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"Panic Sets In/Where's Monica" - PCE: Episode 73



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Endgame- Episode 73
ICU Episode: "Panic Sets In/Where's Monica?"
Featuring the Quartermaines
Friday, August 10, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith
Ryan Chandler

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“Where is my son?” Edward yells as he led the Quartermaines into the ER. Epiphany ushers the Quartermaines into a private waiting room and explains to them that Dr. Hayward is currently examining Alan and when there was any word, she would let them know. Right now, she didn’t have anything else for them, but she would keep them up to date. Epiphany turned to leave when Tracy asked where Monica was. Epiphany explained that Monica hadn't been reached. They tried her cell phone and her hospital pager but she hadn’t called in. They were going to continue to try to call her.

No one spoke as Tracy anxiously paced from one end of the room to the other. She wondered aloud as to where Monica could be. Edward was hunched over, muttering, “Not my son, not Alan.” Skye grasped Edward’s hand and held on tight. AJ spoke quietly that they needed to call Jason and Dillon. They should also call Emily in Hawaii. Ned and Skye said that they would take care of it; Tracy told them she would call Dillon. The waiting game had begun and still, Monica was nowhere to be found.
“Monica, your pager is going off.” Kevin lightly shook Monica awake. “It’s the hospital.” Monica sighed and remarked that it must be important, as the hospital knew she was on vacation. Kevin takes the phone and places it back on the hook.

"No need to disturb you. The hospital has plenty of doctors that can handle whatever it is that's going on. You need some you time Monica. Let them wait until your vacation is over," Kevin says rolling on top of Monica. "This is our night"

Monica agrees that she needs to be selfish for once and put herself first. She pulls Kevin in for another kiss and suggests they get back to what they were doing earlier. Kevin does a sexy growl and Monica gives a fake scream, the two pull the covers over their heads and begin going at it yet again.
Tracy hangs up the phone and leaves a message on Monica's voicemail, demanding that she return her call as soon as possible. Shortly after, Tracy makes the phone call to Dillon, asking him to come to the hospital right away, and to bring Lulu with him. Skye calls Emily and informs her on the things going on, asking her to come home right away. Meanwhile Ned attempts to call Jason, but only gets voicemail. Skye's phone rings with a call from Emily; the quickest flight she can get on is the 5:30 from Kahului heading to LaGuardia. Skye tells Emily that Edward will arrange for a private helicopter to take her from the airport to PC.

Skye updates the family about Emily as Jason gets off the elevator. Jason gives Skye a hug and asks for an update on Alan's condition. Tracy snaps at Jason for asking a question that they obviously don't have the answer to. Edward shuts Tracy up. Tracy blasts the family for acting like now that Jason's here everything will be ok. She refuses to take part in such a farce and walks away. Edward tells Jason to ignore her and admits he's glad he came. Jason asks where Monica is, but no one can say.

Dr. Hayward comes out of Alan's room with an update. He says that thanks to Elizabeth, they were able to keep Alan's situation from getting worse while he was at the MetroCourt. It's too early to tell whether or not there was severe damage, but based on early indications, Alan had a series of minor heart attacks. He's been given a morphine drip and has been placed on an antiplatelet drug called clopidogrel.

Edward asks if the family can see him, but David tells them to wait until the morning. They need to be able to monitor him without any disturbance. Ned thanks David for all of his work. Edward commends Elizabeth for doing such a wonderful job; she humbly accepts his compliments. Skye thinks they should go to the chapel and pray for Alan. All of the family agrees except for Tracy who's still masking her pain with anger. As they leave, she walks over to the nurses' station and asks for them to page Monica again. The irritated nurse says they've called Dr. Quartermaine already and she isn't responding, Tracy threatens to have the nurse fired if she doesn't do what she asks. Dillon & Lulu walks in on the tail end of the argument and apologize for Tracy.

Dillon demands to know what her problem is. Tracy remarks that the family is here worried sick about Alan, yet Monica is nowhere to be seen. She had better have a damn good excuse for not being here, or there will be hell to pay. The scene fades to a shot of Monica and Kevin making love, then to Alan laying in his hospital bed as Port Charles comes to a close.
Next….on Port Charles
-News of Alan's condition spreads through town
-Monica learns of Alan's heart attack
-Monica & Kevin argue due to her wanting to be with Alan
-Emily arrives in Port Charles


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Monica will not be able to stand a chance w/ the rest of Q's when she gets wind of this and shows up.

Great episode again, guys.

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