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"Family United/Secret Revealed" - PCE: Episodes 75-76



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Endgame- Episode 75-76
ICU Episode: "Family United/Secret Revealed"
Featuring: The Quartermaine Family & Kevin Collins
Sunday, August 19, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler
Jennifer Snyder

Emily, Skye, AJ and Ned return to GH. Emily shares a bittersweet reunion with Edward. Edward wishes her return would have been under better circumstances, but is glad she came home.

"I'm here for my family. That's what's counts," says Emily. She makes her way over to Tracy and says hello. Tracy does something that surprises the rest of the Q's and hugs Emily.

"It's good to have you back," Tracy says wiping a tear from her eye. "You have been missed."

Emily goes for an extra hug and Tracy tenses up. Edward laughs and Tracy tells her not to do that again. One hug is enough….and that's the last hug she'll ever receive from her.
It was early morning and the Quartermaine’s, minus Monica, were gathered together in one of the waiting rooms at the hospital. They wanted to stay close to Alan, desperate for any news regarding his condition. Edward periodically go to the Nurse’s station and get updates on Alan.

Tracy watches as her father makes his way back to his seat. If she didn't know any better, it appeared as if Edward aged ten years since news of Alan’s heart attack. Tracy walks over to Edward and takes his hand.

"The doctor told me he was critical, but stable. You know….I never thought we would be in this situation again. I can't continue waiting around for bits and pieces of information. It's driving me crazy." Edward takes a deep breath and looks over at his daughter. "You remind me so much of your mother right now."

Tracy closes her eyes and tries to keep herself from breaking down. Edward's statement is one of the nicest things he has ever said to her. "Thank you daddy. I don't want you getting upset. It's not good for your heart either."

Though Edward & Tracy had a tumultuous relationship, there was nothing but love between them when the time mattered. All of the Quartermaine's shared that kind of relationship with one another. They fight like cats and dogs but will stand united when faced with a tough challenge.
Edward & Tracy returned to the other waiting room and updated everyone with the news they learned. Skye and Emily held each other quietly crying, Jason stared stoically ahead and AJ paced back and forth. Tension abounded as time went by and Monica had yet to show up.

Frustrated, AJ said that he wanted to do something for Alan, to show his father how much he is loved. Emily wipes the tears from her face and readily agrees. Skye suggests that they all donate money to the American Heart Association. Jason offers his idea of holding a candle light vigil tomorrow night at the church the family attends. Ned thinks that Alan would approve of that. Ned agrees and says that he will start calling people to get it started when the door opens.

Edward looks at his grandchildren with much approval, happy that they are able to come together to support Alan. Edward considers going over to talk to Jason, but Tracy pulls him back, thinking that wouldn't be a very good idea.

The doors to the private waiting area open suddenly. The Quartermaine's look over to the door to see Epiphany bringing in Monica & Kevin. Monica rushes over to her children and give them all hugs. Edward seems pleased with Monica's arrival and takes her hand. The only person in the room not happy to see Monica was Tracy.
"I'm glad to see that you were able to break away from whatever it is you were doing and show up at the hospital," Tracy barks. "Your absence was barely noticeable."

"Hush Tracy, that's enough." Edward commands. "Monica my dear, I'm glad you were able to make it."

"Oh yes, because we couldn't get along without her her." Tracy looks around, picking up on what they really want to ask. "Well since I'm the only one who's willing to ask, what in the hell took you so long to get here? Why weren't you answering your phone?" Tracy demanded of Monica.

"I was unavailable Tracy. That's all you need to know," Monica remarks. "I'm here now and I want to do anything I can to help."

"Don't talk to Monica that way Tracy. What she was doing is none of your damn business!" says an angry Kevin.

"Excuse me, but I do not believe I was talking to you." Tracy walks over to Kevin and looks him up and down. "Why are you even here?"

"Kevin's here to-"

"I'm here to support Monica through this ordeal." Kevin interrupts. "Monica needs someone right now to be there for her while she deals with this….situation."

Jason walks over next to Tracy and looks right at Kevin. "Well that's nice of you Dr. Collins, but Monica has her family here to support her. That's all she needs."

"What she needs <b>Jason</b> is someone to love her and hold her hand while she deals with you pack of animals."

"Love? Are you saying that we don't love our mother enough to help her cope?" Emily asks with an attitude.

"And who are you calling an animal," chimes in Skye.

"Kevin just drop it," Monica prods. "There's no need to get into this right now."

"No Monica, I think now is the perfect time." Kevin takes Monica's hand.

"Kevin no…."

"Monica, it's ok. They're going to have to find out sooner or later, and I prefer sooner than later." Kevin pulls Monica close and kisses her cheek. "The reason why Monica wasn't here…is because she was with me."

The Quartermaine's exchange confusing and surprising glances as Kevin continues to speak. "Monica and I are in love. And we're going to be together for a very, very long time."

Everything Edward has been suspecting over the past few months is finally falling into place. The camera pans on the faces of everyone in the room, ending with alternating shots of Tracy, Monica & Kevin.

"You bitch," yells Tracy as she lunges for Monica!
Next…on Port Charles
-The Quartermaine's learn the truth about what happened the night of Alan's heart attack
-Tracy loses it and attacks Monica
-Emily disowns her mother and blames her for Alan's heart attack
-The Quartermaine Family appears to be on the verge of imploding


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I am truly beginning to hate the guts of Dr. Kevin Collins... Too bad Tracy didn't lunge at him and hurt a vital organ of his :P Of all the times to want to gloat about his love for Monica, he chose to do it at the most inappropriate time.

I imagine Kevin would have kept his trap shut if Alan were not in the sitaution he is in...

Excellent episode and I can't wait to see the Quartermaines slice and dice tomorrow.

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That was great! Kevin's an ass, he should've had more restraint than that, especially considering the situation.

I'm not gonna lie, I like Tracy hugging Emily. It showed that she finally accepts her as part of the family. I also loved everyone giving Kevin crap for showing up.

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That was a great episode.....this makes me think of Kevin when he was on PC after he turned evil, thanks to Livvie. I truly hated his guts, and I like the way that he is showcased this way.

As for Tracy....nail Monica! Nail her good!

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