for observation. We will keep you updated on his condition as more news arises.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Quartermaine Family.</i>

Kevin is in the shower waiting for Monica to join him. Today marks the first day of the rest of their lives together, and he plans to make the most of it. "Come on Monica, the water's nice and hot…and I need some company!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Monica says grabbing a towel. She knocks over her purse in the process and notices her cell phone in blinking. "Hold on," she says getting ready to check her messages. "I'll be there in a minute." Monica picks up her phone and dials into her voicemail, but her signal drops. "Damn it," Monica says. She tosses her phone back into her purse and heads into the shower with Kevin.
Elizabeth walks into Kelly's with Cam, Steven & Sarah. The group sit down and prepare to order breakfast while the news broadcast continues on the TV. Steven & Sarah compliment Elizabeth on tending to Alan while the paramedics were en route to the hotel. Liz downplays her role and is just thankful that Alan is ok. She goes to get a cup of coffee when she sees Blake reading the paper. She calls Steven over to get their cups so she can speak to Blake.

"Hey you, sorry about our date." Liz pulls up a chair next to Blake. "I didn't really think our date would end that way."

"Don't worry about it. You saved a man's life last night. That's a beautiful thing." Blake asks Elizabeth how she's holding up, and wonders if she's going into the hospital today. Elizabeth says her shift starts in a little less than an hour. Blake mentions that he has to go there too and offers to give her and Cameron a ride. Liz takes him up on the offer.
"Mom!" yells Michael running through the halls of Wyndemere. "Mom, we've gotta go to the hospital."

Michael turns the corner, runs into the den of the mansion, and is caught by Carly. "Hey, what's the matter? Why do we have to go to the hospital, what's wrong?"

"Didn't you hear the news?" Michael asks gasping for air. "You know what, you probably did, and just don't care."

Carly rolls her eyes and glares at Michael. "Don't you speak to me that way. Maybe if I knew what you were talking about, I could tell you whether I knew."

"It's Grandpa Alan….he's in the hospital. He had a heart attack last night."

Sam walks into the room with Lucky. Noticing the looks on their faces, she asks what's wrong. Nikolas tells her what happened. Carly & Sam both begin thinking about Jason. Nikolas calls for Alfred and asks him where Leticia is. They need to get to the hospital right away. Carly tells him no, everyone can't go. She tells Michael to stay with Morgan and she'll call him with an update. Lucky asks Sam if she wants him to take her to GH, but she says no. Carly, who's worried about Jason, snaps at Sam.

"What do you mean you're not going? The father of the man you love…used to love is lying in a hospital bed probably about to die!"

"Mom, don't" Michael interrupts. "Don't yell at her."

"Why not? You can't even bother to fake an ounce of sympathy for Jason? He mourned for you for well over 8 months. 8 months! And you can't even give him this? What a waste of space you are." Carly grabs her keys and storms out of the room. Nikolas apologizes for Carly's rant and blames it on the hormones.

"No Nikolas, that's just Carly being herself. Don't apologize for her. Just go….go with her to the hospital." Sam turns her back and walks over towards the window. Nikolas promises to call them all when they learn something. Lucky walks over and tells Sam he'll stay if she wants, but she tells him to go. When she's alone, she mutters Jason's name and looks longingly out the window.
Back at Kevin's, Monica comes begins getting dressed. She takes her purse over to the dresser and notices that she received another new voicemail. Finally she's able to get a signal and dials in to check her messages. One by one she goes through, rolling her eyes at the "urgency" in the voice of the Quartermaine's who left messages for her. She assumes they learned of her affair and breakup and doesn't feel like being bothered with them at the time. She places her phone back into her purse and hops onto the bed while Kevin brings them breakfast. Kevin kisses Monica before turning on the TV. Both a stunned when they see a recap of the earlier broadcast and learn that Alan's had a heart attack!

Monica runs back over to her phone and listens to more of the messages. She learns they've been trying to reach her all night and is completely thrown for a loop. Kevin tries to stop her from leaving.

"Why are you running to him! Your marriage is over Monica. You owe nothing to him. There's nothing you can do!" Kevin follows Monica around as she tries to find the keys to her car. "Why are you doing this?"

Monica ignores Kevin. The only thing on her mind is rush to her husband and making sure he's ok. Kevin demands that Monica answer him and tell him why she's rushing to Alan's side.

"You want to know why I'm going? I'm going because he's my husband. MY HUSBAND. And I….and I…."

"You what," Kevin says. "Come on tell me."

"I owe him this," she says with tears in her eyes. "Alan had stood by me through the worst and I have to do the same for him."

Monica looks Kevin directly in the eye and tells him this is something she has to do. He reluctantly gives in and decides to take her to the hospital to see Alan.
Next…on Port Charles
-The Quartermaine's wait anxiously for word on Alan
-Kevin reveals he and Monica are together
-Monica and Tracy prepare to face off


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If I could reach through to find Kevin's neck I would...Talk about cold and heartless (JMHO)...the woman you've been banging for months learns that the husband she's been with for YEARS has just had a heart attack and all his selfish butt can say is "Why are you going there to be with him?" I imagine if it were Lucy, his butt wouldn't have hesitated to rush to her if she were in the hospital trying to hold on to her life.

I love that you have Jennifer Ferrin as Emily; also chuckled at the "you look different that I last saw you" comment..

I loved this episode. Also love that I am still wondering what Sam's motives are; even her whispering Jason's name after Carly and Nik left had me curious.

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